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 ARCHIVE: What are "Fragments of Memories"?

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ARCHIVE: What are "Fragments of Memories"? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: What are "Fragments of Memories"?   ARCHIVE: What are "Fragments of Memories"? EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 11:17 am

By Dreamsend Oct 25 2007 -

I have varying beliefs that coexist. Some are paradoxical. For example, my belief that humans have free will, but that everything is at the same time predestined. The universe, I believe, holds many simultaneously occurring realities, such as those. I am open to the thought of there being many realities.

While "many things can all be true" at once, in other respects, I think that when all is said and done, for this reality in which we reside there will be one overarching truth. My personal belief holds all knowledge to belong to a common timeline. It also seems to me that the memories and knowledge that all the different types of Otherkin, Shadow, and Fallen hold will tie into one harmonious thread. That's the point of this section, in part - to see where all the different versions of reality overlap. It's sort of like the belief that while there are many many different religions in the world, there is only one God, and those religions all hold fragments of the overarching truth about God (God not meant to refer to the Christian God there/disclaimer).

Some of the things I remember have been outlined in other parts of the forum.

In addition to my feelings are things that I've learned over the years about parts of human history; by putting the pieces together I think I've gotten closer to discovering who we are, who we were, and where we're going, but haven't quite got there yet.

For example, there are clues over the myths and legends of human history that human origin has something to do with arrival of "beings from the sky." Sometimes this is reduced to the singular "being." However, apparently in the Old Testament God is referred to sometimes as "Elohim" - in the original, Elohim is plural at times, and singular at other times.
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ARCHIVE: What are "Fragments of Memories"?
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