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 ARCHIVE: A Call from the Past

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A Call from the Past   ARCHIVE: A Call from the Past EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 10:51 pm

By Azaz'el Nov 24 2007 -

I know that those members who feel they want to join in the forum discussions have almost answered this, but perhaps other who haven't joined our discussions yet or those who are just finding this forum will know.

There is a very strong sense that some of the other Grigori are awakening now, that memories will have returned since the ancient festival of Samhuinn at Hallowe'en just gone. I know, from my senses and in tuition, and from a part of my mind that speaks from the past, that there are some who are awakening now - Penemu'el, Dani'el, Kasday'el, Sari'el, Ezeqe'el, Bartar'el.... your names are speaking so loudly to me, I can almost sense you out there.

We have established a safe haven now - so it is time to remember and move forward.


By ishtahar Nov 27 2007 -

I join the call. We are here for you brothers and sisters, you are safe with us, come out come out wherever you are biggrin.gif

By Lillith Dec 30 2008 -

Is it truly ever safe? It's hard to believe it could be....

By Azaz'el Dec 30 2008 -

It's as safe as it ever could be in this day and age..... perhaps in any day and age other than in the First Times when we had little to fear other than those who would judge our behaviour and point the moral finger.

Welcome Lillith and welcome to the forum. It's good to see a new member and as you use that name I can't help but wonder if you have a link to it? Are you connected to her?

You will realise by now that at this time as we are all being released and are awakening that it is time to unite and regain that which was lost. So a certain amount of 'risk' is always called for.......... otherwise we may as well return to sleep and ignore the cries of the world and the Source.

Perhaps you'd like to post a brief post about yourself in the Introduction section, so that members have a chance to welcome you properly. Please feel free to join in any of the threads taking place, or start new ones of your own....... it would be good to hear your thoughts and memories on where we are at this time.


By Faddewr Jan 9 2009 -


By Azaz'el Jan 9 2009 -

QUOTE (Faddewr @ Jan 9 2009, 07:06 PM)

Yes, Faddewr, Dani'el was one of the Fallen. Do you remember him?


By Faddewr Jan 11 2009 -

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ Jan 9 2009, 08:41 PM)
"QUOTE (Faddewr @ Jan 9 2009, 07:06 PM)

Yes, Faddewr, Dani'el was one of the Fallen. Do you remember him?


No, just an odd coincidence.

my name is Daniel.

Not an uncommon name.

Hebrew, "Judged by God"

By Azaz'el Jan 11 2009 -

Ah, there's no such thing as coincidence....... but you are right, Daniel is a common name. It's probably that the Dani'el I refer to won't be called that in this life, in the same way I'm not called Azaz'el. But I am hoping that he will have awakened by now and have remembered his name and his link to me.

All he has to do then is find this site and return......................


By Ishtahar Jan 23 2009 -

Yeah... that's all.... but what will you do when he does Az?

By Azaz'el Jan 23 2009 -

Probably sob my heart out.


By Ishtahar Jan 24 2009 -

And then pick yourself up and go on because you are the strong one... you always were.

And so am I

By Azaz'el Jan 24 2009 -

We have to carry on..........and that's the paradox - in the time of choices, we can always walk away and yet our soul won't allow us.

We are all strong, but at times it feels as if we are weak and powerless. Those times are when we can make the greatest choices and change the course of the planet.

Right now I feel drained, tired and ready to sleep for a millennia. So perhaps now is the time to change the world, open the Gateways and connect to the Source!!



By Ishtahar Jan 25 2009 -

Bugger. Couldn't we just have a rest for a time? After the year of change I just feel like I need time... but I know that is exactly what we dont have so.... onwards and upwards eh? I may be dragging my feet but I have never been afraid to take the path that must be taken.... well not that's not entirely true... I HAVE been afraid I AM afraid but I do it anyway

By Azaz'el Jan 25 2009 -

Well, this is the year of promise.......... and it could be said that a promise could be like a wish......... and we all know how we must be careful what we wish for as we might just get it.


By Ishtahar Jan 25 2009 -

Yes... so I am learning. The hard way. wacko.gif
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ARCHIVE: A Call from the Past
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