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 ARCHIVE: Creative writing, Comment and creativity

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Creative writing, Comment and creativity   ARCHIVE: Creative writing, Comment and creativity EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 10:51 am

From Ishtahar 1 June 2008

It has been suggested that we have a section where we can post our own creative pieces, writing, poetry, links to artwork etc.

I think this is a great idea., Az and I have decided that the best way of doing it would be to create a new forum just for this purpose so we dont take up space on this forum.

We would therefore like some ideas from members of a name for the new forum.

To start your creative juices flowing I am putting in the next post a snippet from a book that Az and I have been working on together, Constructive criticism would be more than welcome.

From Ishtahar 1 June 2008

"Maybe." He sounded very tired. Azaz'el bent forwards to make a last check of the dressing and at the same time Mircea turned his head. They both found themselves with their faces very close, almost touching and a moment of intensity hung in the air between them. Mircea was very still, his eyes deep and unfathomable with the hint of a question there. His lips were parted, very full and soft. Without any conscious thought or intent, lost in the moment Azaz'el kissed him.

There was a brief impression of brown eyes flying wide in intense pain and then the world fell away.

It was dark and there was a strong smell of burning. He was disoriented and in pain. Looking down at himself he realised that he was naked and bound. His body screamed at him from numerous wounds and he realised with a sickening lurch that the smell of burning had, at least partially, come from himself.

He looked around. One eye was closed, from the pain that was coming from that side of his face he did not want to know why. There was a feeling within him of something about to end. He became aware of the sound of crying close by and he looked around to see that there were others, bound as he was, their bodies showing the signs of violence. The weeping was not coming from any of them. Raising his head further he saw that he was standing on a large paved courtyard which in better conditions would have been beautiful. It was very familiar.

On the far side, about sixty feet away there seemed to be a hole from which flames were rising into the sky. The courtyard between was stained with blood and he got a sudden flash of recent memory, people..humans, his friends and their families dragged screaming across the stones and flung one by one into the flames. Was that to be his fate.

As he watched a man stepped forwards and took hold of one of the other captives, raising him to his feet and dragging him forward. This man was very tall and dressed in armour, a strange kind of armour, fitted to the contours of the body, seemingly patterened with scales like the body of a snake. helmet covered his head and obscured his face but he knew who it was, even without the benefit of the golden curls which spilled from beneath the helmet. Micha'el.

Between where he was and the flames, off to one side there was a rough stone alter, standing besides it, also in chains was a woman. She was tall and slim her long black hair matted and tangled. She was naked and clearly heavily pregnant. She was beautiful and she was very familiar...Ish. It was she who was weeping.

Michae'el dragged the captive over the the altar and made him kneel before the woman. He dragged the head back by the hair and made him look into the face of the weeping woman. Another man who was standing next to the woman said something to her and she wailed. The captive tried to reach out to her and called out in a ringing voice that he could hear and recognise.

"I go to my death willingly for you, My Lady. Do not dispair. Do not fail us."

The captive was hauled to his feet and dragged across the courtyard to a place at the far side, away from the flames and seemed to be thrown off the edge. There was no further sound from him.

"My Lord Azaz'el." the voice came from close by and he lowered his head to look into the face of a young man, little more than a boy. His eyes were wide and pleading. "My Lord I am afraid."

"Do not fear, Rami'el. It will be over soon."

"No Lord, you do not understand. I am not afraid to die, I am afraid that I have failed you, that I have failed Her."

His voice caught in his throat and he found he could not speak. A calm voice on his other side, the side he had not looked because of his blind eye answered for him. "No one has failed Rami'el, not one of us. It is as it had to be, One day we will be free, I promise you, I promise that one day you will be free we will all be free."

"My Lord. I find it hard to believe...."

"Do you believe in me?"

"Of course, My Lord, of course I believe in you."

"Then that is enough. I will beleive in the rest, enough for both of us, for all of us,"

And the Micha'el came and dragged Rami'el away. Not wanting to see what happened to him Azaz'el turned his head as far as he could towards the voice. He saw that there were three of them, held slightly apart, standing, bound, beaten, naked. Next to him was the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Honey coloured hair streaked with gold fell matted with blood to his shoulders and green/gold eyes gazed into his own with a look of burning love. "Dani'el" He smiled but did not speak.

It had not been him who had spoken before but the other man. He was hardly less beautiful overshadowed by Dani'el only though the eyes of love. His hair was not matted but hung in a cascade of gold almost to his waist. His eyes were clear and emerald green and they were fixed on a place across the courtyard where the woman stood. His body showed clearly the signs of torture and beating but he stood erect his head high and proud. He was always the bravest Azaz'el thought, impulsive, idealistic, chaotic but very brave.

The green eyes tore themselves away from his love and settled on Azaz'el They were full of pain but also of strength.

"Why do you not remove yourself from this? I know that you can."

"For the same reason that you do not Az, or Dan or any of them. Because She cannot. Because it would be dishonour to Her to take the easy path and leave her to walk the harder one alone. It is hard not to hate, and I dont hate them for what they did to me but....for this, for what they are doing to Her.....It is hard not to hate."

"Release yourself from it brother. Face your death wth only love in your heart. Leave the hate to me, I have enough for us both."

And then Micha'el was there, they were the last, all had gone before. Azaz'el barely felt the hand on his shoulder. Micha'el did not drag him, he had more respect. Whatever else he may have been he was a leader, a great leader, a warrior and as such, even as a captain deserving of respect. It hurt to walk, physically and mentally. The burned skin on his body screamed against it and his feet dragged despite his best efforts. When the woman saw him she cried out, horror apparent on her face. "Az, Oh Az what have they done to you?"

She was so beautiful, so fragile in her humanity but so strong in her love. He tried to smile but there was no softness left in him for smiling. He turned to the man who stood next to her and snarled.

"Still defiant hated snake. We shall see." The man turned to Ishtahar. "You have sent one hundred and ninty eight men needlessly to their deaths because you refuse to name the one who was responsible for this foul heresy. It is not yet too late to save some life. All you need to say is that you were taken by force, that this monster bewitched and betrayed you, that he perverted the friendship you had that you are sorry and regret what happened and accept that it was against nature. We all appreciate that as a human you are weak and could not have been expected to resist but speak against this one and I swear the other two will be spared."

"Az, you were wrong, I am not strong I'm not. How can you bear this?" she tried to reach out to touch him but the man struck her hand away.

"You are stronger than you think. You are no longer a priestess, you are the goddess herself. There is nothing you cannot bear, nothing you cannot do. Be brave."

"Silence!" he hardly felt the blow, a small pain amongst so many that were greater. "Speak woman."

"There was no compulsion. There was no heresy. There was only love."

"Love! Do not speak to me of love Whore. Did you think that there was ever any chance of this....this....abomination succeeding? Did you think that I would ever have allowed you to succeed? You never had a chance."

"No, we never did but that was never the issue,"

The burning fanatical eyes turned on him and it was all he could do not to flinch from them. But he did not flinch. "Then, pray tell me, what was the issue?"

"Something that you could never understand, because you understand nothing but lies and violence and thirst for power. It was all for love."

"Love." scorn dripped from the word. "Well, I hope that you had your fill of it while you could eternity is a long time to be alone."

Abruptly the man stepped forward and grabbed the back of his head, pain flowered and ubidden tears sprang to his eye. The man pressed something small and hard against his face and then released him.

"Take him. Dont forget that although his body is to be encased in the stones with the others I do not want his soul to rest there. You know what to do, In the last moment you must tear it from him and send it to the place I have prepared."

"What? No. Why can I not share the fate of my men?"

"Because that would be too easy for you. For you there will be no peace, You and that weak fool brother of mine, who so longed for....love can learn to live without it in an eternity alone."

"No" Azaz'el realised that he was playing into his hands but the thought of an eternity alone, separated from his men, his brothers, from all contact with another living being terrified him more than anything else they could have done to him and fought against it terror taking posession of his body.

"Az." the soft voice cut through the fear and he focussed on the sweet green eyes. "I will be there. I will find you and save you. I will always be there." and he was able to walk again with his head high and the cold terror thrust into the pit of his stomach and imprisoned there in a hard ball of pain.

When he came to the edge of the courtyard he saw that there was another pit. It was huge and lined with loose boulders. It appeared to be bottomless although, he could see the pale smudges of naked bodies here and there in its depths. He could sense the enormous power that was being expended in keeping it open and he realised that this was more than just a pit, it was a gateway, a door into another dimension. So that is what he was doing, he was sending the souls of the defeated rebels into another place so that not even their spirits could ever hope to return.

But return he would, he had made a promise and he intended to keep it. It would take a time, a very long time but eventually he would stand before that man again and he would not be bound. Sem and Dan would be at his side and he would personally hand Ishatahar the knife which would cut out his heart.

With that thought there was a sharp blow in the back and he was falling into darkness. He waited for the crushing blow of impact but it never came. Instead the pain began to fade. and he opened his eyes, both eyes to find himself back in his own home looking into eyes which mirrored the sick horror he was feeling.

From Azaz'el 1 June 2008

Well Ish, you don't need to know what I think of this piece of writing, but I think you have done wonders in turning what is a painful and difficult memory into an expression of creativity that will hopefully help others to understand what we feel, what we remember and what we faced.

So come on guys, what do you think, of this and of the idea for a creativity forum for all Otherkin?

What should it be called?


From Dreamsend 2 June 2008

Well.... You know that I am anxious to read the rest, now, right? ^^... I don't have an idea of what a creative spot for kin could be called o_o though that's a brillant spot of planning. Hmmm....

From Faddewr 2 June 2008

Hall of Musings
Subtle Musings
Great Beyond
Then and Forever.

and that's it from me.

From Ishtahar 2 June 2008

excellent suggestions.

I like the idea of Hall of Musings but it is for all kinds of creative things not just writing so Maybe Hall of Cereation or Hall of Inspiration or something like that?

From Laviah 10 June 2008

"The creative soul"


"Imaginative Tree"

& also,
"The Vines of creativity..."

???? >>>O~O<<< ????

Just some ideas. But hey, I got a poem here and Im gonna post it...been wanting 2 to. ^-^


From Laviah 10 June 2008

~(Forbidden Love)~

I dont think you should go
I dont want to be left in the howling cold
But yet I cant stand the way you stare
It makes me feel vulnerably bare

You stand so strong
But you look so sad
Why do you have't to go?
You're making me very mad

Fall leaves sift in your path
Drowning the sound of your silent crying
But even still you don't notice
On the inside Im silently dying

It's becoming dusk
And I feel that I must
Hold you for so long
Until our heartache are all gone

I thought our love would live forever
I thought we would always be togather
Our friends meet under the living tree
Where we always felt we could live freely

Like the sun hanging above us from so much dread
I fear our loving days are clearly now dead
Even though our love fills our souls
I fear whats next clearly cannot be told

***Well, thats about it. I hope you guys loved it! It's dedicated to ya'll. I was just so moved with the memories everyone recalls here, I made a poem. I hope I ant disrespecting anyone here. That was far from what I wanted to share.***

with love, wub.gif biggrin.gif

From Azaz'el 11 June 2008

That's amazing, thank you so much for not only sharing it but also for writing it. It certainly brings to mind the pain and loss and lonliness that I experienced..... but in a good way as it also remind me that its all worth fighting for and that no matter how painful it can be, nothing is forgotten and the future hold more love and joy.

Thanks, and Ish and I will make a start on the Otherkin creative forum very soon.


From Ishtahar 11 June 2008

Thank you, of course you are not being disrespectful. How could you possibly be disrespectful with something written with love and respect.

Hits a spot for me. It is a painful one but, as Az said, in a good way.

Thanks you

From Faddewr 31 July 2008


From Sari'el 17 Aug 2008

Well, faddewr, maybe I should join in.

-Seryana, the girl without a name.

Give me something beautiful.
Something unforgettable.
A dream that lasts through day's light,
and keeps me warm in darkest night.
A love to conquer a heart once cold,
reborn, remembered from days of old.
A hope when all seems lost and gone,
through blood and fire, I'll carry on.

I can't remember yet, not even your name.
Love as a beast inside of me which I have yet to tame.
For love or rage without a purpose...
counting grains of sand is equally useless.
I'm lost without you, would scream your name if I could...
If I'd just know your name... I'm certain I would.
But for now you're nothing but a shadow of a memory...
and untill you're back I'll never be who I used to be.

Yet it's the hope that I'll see your face,
that gets me through these lonely days.
I'll fight for us, no matter what I'll be with you one day.
Until then let your name be hidden in every word I say.

From Ishtahar 18 Aug 2008

I hope you find her soon, my dear. And I hope she is all you ever dreamed of and more.

Keep searching, keep hoping


From Azaz'el 18 Aug 2008

Thank you for sharing that with us. I am sure that we will all find those from our past that we are now searching for. We are all needed and so we will all unite once more.


From Laeus 7 March 2009

“Tell me about yourself” Her voice had an angelic ring to it, not surprising at all considering what she was.
“I wouldn’t know what to say” my voice didn’t carry the same ring although it did have something extra to it, like comparing Clair de lune with carmina burana; Both beautiful but in different ways. She looked disappointedly at me for the slightest moment, but that wasn’t like her, she quickly changed her expression “then we shall speak not and let ourselves be filled with the voices of the stars” she wore her sneaky half-grin, I know exactly what she wanted. I shook my head at her with a grin then let my eyes drift upwards. I breathed deeply taking in the scents of the world around us, the woody scents of the forests behind us, the fresh smells of lush grass of the hill we sat on with an undertone of rich cool earth, the wispy silver-like smell of the water vapour that floated on the breeze from the waterfall not too far away. Most of these scents undetectable to the humans, at least not to the degree I could smell them, the permeated my very soul, flowing not through my nose but through every pore. Of course scents were not the only thing that flowed through me, the starlight and moonlight collided to form a beautiful symphony, every light particle dancing its way towards me, spirals of pure creation, the songs of owls and the crickets and I was the metronome, my steady breathing keeping a pace, in . . .out . . .in. out. It all seems like so much, so mad, but actually it was pure and simple. After scanning the area for potential danger I relaxed and spread out my wings. Her silence was expectant as she watched me, always wanting to know more about me.

Growing up I hadn’t had the opportunity to socialise; I wasn’t exactly a normal child . . . or at least that’s what my mother lead me to believe, the village children had always wanted to invite me into their strange games but mother was over protective, although now I know it wasn’t the children she was protecting me from. When I first caught a glimpse of Elaea I was enchanted, she had been lurking around my house, probably hunting, and curiosity had caught the best of her; A teenage boy living on his own so far away from the other humans. I don’t blame her, we were in hard times, and a companion was what most of us longed for.

I narrowed my eyes searching the skies, I found my favourite constellation and breathed in its milky white energy, I could feel the excitement coming off of Elaea, “why do my memories entice you so?” she shrugged “The stars have their constellations, the blades of grass have their rolling fields, the trees have their forests, it is unnatural to be alone” I looked at her curiously “ are we not unnatural” she looked at me disapprovingly, I shrugged it off “someday I will tire of telling this story” “for some reason I doubt that” I sighed loudly at her child-like grin “sometimes you’re so. . . human” she raised an eyebrow at me, but smiled widely as I began my recount “ it was a dark night when he first visited after leaving, even the crickets did not sing. . . ”

There may have been a luminous glow coming off my father but he brought nothing but a dark shadow, the flicker of candlelight came out of my mothers room as the heavy wooden door was slightly ajar, I glanced into the room to see his large form half covered with the sheets on top of my so delicate looking mother, he placed his hand on the wall above the bed where a black scortch mark appears in an outline of his hand. I found it strange how he didn’t instantly incinerate her, I broke my eyes off the scene and closed the door softly. I didn’t cry, my face was pale and blank. It could have been hours that I sat outside the door when he finnaly came out, he said goodbye to my mother with a tender kiss then turned to me and gave a heartbreaking look of digust and many other things I couldn’t place, then he left. who said angels were good? It was four summers later when he came again, this time they argued, my dainty littly mother faced his tall masculine frame and she stood her ground against him.
“you love me?” she looked at him incredulously
“of course but that’s not the point, it’s forbidden. ”
“should love not live through that?”
“we will live through nothing if they find out”
“what about this new stand in the city, these stories you bring of love like ours, will you not stand with them?”
“and lose my life for nothing?”
“nothing? What of love? What of our child”
“your child is nothing”
I had stopped listening by that time, I was raging, I didn’t know what was going on but I could formulate a few things from that argument. He was no angel to me, his light had faded and behind it was a liar, a betrayer and most of all a coward.
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ARCHIVE: Creative writing, Comment and creativity
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