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 The Fallen: Who, What, and Why

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The Fallen: Who, What, and Why Empty
PostSubject: The Fallen: Who, What, and Why   The Fallen: Who, What, and Why EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 4:03 pm

It occurs to me that this title makes this post sound a lot more prolific than it'll probably end up being, but I like the title so Razz Anyhow, I was just jotting down my thoughts on what a fallen angel is in the first place.

In my opinion, there are many ways to fall and many varities of falls. A fallen angel is not automatically a demon and demons are not all a result of an angel taking a proverbial swan dive off of his or her proverbial cloud. Since demons are beings of chaos, a being (fallen angel or otherwise) would have to choose chaos in a pure form in order to be considered a demon. Can a fallen angel become a demon? Sure. But fallen, by definition, doesn't mean go directly to chaos. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. I mean, most fallen are exactly the same as they were pre fall (minus the ego bruises) except...they're fallen.

A fallen angel is simply an angel that is no longer in service of his or her patron deity. The end. There are many reasons that may be. Being fallen doesn't mean your wings turn black, you're shun from your cloud and patron deity forever, and are now EEBUL. Just means you're not functionally an angel anymore. Maybe by choice, maybe not.

Also, again in my opinion, a fallen angel is not necessarily doomed to be fallen forever. They can, and many do, regain their former "status"...again depending on the situation. I mean, in all technicality, any of us angels who are incarnate here could probably be considered fallen because we are not currently directly connected to our patron source of divinity (in the angel-deity connection sense which just sounds flufftacular when my human brain attempts to describe it and probably comes across as parent issues rather than some variety of what I perceive as personal truth), are rather human at this point in time, and are thus not on our proverbial clouds running post for the divine.

Finally, the most amusing stereotype of fallen angels (in my opinion) is that they are all hunted down and smited by their former brethren. That's just silly if you ask me. I mean, sure, some falls (like, say, trying to usurp your deity and become a god yourself thus entirely jeopardizing The Balance and Existance as we know it) might earn yourself a good butt whooping and/or smiting...but just because you took that swan dive off that proverbial cloud doesn't mean you now must cease to exist.

Generally, the fallen are just ignored...maybe they get a "that's too bad, but"...but that's it. No pitchforks, no torches, just shun. Of course, as I said, there are exceptions, but the exceptions aren't the rule. It takes some seriosly extenuating circumstances to earn yourself a fate as a scorch mark and those cases bring it upon themselves, they really do.

So...given that personal belief ramble-fest, what do you all think?
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The Fallen: Who, What, and Why
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