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PostSubject: Wow...   Wow... EmptySat Oct 09, 2010 4:41 am

I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and I found a notebook that I had started writing a story in back in May of 2009, I completely forgot I had this notebook or the fact that I had written anything in it, the info and names of people in my story shocked the hell out of me, as well as what I had written.

The names of some of the characters were Daniel, Gabriel, Nathani'el, Asmodeus and Michael (not so shocking)and a cat I kept referring to as Shem...(no lie...I swear..lol..), Nicholas, Dante, and Olivia. I know the last three names don't really have anything to do with any of the fallen...but then again who knows. I also wrote about a painting of an Angel and this woman who was his soulmate, I called this painting "Their Last Embrace", and I would swear that somewhere in this world that painting exists....seriously.

In the painting the Angel has blond/brown hair and cobalt blue eyes and his soulmate had raven black curly hair and emerald green eyes and in the painting the Angel was holding her to him, her hands were placed on his chest and he had his sword raised ready for battle and they were both looking out into the distance waiting for whoever was threatning their existance, both of them had fierce and determined looks upon their faces, although the woman looked a little more frightned than he did.

I also had a scene where both the Angel and the woman were murdered in front of each other, brutally murdered, of course the Angel was forced to watch his soulmate die first as he begged and pleaded for the others, who looked just like him, to take his life and spare hers..of course we all know how that ended...the way I wrote the death scene was quite graffic and morbid...as if I was there and it happened to me.

As I read over the little bits and pieces I had written my heart was racing and I wanted to cry, If anyone is interested I can post what I have here on the forum.

Just thought I would share this, as always our past never ceases to amaze me.
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PostSubject: Re: Wow...   Wow... EmptySat Oct 09, 2010 10:08 am

Is it odd that MY hair, were it long, would be blond/brown, my eyes are quite blue, and my fiance's hair is black and her eyes are emerald in color?
When i read this, it sent shivers down my spine.. I feel that this too is a memory shared....
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