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 ARCHIVE: Nephilim girl, a memory of who I am

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ARCHIVE: Nephilim girl, a memory of who I am Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Nephilim girl, a memory of who I am   ARCHIVE: Nephilim girl, a memory of who I am EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 5:09 pm

By Elaea Jul 7 2009 -

it was hard living in the village where people would constantly stare at me and judge me i didnt even want to imagine what thoughts they had running through their heads...they disgusted by my presence. the village people have always wanted me gone they believe my mother should have killed me when i was born
i didnt let their constant whispering and talking about me bother me in any way because i knew i was better than that.

i didnt really know my father he dissapeared soon after my birth, mother told me many stories of him, how they met and how much inlove she was with him
it hurts her when she talks about him, me and mother hardly got along its like she started to hate me too. I remember how my father came to visit oneday
i was young but i remember that day as though it happened yesterday. father brought me a gift, it was a charm bracelet with "Elaea, my beautiful angel"
engraved on it weird how he remembered my name, he told me how often he wanted too visit but mother forbid him to it made me feel bad, i was sad. He told me stories but soon he had to leave father and I got along very well

then came that terrible night, she got taken by them, they beat her and burned her hair. she was burned badly on her scalp. her face showed so much pain
i stood there and watched helplessly and started to cry another man noticed me and came after me but i hid in my room in an underground room mother designed for me...for my safety i was safe for now. when i eventually was sure that they have gone i walked to see my mother to see if she was okay...
the sight was awfull. she laid there with scars all over, they beat her to her death, her body covered in blood. and then she was dragged away, by like a hand like figure...was like a smoke, or fire like hand (i say hand because it had a hand like shape) i couldnt stop it from happening, my mother was gone, my father was nowhere to be seen. he came to me when i was abit older and took care of me but he dissapeared again, this time i was left to fight for myself.

I started to live in the forest in the village because the village people had burned our house down, they were so cruel so selfish I spent months looking for food, a descent meal. and finally i met Laeus, he was wandering around the forest the first time we met we didnt bother with eachother much. but i knew i had to talk to him, I walked up to Laeus and asked him to tell me about himself
he did, and we started to get to know eachother more. he helped me realise that i was more than what the village people thought of me . Laeus became my greatest friend even saving me on several occasions from people trying to kill me.

i have in the past few months come to conclude, through having memories ofcause that nephilim is a term i feel suits me best. and i really hope i find more nephilim over here...thank you all so much

By Ouza Jul 8 2009 -

"We are Not Alone"

Loving ... Unconditionally,


By Ishtahar Jul 8 2009 -

You will never be alone again

By Azaz'el Jul 8 2009 -

The bond of energy is forming between us all again, and this time we will all be doing what we can to make sure it never fades.

We are together as one.


By Laeus Jul 9 2009 -

yeah i have this feeling that you guys are never going to loose me, lol. its good though, we have a strange bond that other forums don't. partly because thier is a lot of rpg'ers in other forums. but lets not get onto that, i know alot of the stuff i say may be taken as rpg'ish. as sott cunningham said when discussing reincarnation " you would not believe how many cleopatras i have met..."

By Azaz'el Jul 9 2009 -

I can understand where you are coming from Laeus. As has been mentioned in a thread ages ago, it doesn't take much looking to find a few handfuls of Azazels or Shemyazas etc etc. In the end, there are those who take the name because they think it's cool and like the power it makes them feel. Just as there are many who act or follow, claim to be and try to be. But actions speak louder than words .... anyone who wants this pain can have it, and the lack of power that goes with it. The names, who we are, what we have faced and what we have ahead, isn't something that is powerful and good for the ego..........

We do have a bond, and that will hold us steady during the coming years.

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ARCHIVE: Nephilim girl, a memory of who I am
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