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 ARCHIVE: The Yazdani

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The Yazdani   ARCHIVE: The Yazdani EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 11:54 am

By Eshtar Aug 31 2009 -


These people have their own religion but more secret because Muslims would kill them outright. The link tells you alot about what it's about. These people defend Azazel or Melek Tuas who they beleive is NOT evil nor fallen in his own way but wrongly misunderstood and is a Leader still in his own right. It is a Sin and highly intolerable in ways to even call Azazel Satan or compare him to such. They defend in ways him and the rest of the Grigori beleving they are the "originals" in ways.

By Azaz'el Aug 31 2009 -

Thanks for sharing the link with us.

I have come across the Yezidis many times in my research over the years and some of the original artwork in their temples showing Melek Taus and other angels, including some watchers, is amazing.

I think its important to make the distinction between Melek and Azaz'el........ as with the old arguement about Semyaza and Azaz'el..... they are not the same being just with different names. It can get a little annoying at times when articles and legends seem to want to ignore who I was and say that I was just a name for someone else!! I know I often stood in the background, but I was real!!! LOL cool.gif

Its also interesting that you highlight an article that once again mentions the Heptad, the 7 so called angels of creation.

Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that the 7 are being called together?


By Scratch Sep 1 2009 -

::raises a mildly trembling hand:: That's the first time I've heard of that, but the fact it's 7 makes such absolute sense to my senses about this whole subject.

By Scratch Sep 1 2009 -

Yes, thank you for that link. I just read it.

That is a very different name than I've encountered so far, but told a story back to me that was supposed to be something I concocted. All the components were there. Oh man. Coming together all right... I want to say I can't believe it, but that's bad language.

Good timing too, if that gate's about to blow. I suppose, if the wards degrade as we remember, that's a pretty perfect setup.

By Ouza Sep 1 2009 -

Kind of makes you think that there's more going on here than meets the eye, so to speak! The better informed and prepared we are the better off we will be in the long haul of things to come!

One advantage we supposedly have over our forefathers who were using just prayers and intuition and/or asking for guidance... is the Internet! Now that's what I call a Daat in every home, especially ours at this moment in time, imagine that!<--- Was a poet and didn't know it !!! blink.gif

Love, Light and Life...

Ouza smile.gif

By Scratch Sep 1 2009 -

::chuckles:: Indeed.

Last night was almost like a joke: "You might be one of the Fallen, if you find yourself having to come to grips with the frightening possibility you are not insane!" Especially since even stupid incidentals, like all the songs in the karaoke bar I eventually wandered into, had surprising relevance. It seemed like EVERYTHING was saying, "yes, yes, you've known all along, so just deal with it." It felt like I was losing my mind, to admit I haven't.

I've been as truthful with myself and others as possible all along, but there was something special and different about reading it all back from an outside source. There's no way to run from it even a little anymore. That's good though, because the main reason I wanted to be crazy was I didn't want the impressions I've got about what's coming to be even remotely right. If they are, I need to be ready.
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ARCHIVE: The Yazdani
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