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 ARCHIVE: October, Does anyone else feel that?

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ARCHIVE: October, Does anyone else feel that? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: October, Does anyone else feel that?   ARCHIVE: October, Does anyone else feel that? EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 3:52 am

By Scratch Oct 3 2008 -

On the one hand, it's strange how an apparently arbitrarily-selected day has such an impact, but last night and today I have happened to find myself celebrating the beginning of Autumn. Perhaps what feels like the true beginning of the season just happened to coincide with October 1st this year; it's always been my favorite season, but this year it feels like an actual event, or at least more pronounced.

I have my own ideas about how life may go for the next several years, and some support for them is coming from how much more intensely I sense and feel everything, especially today. Autumn has always felt to me a bit like an electric current is running through everything. Halloween, Samhain, and whatever else you want to call it aside, the month of October always feels like buildup of something powerful, regardless of the local climate, landscape, or vegetation (and I've spent its entirety in three dissimilar locations, and visited many others).

Today I've been very agitated, but very enjoyably so. There's a whisper in the air like an electric current from before power cables. I feel mystery and wild beauty like I can taste them, and a sense of the superstitious as truth. It's intoxicating, filling my senses to the point I could do little other than roll like a cat in catnip, or heat. The sunset I have sat watching this evening glowed and changed clouds to otherworldly shades of white and gold, and my edge for the beautiful is honed so fine I could have cried at the glory of it, if I weren't sitting in a coffee shop full of people.

A friend and mentor, who helped me awaken and is one of the most similar to me I know, said in our last conversation I should expect to gain in strength; he often does not know his own. I can feel my body adjusting and repairing itself: things are happening with my shoulders, and I feel balanced and aligned in ways I hadn't realized I wasn't until joints started popping. Energies move through me in knots and waves. It seems to me hard, very hard times are coming, and I (we?) are being prepared for it.

By Lauri'el Oct 3 2008 -

Hm, for a long time I've been doing photography a LOT lately. I guess that could count as gainging some strength. But at the same time I feel so, so homesick.

By Riley Oct 3 2008 -

I'll tell you of a vision I had a long time ago when I was having visions like crazy.

I'm sitting on top of a street lamp (yes on top, you can't climb the ones here) in a parking lot nearby a hospital, everything is quite except the buzz of the lamp. I think I'm waiting for someone, but I the entire vision is just that. The air is cold, and I can feel the energy of the time around me (my body gives off energy depending on it's advancement, meaning through my entire life i can recognize parts of my life as energy more than memory). recently my energy has been changing, and it's beginning to match what i had in my vision, i've estimated that time around december.
Sure, it may sound strange to some, but everyone knows there's a change coming, and what's coming up is anyone's guess. It wouldn't surprise me if there was going to be change this month, i don't know if i'm looking forward to it or not, but what's definite is it will be interesting.

By Ishtahar Oct 4 2008 -

I can certainly empathise with that. This has been a year of great change for me... in every way. I have become stronger and more.... myself this year that I have ever been and it has been rapid.. and often uncomfortable change.

Yes, I think that we are preapring for something, and whatever that something is begins very soon.... if anyone figures out what it is please let me know... I am still hiding behind this rock but it would be good to know what I am hiding from.


By Dreamsend Oct 5 2008 -

*Knocks on Ishtahar's rock*

I can't say what exactly the "thing" is, I don't know myself. I have also felt that time growing nearer, and feeling very calm about it.

By Scratch Oct 5 2008 -

QUOTE (Ishtahar @ Oct 4 2008, 04:26 PM)
"... if anyone figures out what it is please let me know... I am still hiding behind this rock but it would be good to know what I am hiding from.


One of my strengths, growing like a weed this year, is precognition. I've always had it, but started being honest and actually paying attention, which quickly got it to the point where I have a general heads-up for however far ahead I care to look. Although, it's a bit like meteorology: the last day of the extended report has far less chance of matching the actual weather than today's highs and lows. For my next trick, I'm working on not trying to elaborate on the impressions I get. How it usually happens now is I get a rather concrete but vague impression/feeling of how things will play out. I try to fill in the blanks, and wind up geared for details I invented, while what I was told goes ahead and happens in a completely different way than I was expecting. That's probably at least part of the reason we don't have any handy reference materials like characters in predictable stories always seem to find.

Personally, and with support of earlier impressions being proven already (like my idea in '99 that Bush would come as close to totalitarian dictatorship as this government allows), I think the American economy is headed for a nasty fall that will set off a chain-reaction, similar to how the fall of Rome reverberated through Europe. I think this will cause all manner of very hard times (I pray for the morbidly obese, and diabetics, especially), but also provide a chance for growth and change in radically new directions. People are becoming a lot less shy about their true natures, and beginning to realize all the environmental warnings are really true. I'm anticipating several years of scrambling for survival, which will ultimately strengthen the survivors, level the playing field, and if nothing else provide a handy excuse for me to get in really good shape and bone up on edible wild plants. I think basic skills like sewing by hand (without patterns), cooking over fire, making tools, and field medicine will be in high demand, and leadership in small groups or being a musician will be among the best ways to make up for lacking such abilities. What I worry about is the initial panic, rioting and looting, starvation, and what to do with all the bodies. I've joked darkly for years that a full third of this country would probably starve to death in the collapse of society, unable to identify anything not in a box or can as food. As that time seems to be actually approaching, it's not very funny anymore.

By Ishtahar Oct 5 2008 -

No, it isn't funny. I am among the ones who can identify enough to be able to survive and I have enought knowledge of herbalism to be able to provide basic care in the new world, but I have children friends and family who don't. I know that I will be alright but it is not me I worry about. Sigh.... I need to do more work on people rather than studies.


By Lauri'el Oct 6 2008 -

Or maybe we get that second ice age and most of people die that way, to cold. tongue.gif Russia could go nuts too. Or China. dry.gif Big change could be good though. People would find themselves and stop being worried how their hair looks today.

Though bad things bring bad things out too. People would step over a baby to get food... or whatever they think would save their lives.

Heh, I guess I'm too optimistic about death to be worried. Or blind to feel the change coming.

By Lael Oct 6 2008 -

This might seem slightly offtopic, but it really isn't - or really just slightly. ;-) Anyway.

The other day, at my friends' place someone was watching television and a show was on, couldn't tell you what it was because I don't watch anything at all and am not up to date on that kind of thing - one of those AXN/scifi airs left and right. In it, strange ufo-like things come to earth and hypnotize a number of people around the world into delivering their message. The message says, roughly, "please disarm, find your peace, stop fighting one another".

This is identified, by the characters in that show, as a message from god. Per se. And so, they say, "okay, this mighty force is trying (and succeeding) to disarm our weapons, and asks us to make peace with each other?"

What did they decide to do about that?

They chose to attack with whatever weapons they had left.

This is what I fear might happen, should the time of significant change come to this place. That those in power will fight and make war where there should be none, and through that, destroy everything. Humanity, sadly, is like that - as a whole race. The individuals who don't fall under the same stereotype might not be enough.

No idea how the show episode ended; I wasn't curious enough to keep watching. Made me wonder, though.

*insert 2c here* *plink, plink*

By Ishtahar Oct 7 2008 -

Sigh... unfortunately you are right.

I am supposed to be saving humanity and at the moment all I can think of is that it is really hard to find anything that is worthy of saving.

And the problem is that if any are saved they must all be saved.


By Scratch Oct 8 2008 -

QUOTE (Ishtahar @ Oct 7 2008, 04:19 PM)
I am supposed to be saving humanity and at the moment all I can think of is that it is really hard to find anything that is worthy of saving.

And the problem is that if any are saved they must all be saved.

I have to respectfully disagree.

There is a strange tendency to focus on the negative. I have it, and work hard to not let it make me forget all the wonderful things in life. This applies especially when I think in terms of "humanity" instead of "human beings." I find any statements that can be made about humanity are about as accurate as a family with 2.7 kids, but human beings continually surprise me, especially if I treat them how I would like them to treat me.

I'm not saying to practice favoritism, or be prejudiced, but the idea of saving everyone is crazy-making. It may sound cold, but death is as part of life as life is death. I may be one of the victims, but am doing what I think will help me. I hope to be of help to others, especially when shit first really goes down, but it is arrogant to think in terms of saving people, especially the entirety of humanity. That's not a dig at Ishtahar, just a simple fact. Everything kills, or lets die, in one way or the other. God intentionally killed whole cities, children, the population of the planet minus an extended family. How can anything or anyone expect any of us to do more? Especially without omnipotent powers, I think about the best that can be done is to call it by ear.

By Ishtahar Oct 8 2008 -

Hehe. You dig at me all you like hun. I have never been called arrogant before..... I could get used to it wink.gif

I think for me thought it is less arrogance and more a crushing sense of responsiblity... not that I am suggesting that is any better.

Do you hear Az? I can't save humanity. Can I stop trying now?


By Riley Oct 14 2008 -

I've now been getting a whole load of Deja vu's now, earlier this morning i got two in a row, making a total of 13 this week. Never do I get that much. Ever. Whatever the change may be it must be soon, because the more frequent these are, the more significant. It could mean significant to just me, my family, or more people. But regardless, there must be something coming up very soon.

By Scratch Oct 16 2008 -

Thanks for the heads-up Kraniel. Saying "I feel weird" is so typical it's hardly worth mentioning anymore, but this past week or so has made me feel close to going off the deep end. I had to rather sternly remind myself last night that it's one thing feel the flavor of energies flying around, but I can't let them blow me around like dandelion fluff anymore.

By Ishtahar Oct 20 2008 -

that is one of the big lessons for all of us I think. I have often felt that I have spent more of my time being buffted than working with the energies as I should and I am not convinced htat this is not sometimes a good thing but there are times to be beffeted and times to be directive and the real lesson is learning to recognise which is which. I am getting there are so are you.

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ARCHIVE: October, Does anyone else feel that?
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