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 ARCHIVE: Wingdings, Observing my invisible limbs

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ARCHIVE: Wingdings, Observing my invisible limbs Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Wingdings, Observing my invisible limbs   ARCHIVE: Wingdings, Observing my invisible limbs EmptyWed Sep 15, 2010 11:03 am

By Scratch Jun 3 2009 -

For the past month I've depleted my energy in many new, rather extreme ways. It's felt almost like resetting, and a lot of changes have happened mentally, emotionally, and physically. I mentioned some of it here, when others talked about feeling drained. One of the things that bothered me about it, despite taking a while to notice, was my wings seemed to have disappeared. I couldn't perceive them anymore, the way I used to.

They unfurled with a whomp! again today as I walked home from work, as I thought I figured out what happened.

Previously, I'd used visualization to move them. I think, now, I've gotten so used to them this doesn't work anymore. I don't visualize my arms, or legs; I just use them. I can still visuallize what colors and shapes they are (I discovered a while ago I can make them whatever shape) I can feel appendages attached to the middle of my shoulder blades, and a lot of muscular shifting has gone on in my back.

The other reason they seemed gone for a while is, I think they may work, energetically, like a camel's hump. I've noticed I feel them more in charged places, like at music shows, or when I walk past the power station on my way home. Sometimes it looks like there's trails of sparks coming off of them, going past that place. I found myself instinctively, when I thought they were gone, trying to pump that area with energy, but overall I was riding on fumes, so to speak, so that energy needed to go to more essential areas.

Pretty spiffy, thinks I.

By Ishtahar Jun 3 2009 -

Wow... that was a pretty big leap in understanding. I am glad you are feel more energetic now. I wish I was.


By Azaz'el Jun 3 2009 -

That will come for you soon Ish....... there is a change coming, a shift in the energies...... a very big shift.


By Ishtahar Jun 3 2009 -

Surprise me! They seem to shift like the tides of the sea. The pendulum swings. Where is the balance?

By Azaz'el Jun 3 2009 -

There is no balance anymore, that's what we have to regain through unification. But the problem comes when trying to hand back power and responsibility to each individual..... those who currently have the power refuse to let go.

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ARCHIVE: Wingdings, Observing my invisible limbs
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