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 ARCHIVE: Eternal youth?, Anyone else notice this?

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ARCHIVE: Eternal youth?, Anyone else notice this? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Eternal youth?, Anyone else notice this?   ARCHIVE: Eternal youth?, Anyone else notice this? EmptyWed Sep 15, 2010 11:20 am

By Scratch Jun 20 2009 -

Since my own awakening became apparent, I've sought others going through similar. I've met all different types; some I've talked extensively with, others I could only formulate theories on my own. After 7 years, I've started noticing reoccurring traits.

The most dominant, across the board, is a sense of agelessness. Everyone I've known or suspected appears younger than their years, or at least very difficult to accurately guess the age of. In some cases it's more a facade that falls away as I know them better (one I would have pegged at about 22, but looks youngish-31 to me now). I am 28, which is too early to really say, but most people are very surprised to hear I'm closer to 30 than 20, and I don't think it's just flattery the ways they ask if I'm old enough to drink, or "would've sworn" I was about 19. I know a 39 year old who's kind of glad, kind of freaked, because he doesn't have a line in his face when relaxed, and I've seen more grey in the hair of people 10 years younger than him (which is kind of freaky for them). Aging does happen, but I've also noticed how lines seem to appear and disappear in my forehead (the only place I've seen them), depending on stress, sickness, and if I'm meditating every day. I know factors like that effect how aged a person looks, but didn't think wrinkles could vanish entirely on their own.

It also seems to be coupled with a high metabolism, or at least a pronounced tendency towards lean musculature and strength. The first one I knowingly met liked to brag about the year he tried to grow a beer-gut, and failed. So he said, but I do know personally that the way he lived, smoked, and ate, there was no logical reason for him to be rock-hard ripped as his was. I've always been slender, and my job, while not strenuous or particularly high-impact, does give me a workout, but I never had this kind of definition before.

Just wanted to compare notes a bit.

By Razi'el Jun 20 2009 -

well, i've had a sort of reverse problem. people think i'm way OLDER than i actually am. in Reality, i'm 20. but i've had people assume i was around 25 or over. then again, i usually have my beard. *chuckles*

By Ishtahar Jun 20 2009 -

Hehe.... all I can say is 'I wish...@ Hehe.

Well.. yeah I suppose I do lool quite a bit younger than I am... people comment all the time but I am certainly not ripped... I have recently lost a lot of weight but still have a long way to go.

My hair and nails grow much faster than usual and I heal fast... very fast.

That's my tuppence worth

By Laeus Jun 20 2009 -

I LOVE ISHTAHAR! lol just some random ish appreciation right there. teehee, sorry im excited, midsummer eve night of the fay!!!! I LOVE FAIRIES!....must not forget to leave out offerings of milk and honey...gosh i have so much to do tonight... anywho....i kinda look my age, maybe a few years older. but i think i will always look young ( atleast thats what i pray 4) i dont wanna be oooooold!!!! no offence to annyone who is XD

By Seraphyna Jun 20 2009 -

I'd chock it up to variability in the human genome. In and out of the otherkin community you notice great variability in how people age. Personally, I look just about my age. Few people think I'm much older or younger *shrug*.

By Scratch Jun 20 2009 -

QUOTE (Ishtahar @ Jun 20 2009, 06:12 PM)
"My hair and nails grow much faster than usual and I heal fast... very fast."

Mm, yes. I surprised myself, and kind of astounded my mom that way, after surgery to remove cysts from both ovaries. I've noticed scars tend to disappear too, although that usually takes years.

That's why I asked, Seraphyna. I didn't want to get stuck in kind of mindset that "Others always..." I try to stay away from generalizing or categorizing, but it happens.

By Dreamsend Jun 21 2009 -

*raises hand* right here. I swear I'll stop looking 17 one day ;_;. Very high metabolism that I screw up occasionally by not eating for too long at a time then eating a lot ;;; but I lose the weight again fast when I don't want it.

I have something about me though that I think makes me look "young" or "innocent" to others... like the way I hold myself or the aura I have. I don't know why most people when they're with me can't sense the rage and seething hatred that I have lol... I usually get "Oh, you look so zen, so calm, and etc." and "Can I see your ID again?"

I think it's related to being kin too, or least the kin "family" that I would classify myself in.

I wonder if there are "biological" classifications that can be done for kin like that.... haha...

By Ishtahar Jun 21 2009 -

Now there's a scary thought... smile.gif

Yeah I get the innocent and naive thing as well.... so much so that for a while I actually thought I was.... Foolish humans Mwahahahaahah

"Blows kiss to Laeus*

By Azaz'el Jun 21 2009 -

Well, most people have tended to say that I look younger than my age........ but saying that, there are those who look into my eyes and comment that my eyes are far too old and it freaks them out! Make of that what you will!!! biggrin.gif


By Scratch Jun 22 2009 -

::laughs:: All I have to make of that is remembering how often I've been called an "old soul" for the same basic reason.

I tend to be a snake with my appetite too, Dreamsend.
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ARCHIVE: Eternal youth?, Anyone else notice this?
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