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 Talk about coincidence..then again...

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Talk about coincidence..then again... Empty
PostSubject: Talk about coincidence..then again...   Talk about coincidence..then again... EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 8:54 am

I just so happen to be surfing the 'net tonight, just researching all that we talk about here and trying to find answers to other questions I have and as always I end up on a website that I wasn't really searching for...seems to be a habit of mine lately Wink ...the links and parallels this website has is eerily similiar to just about every conversation or post I should say, that we have...here are a few paragraphs from a woman named Angel Shadow ( not sure if this is her real name or an alias), maybe some of you have heard of her and if so I'm sorry for repeating something you're already aware of...she has some qualities that are eerily (sorry..had to use this word again..) similar to mine, she is part Cherokee and Irish ( I have Irish and Cherokee blood as well) and is known to possess a gypsy spirit...(hence my nickname Surprised ) the website references gypsies quite a bit...hopefully you will hear the message she is trying to get across...

When we face our shadows, we are being given an opportunity to overcome them. This in turn, will change our habits and the way we react to situations. By living this truth, we send that out to others, who in turn, send it out to even more individuals. This is how, over time, our actions effect the whole. Sometimes, it's difficult to remain positive in a world that seems to have lost it's mind. But if we want to succeed in healing the past, we have to make sure we aren't repeating the same habits.

It's time for a change and we're the ones writing the script. Soul groups are being reunited and each will experience the power of it's groups collective projection. It's important that each individual within a group remembers their part. Individually, we may cycle through a number of soul groups. But keep in mind that as this happens, we are gaining knowledge and in the end, this knowledge will benefit the collective whole.

Angel Shadow

I thought that this pretty much summed up what we all are trying to accomplish in our lives today, though we may be taking different roads, we all end up at the same destination...and our journey comes full circle.

Have a good weekend my brothers and sisters Cool

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Talk about coincidence..then again...
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