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ARCHIVE: Names Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Names   ARCHIVE: Names EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 10:22 pm

By Lilian Dreamwalker Jan 6 2010 -

This may be a bit abstract but... I have some names and well I want to find out if anyone recognises them at all. They just came to me. The first one though is one I've been thinking about for a year now though.

Alexiel, Erilael, Seriaus, Illiana, Kaziel, Maliel

Then there’s another I want to mention a good friend of mine and one I've discovered to be my brother n..n that was a fun ride. Azrial.

Any jump at you?

By Razi'el jan 7 2010 -

i'm sorry, but none of those ring a bell to me... i think maliel sounds a little familiar, but other than that, i can't say much. sorry sad.gif

By Ouza Jan 7 2010 -

If you play a lot of computer RPG's . The name Maliel should definitely sound familiar since it's used more than once in quite a few MMORPG online!


By Lilian Dreamwalker Jan 7 2010 -

Oh thats fair enough, I only really play Final Fantasy and Dawn of War/Warhammer 40k though
Could have read it in a book n..n

By Ouza Jan 7 2010 -

Never doubt, always take the time to look about! <---Was a poet and didn't even know it!

"And ye, who have met with Adversity's blast,
And been bow'd to the earth by its fury;
To whom the Twelve Months, that have recently pass'd
Were as harsh as a prejudiced jury -
Still, fill to the Future! and join in our chime,
The regrets of remembrance to cozen,
And having obtained a New Trial of Time,
Shout in hopes of a kindlier dozen."

~ Thomas Hood

Sorry for being such a quote freek but I'm kind of going through one of my reminiscing phases! Old age does those things sometimes but what the Hay !!!



By Lilian Dreamwalker Jan 9 2010 -

I love the quotes n..n

...there is one last name. Whenever I spesak to people about this person... I'm always told I shouldn't know him or his name so here goes. Gladri'el... and not female ether, a male name.
ring any bells.

And no not Galadriel from Lord of the rings x3 the name Gladriel came to me before I knew about thouse novels.

By Ouza Jan 10 2010 -

For the longest time I had a series of dreams over the years giving me names, stuations and things that I were not familiar with which I wrote all done! But only one was the strongest in my heart and they are the ones I've finally found and are at home with!

Write down the names and whichever is the strongest in your mind and heart associate yourself with, they are called Personas. Many can argue the points of the whys and wherefores but simply follow you heart and you'll never go wrong!


By Azaz'el Jan 10 2010 -

It's very easy to confuse that name with the LOTR mythos.

Is Gladriel linked to a sword? For some reason I want to say it was once used as a name for a sword.



By Lilian Dreamwalker Jan 12 2010 -

Its possible, I have lots of dreams involving swords.

By Ouza Jan 12 2010 -

Here is a site that might be of interest to you!

It contains names and brief descriptions of over 200 Angels/Demons/Principalities and Powers plus much much more to say the least!

Angels [user posted link = http://www.hafapea.com/angelpages/angels4.html ]

Browse to your hearts content... but you must choose wisely!


By Lilian Dreamwalker Jan 12 2010 -

Gosh thats alot of names! I'm going to be reading all night x..x lol
<3 thanking you

By Lael Jan 14 2010 -

Alexiel is one of the main characters in the Angel Sanctuary manga.

By Lilian Dreamwalker Jan 14 2010 -

Yeah the Organic angel. But I've never used it as a female name.

By Ouza Jan 14 2010 -

Believe it or not The Angelic Host had hermaphrodite physical and spiritual qualities before arriving here, so no such thing as male and female. One was able to choose either a male or female partner or one of the other favoring predominant factors for final choice of partners!

So there was Freedom of Choice!

Ouza <3
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