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 ARCHIVE: Melchizedek

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Melchizedek   ARCHIVE: Melchizedek EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 1:15 pm

By Faddewr Feb 20 2008 -

Last night, I had a dream that came to me in the form of a story. Like a comic book. Panel by panel I was informed about the existence of a man named Melchizedek, and I entertained briefly by a story of a young woman who had come into possession of "The Book of Melchizedek".

I researched the man named Melchizedek and it matched with an Old Testament figure.

I'm wondering if the rest of you know anything else about Melchizedek, or the Book of Melchizedek.

By Araqiel Feb 21 2008 -

If I'm not entirely wrong I think I somewhere read that Melchizedek might be a disguis for the Archangel Michael.

By Azaz'el Feb 21 2008 -

The problem when dealing with Melchizedek is that this figure has so many conflicting myths, legends and stories attached to him it would probably be easier to wait until he awakens (if he is to appear in human form) or descends to this earthly plain!!

Biblically Melchizedek appears as a non israelite king as well as an order of priesthood in the temple cult for the davidic kings. In other writings he is an exalted patriarch who is also seen as a principal angel ,..... and is often linked to Michael, but only in the same way that I have been linked to Semyaza - i.e. some writers who know no better have assumed that we were one and the same person!!!

Later, when you look at the gnostic texts Melchizedek and the Christ (Jesus) are again seen to be almost one and the same person, yet in the same group of texts, in the pistis sophia he is back to being an angel carrying out the Intervention Pattern, once more as a warrior and so presumably being confused with michael again.

The one thing I thin we can be sure of is that Melchizedek belongs to the ranks of Shadow.... or is just Otherkin. Either way, he's not human and is very much linked to the Holy War.

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ARCHIVE: Melchizedek
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