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 ARCHIVE: my brother

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: my brother   ARCHIVE: my brother EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 5:02 pm

By Elaea Jul 1 2009 -

Laeus and I were chatting and he mentioned something to me he told me i had a brother but he was taken away somehow. as soon as he told me that I felt a part of me go into shock I mean wow i had a brother back in my past who i dont even remember having. so today i was listening to music and had a memory of my brother...he was young about 5 years old, and he got taken away by some men, i ofcause was crying and thats when my mom told me i should forget, he was nothing but a danger to me and thats its for the best and il understand oneday, I saw in my memory how he was screaming and kicking and all i could do was watch as his little body was dragged away. how could they do that? why was he such a danger to me? he was only a 5year old

By Azaz'el Jul 1 2009 -

It may be that you will understand the reasons why it happened more when you regain more of your past life memories.......... at least then, hopefully, you'll know more about who and what you were, when you were, and the circumstances leading to your brother being taken away.

Life and society was very different back then...... it's very difficult to judge the behaviour of any of us back then........ but it was a different time and we all lived by different rules.


By Laeus Jul 2 2009 -

hmmm what did the people who took him look like? my mother got dragged away aswell, leaving me...

By Elaea Jul 2 2009 -

i couldn't make out their faces because they were wearing black robes which also covered their faces, all i could see was their eyes...the one man i saw he had a scar running on his nose, it looked like a freshly cut sore. the guy who i saw had green-greyish eyes but he seemed so confused and hurt almost as though he didn't want to take my brother

By Azaz'el Jul 2 2009 -

It might also help if you were able to understand if they were Kin or Human.


By Laeus Jul 3 2009 -

yeah those sounds like humans to me. the plot thickens, this has all become rather confusing

By Ishtahar Jul 3 2009 -

It is always darkest before the dawn.... well actually it's not but you get my meaning.

By Elaea Jul 3 2009 -

i agree with you there Laeus, they were human i am sure of it

By Laeus Jul 4 2009 -

my question is, what do these humans have to do Nephilym bussiness? im not sure if this is right ( lately i have just been spittballing alot) it may be right or wrong, your brother was recruited for a priesthood for his ties to you. in your small village of native humans you were different, some worshipped you, some wanted to watch you burn. you confused them, born without a father. your mother didn't know she was visited by grigori. you were like a gift from the gods. thats why you ran, they placed so much responsibility on you, they wished to make you leader of the village, while others plotted against you. these priests that took him seem like an all male priesthood. which is why they didn't take you. also they belived you had powers which could destroy them........ like i said, just some ideas

By Elaea Jul 6 2009 -

hmmm, Laeus your spitballing may be correct ...but I have had this thought what if he wasnt really my brother, what if he was just "given" to my parents as like a "destroyer" like maybe my father was asked to get this boy into our house, make my mother believe his a long lost son but instead he is there to kill me or somehow take the power I have so that i cant destroy "them". It's just a thought I have cause like you said Laeus what do these humans have to do with Nephilym buisness.

By Laeus Jul 6 2009 -

that IS rather strange, im afraid i have no answers, everything that we did talk about in the past life, in the meadow, has been covered, i think now we are starting to go on seperate journeys of discovery. only you know the truth of your past life

By Elaea Jul 7 2009 -

sigh no answers *sobs* my past life is confusing me lately, snippets of this over there, snippets of this over here...most of my memories are of pain i went through and i went though alot. I have memories of you and I Laeus but as soon as i try and put the pieces together i forget and it's really frustrating.

By Ishtahar Jul 8 2009 -

Write it down

By Laeus Jul 8 2009 -

i agree
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ARCHIVE: my brother
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