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 ARCHIVE: A Reintroduction, New Memories All Over

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ARCHIVE: A Reintroduction, New Memories All Over Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A Reintroduction, New Memories All Over   ARCHIVE: A Reintroduction, New Memories All Over EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 9:19 am

By Keziah Dec 24 2008 -

It feels like forever since I've been here. I lost the link and then, with the quickening of time soon forgot entirely. I'm not even sure anyone remembers me here. But a lot has happened, and I thought I'd try and reintegrate myself!

A lot has happened since last you heard from me. Part of me woke up, and, as crazy as this might sound, that part of me has his own separate consciousness from mine. I call him "Remy", and he's more often than not a big thorn in my side, but I've grown reliant on him.

Both Remy and I are splits of the angel Remiel. It's a long story how we came to be this way, but currently, there are three angels who bear that name: Me (Keziah), Remy, and a disincarnate we call Pet. This is the first time Remy and I have incarnated here together, normally we live separate lives.

With this revelation, has come a massive flooding of memories, both his and mine. I can remember the City faintly now, with its layout. I can remember key angels, ranging from Michael to Sariel. I can remember quitting the Council and serving with the fallen for an extended time.

Truth is, I remember too much to summarize here. But I'm back, and looking forward to getting to know ya'll all over again! I'm completely open to answering questions. biggrin.gif

By Azaz'el Dec 24 2008 -

Welcome back Keziah....... and have no fear, we do not forget, I do remember you and I am pleased you have returned. As you will see from some of my posts, I too have been facing some memories and emotions and have returned to share and hopefully make sense of all that has happened and how that reflects upon the path we walk.

Remiel is..... familiar..... to me, but I can't make all of the pieces fit together in my head just yet. But it is good to know that the initial plan is working.... this was a place to help gather together the Fallen, and you are now an other name to add to the list and a brother I look forward to knowing once more.

I also know Micha'el and Sari'el..... Micha'el is one whom I did not get on with and from what I hear is a little 'extreme' in his beliefs these days. Sari'el is not far away.......!!!!

I shall look forward to talking more with you regarding the path you walked and maybe filling in some of the gaps after I was murdered and exiled.

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ARCHIVE: A Reintroduction, New Memories All Over
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