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 ARCHIVE: Pure Gold

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Pure Gold   ARCHIVE:  Pure Gold EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 12:43 pm

By Faddewr Aug 2 2008 -

Yesterday, I was listening to a lecture on the portents of 2012, and I drifted out of consciousness to experience this vision:

I'm in a void, and Four Eyes is with me. And soon him and I occupy the same space and merge together. His skin covering mine. Soon, his skin sloughs away to reveal mine, which has become like a liquid crystal, and gives off a glow. My veins and arteries become like ley lines of energy, and each strand of hair on my head turns to pure gold. My eyes become like universes, and in place of pupils and irises I have millions of cosmic bodies.

All physical impurities shed with the skin, and soon I have reached a state which can only be compared to total and complete purification. And I take flight, and the limited void gives way to the limitless cosmos and I am free of the leviathan. While he pursues me, I am further and faster than he could ever imagine. And soon I lose him in the trails of stars and galaxies.

By Azaz'el Aug 2 2008 -

That is a very power vision to have experienced Faddewr........ have it made sense to you yet, brought you the understanding and knowledge is needs to offer you?

It reminds me of the transformation of the soul to the state of the Mabon, the divine child........ the freedom and unity that comes from the proces of true alchemy. Or in other words, the point of transcending the material and taking a step closer towards returning to the Source.


By Faddewr Aug 2 2008 -

I felt it was pretty straight forward.

By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

Awesome smile.gif
I've had a few visions sort of like that where I end up becoming one with the universe.
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ARCHIVE: Pure Gold
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