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 ARCHIVE: Possible Memories?, just a few fragments...

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ARCHIVE: Possible Memories?, just a few fragments... Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Possible Memories?, just a few fragments...   ARCHIVE: Possible Memories?, just a few fragments... EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 9:50 am

By Razi'el [note: username was Minnigan - ARCHIVE] Mar 17 2009 -

well, here goes. even though i think i made my last post in the wrong forum, here's a repost of my previously stated possible memory and a more recent one i think i found today.

the first one, or couple, i should say, was of me talking to someone in a sort of pale mist, and that person was crying (the dialogue escapes me). i remember trying to comfort them, and that's where that one left off, the next thing i remember was a huge, open space, like inside of a church, only it was really bright, pale yellow. lots of sunlight, and vaguely misty as well. lots of sunlight there, like late the afternoon type, where it's really golden-colored.

this next bit i remembered today. it was a similar setting to the church-like one, only a hallway. a bit of the conversation stuck this time. it went something like this:

me(?): "i've been thinking... and maybe we were wrong about them. maybe we should be teaching them."

unknown: "those are dangerous words you speak ____"

i put the blank there because he said "raschiel" but i think my brain went fuzzy and that's what i heard. i looked it up later though, and the closest i could find was Rachsiel. any thoughts?

By Ouza [Note: username was bronzedesk - ARCHIVE] Mar 17 2009 -

You're definately on the right track!

Don't get caught up in names, right now, they're Persona (Mask's) of the whole!
("Person, Personality, Persona <all plural") remember this is not a universe it is a multi-verse! All will come in time! There's a method to the madness!!!

And the unknown is right... don't ask for anything you want, you just might get it!

Old Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared"

Also to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent! Arggggg!! Me hearties!!!!

Look to Serie'l for better answers and interpretation, I just hope I don't pump up his ego too much that he... forgets least, that we are all one.... in the Father! <-- (Joke) rolleyes.gif

Love Forever,

Ousa wink.gif

By Azaz'el Mar 17 2009 -

I suppose I take a slightly different tack to bronzedesk by putting forward the idea that whilst namers may not be important once you have full awareness, but when going through an awakening a name can be vitally important for some, as it helps to have a name upon which to build knowlegde. But as with everything, each person is different.

As far as the name is concerned there are a few versions of spellings that relate to two individuals.....

1. Rashiel/Rasiel/Raasiel
2. Rasziel/Raziel

It depends on the way it is pronounced and understanding how those names used to be spelled.

If you want further info on these names, just shout.


By Ouza Mar 18 2009 -

It's all a matter of perspective, love. with a little dash of
discernment added in on the side just for spice! So please, please I never discount Azazi'el's input at all, in fact... I relish in it!!! and accept it with unconditional love!!!
Now, that's Faith and Trust in the one's you love!

Often in a Battlefield a command situation/decision what was often made, was
not always the right choice! Often killing the commander and his men in action (Usually being a butterball, second lieutenant, with all the head and book knowledge but not inch of practical experience in the field, so often because of that so called death decision we died! However due to the battle attrition it was usually left up to the highest ranker in the Platoon with the most battlefield experience, thus given a battlefield promotion due to the circumstances in order to justify the means. If you were lucky enough to get an experienced one he took over and did a fantastic job but without a lot of adjustments or changes to the previous commanders choices due to what that actual experience in the field had taught him!

Most of these promotions were sanctioned by the higher ups, as a battlefield commission! Each person had his own way of doing things, but hopefully you were only as as good as your teacher, warrior, or the one with the most experience who had been there and done that in order to keep his/the platoon alive! And with his trust relationship with his platoon we would be even willing to sacrifice our own lives for the safety and well being of all and somehow show some smarts in order to make it through the war full knowing that someday we would all be coming home!

All roads to enlightenment/realization seem to offer the same goal, no matter what path we chose, We all yearn and want to know what deep truth is! And so can't just idly throw away any type of so called experience simply because it doesn't fit our puzzle or into our only way of so called understanding/Thinking. That's why there has been so many wars (justifiable and not) all in the so called name of God having been the most cruel and inhuman of all ....just for Pure Control/Power and Material Gains for the Church (Supposedly us but only a select few!)

That's why so many chose to either stay, or run away! I chose to stay in order to learn to be a better spiritual being and somehow pass this down to my children and their children's, children and to those to I and whom I have become so deeply in love with in this lifetime and others!

As for Me, I've had my fill of fight and am growing old and am willing to sit down and listen with an open mind (discernment) and practice that so called faith, that we all have (Not, Polly Anna!!! by any means!)... so that we all, can come to together with the so called good bad or indifferent experience that is coming from all sides! I just don't want to lay down and surrender but sometimes, just sometimes I have to give up (change perspective) or just go backward in order to go forward (Spirit is a Mirror World)! It is a multi-verse and we have to change our perception and use just a little geometric triangulation (perspective) in order to get through this together! (That's a Pathfinder!!!)

As to who is right or wrong, we all have to come to that choice ourselves and be willing to stick to that Choice/Change, Come he-l or high water and I most definitely want to put my faith in my higher power which I choose to call (That which is all of us... together *** unconditional love *** !!! (That's a Binding, Gatekeeper)

And always that triangulation, I talk about... with always so much more perspective, for the final spiritual positioning that we so desire, so that we can and will move and go on to the next level from here... as a whole!!!

My love,

Ousa wink.gif

By Razi'el Apr 5 2009 -

also, as a kind of adendum, do any of you end up viewing these memories from third person perspective?

By Ouza Apr 5 2009 -

Yes, most certainly!

Love always,

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ARCHIVE: Possible Memories?, just a few fragments...
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