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 ARCHIVE: Watchers

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Watchers   ARCHIVE: Watchers EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 1:17 pm

By Ellysium Apr 30 2008 -

When I joined this forum, I suppose I stepped out of hiding (which I've been in for a few years). And in the first day or so after joining, even before I first posted, I became aware of beings having their attention on me. It felt like two angels/shadow? But may have been something else. It felt as if they'd just become aware of me and were simply checking me out. The feeling I got from them was mainly neutral, even a little bit positive. And then after about a day, I didn't feel their attention on me anymore, at least not that I've been aware of. I've also started to re-awaken at a faster pace, and have started putting more of the puzzle together since joining. (Thank you all for that smile.gif). So, I certainly haven't gotten any bad attention from Shadow so far.

By Ishtahar Apr 30 2008 -

I am glad that we were able to help Ellysium.

Yes, we are all being watched I think. And, at least for the moment it is not with ill intent.

I think that that something is stirring and everyone is watching to see what will happen, which way it will go.

By Azaz'el Apr 30 2008 -

I am so pleased that we have been able to help in some small way. I think I mentioned in another post the general concept that once you become aware of 'them' then 'they' become aware of you. Which can sound more scary than it actually is, as you have seen.

Ish is right, I feel too that we are being watched. There are the Shadow and other Kin out there who are wanting to know our progress and just who has awoken. And there are others out there beginning to hear about our 'community' and are checking us out to learn from us.

The vast majority of the Shadow I feel are willing to have us Fallen ones reunite with them. And they will also welcome all other Kin who are here as brothers and sisters.

Keep up the good work Ellysium and don't forget that if we can help in any way, just let us know and we'll do our best to help. Don't forget that if you feel you want to add anything to the forum, feel free to post. If you want to add anything to the website, just send me a pm and we can begin to organise any changes and additions. This stands for any member who wishes to add to our knowledge and the information published for all to see.

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ARCHIVE: Watchers
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