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 ARCHIVE: Humanity

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Humanity   ARCHIVE: Humanity EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 1:11 pm

By Ishtahar Sep 24 2007 -

I am not sure whether this topic would be better of here or in free chat but, as I am going to be discussing experience of Shadow I have chosen here.

I have noticed on a number of other sites that Shadow seem to be going through a period of extreme negativity as far as humans are concerned. Whilst this is not entirely surprising, after all it was this attitude by Shadow which led to the fall in the first place, it is extremely disappointing to see that they have not moved on from it.

I have even seen it suggested that we should just allow humanity to wipe itself out and then all otherkin will be free to join together and create a utopia in the world without humans.

I accept that humanity is a lost race. It's warmaking and thirst for power has let it to the edge of extinction and it is taking the earth down with it.

However, I would ask you three questions

Who taught humanity the art of war?
Who gave humanity the thirst for power?
If you give a child a lighted match and walk away whose fault is it when the house burns down?

When Shadow began to walk among humans no one complained. When Shadow began to teach humans very few complained - after all it was an interesting experiment.
When Shadow began to love humans and to see them as something more than an interesting experiment the complaints began
When Shadow began to think that humans could aspire to become their equals the complaints grew to an uproar
When humanity stepped up to the mark and ascended to an equal state Shadow erupted, split and fell.

That was then, this is now. We have all been through so much, and for what? If we have not moved on from that then it has all been for nothing.

Come on Shadow, step up to the mark, embrace humanity and do what you should have been doing all along. Shoulder the responsibility for what you have done and do not turn your back on humanity. Do not hasten them towards their extinction, teach them, raise them. Bring them all to enlightenment.

By Hope Oct 18 2007 -

i agree that all deserve forgiveness but it's humanities fault and i dont think humanity can at all be taught to make peace... i've never understood the need to war, achieve power or destroy. yet it seems to be such a powerful force that drives humanity. i could never imagine a utopia where nature is assaulted, the planet is conquered with no unknown, or populations that exceed control. a city should be like a plant and give to its surroundings and not like a carnivore. humanity has lost all connection with the essence of this world... could it be restored?

By Ishtahar Oct 18 2007 -

I think you are spot on. Humanity has lost its connection...it has lost its way completely.

Whether it is too late to turn back...i dont know.

I have no doubt in my mind that there are some humans who just shouldnt be allowed to have any contact with anyone else but others like them.

However there is such a lot of good in humanity, so many beautiful people...and I dont mean on the outside. The problem is that those that have power will not give it up and those who should have power will not fight for it.

Any suggestions for what we can do to change the situation are welcome but until then I suppose we just have work on the small area in which we have some influence.

By Azaz'el Oct 18 2007 -

All do deserve forgiveness, but humanity is only lost, not a lost cause. But I would say that, I fell for humanity and their right to ascend and have the same knowledge, powers and abilities as all other races. I believed in the right for all humans to be able to strive to their very best, to grow with knowledge and wisdom to be equal to all other Kin, and to all the tribes of Shadow, in this world and others.

We never finished our work, we weren't allowed to by those who saw themselves superior to us. As much as I can understand their reasons, we all have to accept responsibility for what we have done and the legacy we left. Humanity is now a spoilt child who thinks they know best and are trying to rebuild the world in their own image, placing themselves at the top as God. They just need to face their own awakening and realise there is no need to destroy or consume in order to grow.

It's one hell of a difficult task, but we can do it, or we are all lost.


By Hope Oct 18 2007 -

there is something disturbing in some ways i feel i need to share. i have a friend who i believe is an otherkin. and both me and him had similar dreams a while ago, but they were dreams that seemed as real as life. in his dream he was walking down a hall in his house when everything went white, there was a giant fireball outside, an explosion... a few seconds later the shock wave and everything went black. mine was more vague... i was in a dark place when a heard a sonic crack and then everything shook, one of the walls was lit up... glowed compared to the rest, then i woke up.

but my horoscope says that i will live through turmoil and become someone famous...

I hope that this is no sign

By Ishtahar Oct 18 2007 -

Well..it might well be a sign, the trick is to decipher what it is a sign of. It need not necessarily be the end of the world.

Perhaps the great light symbolises enlightenment, the blossoming of understanding in the darkness of ignorance, wandering in the darkness and finding the light..that sort of thing

And by the way when you are famous can you remember me and send a signed photo biggrin.gif

By Azaz'el Oct 18 2007 -

Forget the signed photo, Ish, we'll just have to go over for a holiday and stay in the expensive apartment, as we're waited on hand and foot..... laugh.gif

Seriously, it could be symbolic, or it could be a warning. I'd write it down, keep a journal of any visions or glimpses you have like that. The one thing you can guarantee is that it will make sense to you one day.


By Ishtahar Oct 18 2007 -

Well..... I didnt want to be greedy

By Araqiel Feb 21 2008 -

QUOTE (Ishtahar @ Oct 18 2007, 10:36 PM)
"Perhaps the great light symbolises enlightenment, the blossoming of understanding in the darkness of ignorance, wandering in the darkness and finding the light..that sort of thing"

Wait understanding, enlightment, reaching of spiritual maturity with a sailor moon spiritual mentality as general consensus of esoterics ... or does that mean we can rock reality into enlightenment by following the example of a group of little anorexic girls in japanese school uniforms speaking with talking pussies from the moon, doesn't it?


Though I hope all here excuse my impudent use of a bad word where cat would be the appropriate terminology.


On another note if I'm not mistaken I'm going to protect a woman with a small child after the cataclysm some day.

By Ishtahar Mar 4 2008 -

Probably me...but I didnt understand that at all.

For me enlightenment has nothing to do with fluffy bunny white lightedness but is all about truth and that is certainly blinding but not necessarily nice or comfortable or easy etc etc.

Interested in the Japanes girls and their pussies though. Do they have jewelled collars?


By Ysolde Mar 21 2008 -

I might be going out on a limb here...or be thin skinned....
But it is mightily strange, when one considers oneself a human, who both knows of and deeply feels the ailments of this world as one's own, to read some of the stuff which is written in here.

What can I say of humans? Of us?
First off, some have said to me that I am not completely human. The thing is, I do not know what on earth else they think I should be.
Some have said fey, and from a certain POV they might be right.
HOWEVER - I am in a human body, now. As such, I share fate with humanity, I must consider myself a human woman.

As I perceive angelic beings, or Shadow, as is the term here, you are very much beings of order. You seem to like order, seek structure and direction, and be agents of these components of existence. (If I am all wrong, do feel free to illuminate me as to what I am misunderstanding).

Human beings are not. Our way of connecting with graal (as I call it), is probably different than the way you do.
Referring here to my own nickname : The divine is in the dance between he and I, if we can really be separated in two (which we both can and not, because we are similar yet opposite principles in the widest sense - I am not proposing to be a hetero-fascist here). We drink of the cup, knowing it is our death. Knowing that we can do nothing but trust in the dance, and dance it.

And we do it anyway. Even those who are unaware of it, limp along, because everything within us which is true human, screams for the need to dance.
Some of us find out better than others, but we all try.
Graal is in our blood, as much as it is in yours, and in everything else.

Please, a little respect and a more equal-footed tone would be nice.

By Azaz'el Mar 21 2008 -

QUOTE (Ysolde @ Mar 21 2008, 04:50 PM)
"Please, a little respect and a more equal-footed tone would be nice."

In what way have we not shown respect or wanted a more equal footing for all races? I am unsure as to what context you think we are not looking for or trying to gain such respect or equality. The whole 'fall' that took place was because we wanted such equality.

Your perception that Shadow are beings of Order is partially correct. The function given to us by our creation and existence was guardianship, to care for, guide and look after the fledgeling universe and races. However, the one thing we Grigori did not keep to is any sense of Order. We rebelled and as such faced the consequences. So different Shadow have different perception, needs and values.


By Zurine Mar 22 2008 -

I don't think I should be getting this upset over this topic.

: / Why are you targetting the Shadow for their lack of compassion for people?

Let alone we are for the most part, human.

We live and were raised with humans. We learn, eat, work and socialize with humans.

I don't understand what we need to step up on.

I take it as an insult- I do SO much in my community. And work harder for people then people work for themselves.

Where are you getting this assumption from?

By Ysolde Mar 22 2008 -

Let's get this all down to ground level : please all relax, I am not targeting anyone in particular.

What I am doing is that I have read around the forum and noted a tone of (contained) resentment towards humanity. I am not going to draw out examples exactly because I do not want to target anyone.
People can re-read postings eg. this thread or others for themselves, and perhaps think it over for a bit.
I just do not perceive such a tone towards humanity very fruitful for anyone - exactly because, as you say, we are all sharing the human condition, no matter how we perceive the nature of our spirit.

Also, the best healing of any splitups and fractions, as the one which has been here, starts with an equal respectful tone of communication. I can only voice my own initial experience and say that I have been a bit put off by certain utterances concerning 'humanity', after joining the forum and accessing the posts not accessible to non-members.
While the general behavior of any group-consciousnesses are rarely exactly bright, Humanity is not one big grey mass. Certainly, all in here know this - we are all humans in the flesh, and while I can only speak for myself, it is not my experience that one necessarily recognizes kindred spirits straight away.
So why is all that is bad dismissively contributed to 'the folly of humans'? That is a self-distancing which I find a bit too easy... how does anyone know that eg. some weird-behaving shamans I saw criticized in another post are not, say, otherkin - or at least perceive of themselves as otherkin?

Of course, anyone in here can just interpret it as me not fitting in, not understanding, or whatever.
Or you could take it as interesting input from a newcomer who, regardless of whatever otherkin heritance that she might or might not have, has chosen to call herself human - because the human body is my material condition right now, and I believe it is so for a reason.
At least for me.... maybe with all of us?

"And work harder for people then people work for themselves."

It is up to each person to take responsibility of their own life. My humble experience is that you often do both yourself and people a disservice by doing their work for them, if they are not prepared to take that responsibility for themselves.

By Sari'el Mar 22 2008 -

First of all, don't worry. This is a place where we are all welcome to speak out on whatever's on our minds. It's not surprising that this sort of discussion turns into a heated debate.

In my opinion my brothers fell because they wanted humanity to become all it could be. Some of us still have that feeling. It has been with us for so long that it has become part of who we are. Yet in this life, if not in many of our older memories, humanity hasn't been all too polite to us. We are not easily accepted among those who do not know us. Maybe some of us are...maybe others are just too damaged. Hey, we've been around for a long time.

I still have hope. I once thought that love would unite us. It so often seems I was wrong. But if love does not bring us together, the Great Cycle itself will. I still have hope.


By Ishtahar Mar 22 2008 -

Speaking as someone who has always been essentially human I can understand where you are comning from Ysolde. I have asked myself why otherkin, not so much here as in other places believe me, seem to find humanity a lost cause.

First I have to say that many otherkin especially when they are first awakening have nothing but bad experiences from human society who are not able or prepared to accept that there is anything different to them out here....at least nothing that matters.

It is wholly understandable that those who have had bad experiences with humanity have difficulty accepting and lonving us even whilst utilising an essentially human body to live in this place and this time.

I also have to acknowledge that I have found it difficult to consider unity with people who reject humanity for whatever reason and in particular those Shadow who have taken from me everything i have ever truly loved.

However, I think the lesson here is that there is and always has been fault on both sides and not only that but only in a small proportion of each side. I have fully and completely accepted that my problem with Shadow extends only to a small minority of those in power and that the 'man in the street' so to speak was no more responsible for what happened to me that the folk in my own village who, through fear I suppose, did nothing to help us.

There is a grave danger in generalising here and there is also a danger in reading specifics into generalisation. We are all free here to express what is in the deepest corners of our hearts but we have to rememeber that those who come here are searchers, just as we are. We are all on the same journey and we have a responsibility to help each other on our way.

This includes helping each other to understand who we are and not condemning them for not understanding when their experience has been so different from ours.

Respect is a key issue but please remember that when asking for respect we also to show it and if we dont understand something then by all means ask but do not presuppose the answer is going to be negative and so approach both the question and the answer with openess and not defensiveness, with genuine concern and not condemnation, with the expectation of enlightenment and not disappointment.

Listen to Seri'el's wise words and come to the discussion with open arms and not closed hearts.


By Ysolde Mar 23 2008 -

Ishtahar, I fully agree with all that you say about peacemaking and communication... though I am not sure how it relates to what I have written... because while I know I might seem raw to some people, I don't mean to be negative, suspicious or defensive.

I'm simply a rather direct person (which, I understand, can be difficult enough to some, but what can I do?).
I have asked some questions and made a simple request that the tone around 'humanity' as a group might be pondered, and perhaps altered a bit. I have said that yes, my limits are here and here, and I have done so firmly, but, (I think) respectfully and evenly.
I have also felt that some have heard me, which is good.

I do understand about being treated badly by beings around you. Believe me, I have had my share.
But how come everyone is so sure that those who treated them like this were humans? Of course, a lot undoubtedly were. But some , just as undoubtedly, were not.
And even so...does that mean that I should ignore it when I feel my limits violated? Will it, in reality, help anyone, shadow or human, if I shut up about it? Even though I know some might find me harsh?

I tried it once, to be violated and shut up and pretend everything was fine.
Let's just say that did not turn out so good.

Another silly question :

What if humanity, back then, in fact were already great as they/we were?

As Ish wrote in the initial post :
Did they/we know of war, then? Or of lust for power? Or of all the things which I hear grumbling about them/us being so much into now?

There is much talk of how shadow took humans as pupils, teaching them these arts, and more. Now, I am all for change and exchange between different beings. I don't have a problem with that at all.
BUT! Is and was that all that humankind were and are perceived as? Imperfect ? Clay which ought to be 'molded'? Not someone who could contribute with something of their own? Maybe even teach Shadow a thing or two in return?

Ish has shared with us, in another post, how her Shadow lover was first haughty and perceived her as something lesser than him - even as he was with her. Yet, he learned to relate to her, he learned of love and of equality, and of respect.
She taught him that. She, a human woman, and as I understand it, she taught him before she was brought to the place where the thing she speaks of as her ascension took place.

I hope things like this is taken into account.

I believe the whole cycle were kicked into gear for a reason. I believe that in reality, even this is a continuation of the mutual teachings which were going on. None knew what would be created when different beings started to mingle and mix and change.
And we are still finding out...

(Sorry for involving you, Ish... do not feel forced to comment if you don't want to).

By Azaz'el Mar 23 2008 -

QUOTE (Ysolde @ Mar 23 2008, 01:22 PM)
"BUT! Is and was that all that humankind were and are perceived as? Imperfect ? Clay which ought to be 'molded'? Not someone who could contribute with something of their own? Maybe even teach Shadow a thing or two in return?

Ish has shared with us, in another post, how her Shadow lover was first haughty and perceived her as something lesser than him - even as he was with her. Yet, he learned to relate to her, he learned of love and of equality, and of respect.
She taught him that. She, a human woman, and as I understand it, she taught him before she was brought to the place where the thing she speaks of as her ascension took place.

I hope things like this is taken into account."

There never was a time when Humanity was looked at in that way by most of the Shadow, and certainly not by any of the Grigori under the command of both Sem and I. We wanted unification, ascention, equality. That is why this whole cycle began, as we wanted to to have the equal footing you have asked for.

We taught Humanity many skills, Humanity taught us many emotions. Again, it was a mutual learning process. I don't understand how this view could even be used to describe us, at least the 201 who fell, as we looked upon Humans as we looked upon each other. If we didn't, we would never have done all we did or sacrificed ourselves for the opportunity to ascend humanity.

Perhaps we have never made it clear enough what we felt for humanity and what we have endured to bring this chance again. But please, I would ask any Human or Kin reading this, not to judge us in that way, we have suffered too much to derserve such coldness.


By Ysolde Mar 23 2008 -

I apologise deeply if I am perceived cold and judging.
I know it is an emotional topic for many, and it is not my intent to hurt anyone.

I understand that the Shadow in here, and for example you, Azaz'el, cared for humans, these beings of another kind. I believe that you felt, deep within, that in reality we are all brothers and sisters.

I think what I wrote was misunderstood. It's the words again - I really am annoyed with words. Sometimes, it is as if they transfigure themselves, from they leave my mouth and until they reach the ears of whom I speak to. And what I want to say and what is heard, is not the same thing.

What I meant was this : why all this talk of 'ascending' humanity? Is that not, paradoxically, a bit of the same thinking as those of shadow which the fallen opposed - just expressed in subversive?

Were we not good like we were? Are we not good enough, the way we are we are?
Maybe all the pain in the world now is because of sadness, because we are not aware of this. That if we would just be who we are, we would be OK?
Maybe it is all because of unconscious self-loathing on the part of all of us - human and shadow?

Can it be that by 'ascending' humans, what is really meant is changing the relationship that the fallen opposed - the one which is told of here, where humans were 'cattle'?

But then it is neither humans nor shadow that need to change - it is the way we relate that needs changing.
And that is exactly what I am trying to address :

Let us relate with trust. Let us invent new ways of speaking, new words to express our community and friendship.

Once again, I am sorry if I seemed harsh or judgmental to you, Azaz'el. This was not my intent. Perhaps those in here reading this thread will understand my position, if you realise that it is, in here, somewhat the same as some of you might have felt your own position to be, out in the world, amongst the 'humanity' ,some of which treated you so unfairly : a position of feeling rather outnumbered.

To me, there is no difference. I do not think of anyone as below me - but I also won't tolerate anyone thinking themselves above me. No matter where I am, all beings are beings, and I am one of them. I love and care for them, and I also fight and argue with them. To me, it matters not who and what they are. They are all my equals.
I was born with this wild heart, and it was impossible to tame it, though both my surroundings and myself, believing that they were right, tried it.
It never worked, and today I am glad of it.
But perhaps this wild heart makes me paradoxically slow, and handicapped in understanding some things.

Trust me, I know about suffering. I still feel it.
But suffering is what makes us wise, pounds our heart into shape, widens our capacity to love even more.
If I could, I would take you all to my heart, no matter if you are shadow, otherkin, human or a green-striped space-jawa from tatooine.
You are loved. And you are just as you should be. And everything will be OK.


By Azaz'el Mar 23 2008 -

Thank you for your clarification, that really has helped to explain what you meant.

I think that perhaps an explanation of ascension is called for. (And perhaps for me to correctly spell that word for a change!) It's not a case of Shadow being 'above' humanity or in fact humanity being 'below' any other race. It is to do with the fact that Humanity, if you believe the old tales, was created to exist within this world, this realm, this physicality and the only way a human could move between the worlds was either through thought processes e.g. meditation, or through the physical death of the body.

Shadow and some other 'later' races had the ability to alter or change their form so that they could become spiritual matter. That's why the Grigori were seen as the 'lowest' form of Shadow, as they were physical, but could transform into spiritual, where as most other Shadow were spiritual and could transform into physical.

So ascension for humans wasn't about bringing them 'up' to the level of Shadow, but helping to transform them, so that spirit and matter were directly linked. This would mean that humans would be able to transform into spiritual matter, transverse the Gateways into other realms and have a greater life expectancy. By having a direct link to the Source, rather than a diluted one, Shadow and Human would be equal in ability. It was believed, from what little I remember, that some abilities would be different between the races, but essentially that was all.

I believe that the attitude that some small groups of Shadow had towards Humanity was the same as towards other younger races.... they were younger so could never be as intelligent and as advanced as they were . Add to that their purely physical nature until enlightenment and the fusion back to the Source, and you have a primitive race..... in their eyes. But this small, ruling body of Shadow had this opinion of others as well as humanity and it is why they are the ones who deserve our contempt and pity, not the general race of Shadow as a whole.

I hope this helps,


By Ysolde Mar 25 2008 -

A-ha, thankyou very much Azaz'el, your explanation was very enlightening - it only remains that everyone agrees on this meaning when we use the word... a tricky business indeed.

But even more importantly, it also gives the whole discussion possibility of moving forwards. I see strong links between the concept of ascension-or-not, and the body-and-soul thread.

Let me see if I understand this right : ascension, as defined by you in the previous post, is seen as something desirable for humanity, because of longer life, and other reasons you described.

I can see where people come from in this, and before going further let me underline that I fully support all kinds of interchanging of knowledge and mixing of different beings through union in love, as long as it happens with everyone's consent.

That said, I think perhaps what I can add here in this forum, is more understanding of the physical world, and the ways it connects to the astral, and is indeed inseperable from it, as lover is inseperable from lover.
As I have read here, many are frustrated and uncomfortable about the physical, and matter itself (hence their frustration and uncomfortability with humanity perhaps?).

I am sure that no one will really be surprised that where I am coming from, it is all about union.
As union of two still has the paradox inherent, that it requires them exactly to BE TWO, it is not a union into a big blob we are talking about, but rather a rythm of coming together, then drawing apart. A continued hello-and-goodbye if you will.

To me, it can all come down to a discussion of what love is. Unfortunately, I think our concept of love today is very damaged by the notion of romance. This coming from the medievæl romance, which actually proves to be very violating of the freedom of both men and women, when studied up close (as I happen to do presently in my academic career... ahahaha, 'career')...

As for men's love for men, and women's for women, of course in the romantic view this just doesn't even EXIST. Cute, huh?
Romantic love is very bound up with the pauline split between body/spirit, which I mentioned in my body-and-soul post (the monkey brain thread I believe). It adheres to rigidly patriarchal and hierarchical social codes, in which the male ideal is that of (heterosexual!) emotional cripple, and women, while on the surface revered, are still little more than cattle to be exchanged.
To be fair : good romances (such as those written by the inventor of the genre, Chrétien de Troyes) have within them also sub-texts which contains their criticism of the very social codes they lay out.
But such subtleties are, I believe, rarely caught by everyone, and to modern minds, which certainly are not tuned in on the intellectual gymnastics that a medievæl listener or reader would have been (there being no TV back then), it seems that it is only the overt message that has been passed on.

So what is that message? Well, basicly, it is one huge hetero-male neurosis (sorry guys, but this is wide scholarly agreement here). It elevates the woman to a pedestal of Holy Virgin proportions, while at the same time rendering her completely incapable of personal action. Romantic heroines do not MOVE - they are the prize which a knight earns by his heroic deeds (read : slaughtering and killing of rivals), and when they speak, their speech is cause for great anxiety in this knight's mind - while they are what usually puts the action into motion by their demands from him to prove his worthiness , her speech is also perceived as breeders of strife and breakers of the brotherhood between males (because of the killing-and-slaughtering aspect)....

What a real woman felt, or would feel, about being thus exchanged between men without being allowed any opinion, while at the same time being assigned with ALL responsibility of both theirs and her own actions, doesn't really enter into the romance at all, except in the sub-text which will always, inavoidably be created by the heroine's presence (which is, consequently, mostly cut down to as little as possible).

I am barely scratching the surface here - it is maddeningly complex. But very much about a 'male' point of view, and a very primitive, feudal and fear-of-castration-ridden one at that.
As female opinion is not even considered (except when it is tried to establish that 'really, when women say no they mean yes - and the mind of women are ever-changing and can't be trusted'), romance is little more than a glorification of rape (once again, at least in Chrétien's work, critical subtexts ARE present - but still...).

This is what we have been told that love is, to this day. Luckily, there are older tales which have a different explanation of what love is. There are three that I can think of (and they are all really the same tale) :
The Exile and Death of the sons of Uisnech (which is really about Deirde and her love for one of these sons, Naoise), can be read here : http://www.maryjones.us/ctexts/usnech.html

The Fenian tale of the Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne (Finn MacChumaill's unwilling bride, who chooses and elopes with his young right-hand-man) here :

...and finally that of Tristran and Isolde (if you need clarification of this one, I will be shocked blink.gif ). I suggest Gottfried von Strasbourg's 'Tristran', and the Welsh fragment here, with an ending rather different than the widely know one! :

These celtic stories of love are pre-romantic. As for Tristran and Isolde, the fact that all the attempts, through time, to turn it into a romance essentially failed, and it was always anarchistic, challenging the rigid demands of love bending to patriarchy and hierarchy, yet through all this it remained perhaps the most popular love-story, more so than any of the romances - these facts does show something:

There is no conquering love. And there is no separating that which wants to be united smile.gif

Man, I'm ranting here. Better stop.

By Scratch Sep 17 2008 -

Thank you all who participated in this, for respectfully addressing each others' points in discussion, until all around understanding was reached. I've seen touchy topics blown into flames enough in other forums to hold my breath as I watched this one heat up.

I think it was very important this was brought up, especially if some people fantasize about utopias devoid of humanity. I haven't seen anything veering towards that ideal here, but could see it happening all too easily. People have fallen for that kind of pipe-dream throughout history. They did in Germany in the 30's and 40's, and the Manifest Destiny of America... I think that's enough examples.

1. Everyone in this planet, Universe, plane, whatever, is important. Everything has its part, and while that part may not be pretty, or even useful, in some opinions, no one has the capacity to see the whole picture. The idea that maybe there's one thing that can is where a chunk of my faith in God comes from.

2. The less you know about something, the easier it is to generalize, and generalizing is generally a bad idea. "Humanity" is all the same (see: Namaste), yet comprised of several billion individuals. On the one hand, I've believed for as long as I can remember that there is something unique about me. On the other, I've learned profound lessons from people I'd egotistically believed too to possibly tell me anything I didn't already know. Many, many times. Sadly, a side-effect of coming into yourself can be a swollen ego; in my experience, different=special=better=whoever you're better than sucks. Fortunately, that kind of thinking usually only backfires on the poor schmuck with the superiority complex.

3. As I piece together my own past, it seems that being human is teaching me a whole helluva lot, and giving me the wisdom to make good for a LOT of mistakes. Perhaps this can extend as at least part of the reason we're all in the forms we are? Aside from that, I can't help wondering why people don't know us when they see us. I'm sure part of it is the breed of "closet" I kept myself in; I attract more and more general attention the less I care about being spotted or whatever. Sometimes people even seem to react to me flexing my wings, or thoughts I toss at them, but there is an ignorance that I think could possibly be the real source of the tender feelings raised here about "humanity." I personally can't decide which is scarier: the possibility I'm crazy, or the possibility I'm right.

By Ishtahar Sep 17 2008 -

I know that one all too well Scratch.

On balance I think I would like to be crazy thank you very much. sanity does not have much to recommend it for me at the moment, it is too confining and narrow minded.

I think you are right, that the fact we all seem to be at the very least incarnting in human bodies..... or are they, maybe we just havent realised how non human they are yet..... is a message to teach us something of tolerance and respecting boundaries and appreciating that things, people, whatever which might appear to be weaker, less important, less powerful, less knowledgeable etc or just plain different to ourselves can sometimes have a lot more to teach us than we could ever have imagined and maybe we all need to be just a little bit more humble.

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