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 ARCHIVE: Ascended Ones, Or "centered" ^_^

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ARCHIVE:  Ascended Ones, Or "centered" ^_^ Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Ascended Ones, Or "centered" ^_^   ARCHIVE:  Ascended Ones, Or "centered" ^_^ EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 10:18 am

By Dreamsend Sep 15 2008 -

Ascended Ones, do you yearn for "Home"? It yearns for you, too. Speak your truth - those who seek are looking for you.

I speak to all you humans who have ascended, lifted the Veil and become centered in the truth. This is your time to step forward, to join those who once danced the steps you dance now.

We will all grow together, whatever the future holds.

By Azaz'el Sep 15 2008 -

I am not Ascended. If anything, I have descended. I gave up my position of spiritual freedom and as such have now been incarnate into a physical form that is more restrictive than my original physical form. My condition was my punishment for a crime that should never have existed.

I yearn for my Home. I yearn for peace and tranquility and the intimate link in my soul between myself and the Source. I yearn for the moment of clarity that comes from lying in the arms of my soul mate, bonded by the harmony of our Kinship and the knowledge we have.

I yearn to return Home and know it wants me back...... yet I fear that it will be many more millennia before I can return if we don't all join together once more.

All we ask is that you step forward, with an open heart and mind, and listen to what we have to say.

It is time to grow.


By Ishtahar Sep 16 2008 -

To be honest I am not all that sure WHAT I yearn for, I just know that i yearn. I yearn to be loved, I yearn to be at peace, I yearn to be... Home.


By Aislinne Sep 22 2008 -

my yearning is to be in a state of peace. To be able to learn, love, and live without fear.

I'm not even sure I'm close to ascending.

I'm very confined to who I am/was and trying to find that.

Maybe after that I'll ascend to a more spiritually restful existence.

By Azaz'el Sep 22 2008 -

I think that many of us find that once we become aware of who or what we are and were, it does bring a sense of peace and contentment........... for all of about 5 minutes. This is then followed but a statement along the lines of "oh crap"..... yes, I'm keeping it polite...... followed by a few thousand more questions.

So as you will be aware, finding answers only really opens our eyes, hearts and soul to more questions.

Oh joy!!


By Aislinne Sep 23 2008 -

I'm more then well aware of that... I'm just wanting to be able to ask questions much more pertinent to who I am and what should be asked instead of floundering about asking meaningless questions that won't help me at all.

By Ishtahar Sep 23 2008 -

Well, at least when you are floundering you are not sinking to the bottom like a stone.

Az is right, every answer merely unlocks more questions and the only way to find the ones that are specific is to ask all the rest first so that gradually you find a pattern.

I would suggest that you keep a diary and write everything down and then you can look back.... it is surpising how many times I have read things I wrote in what i considered to be dark and confusing times only to be able to say with the benefit of a different perspective and a few more pieces of the puzzle and say./....Ah, so THAT'S what it meant.

Keep struggling hun you are bound to reach a sandbank eventually..... if you do can you throw me a rope smile.gif


By Riley Sep 24 2008 -

Ascension huh? I used to be on that very path to do Ascension (uniting the physical body with the soul), but I've veered from it due to a block in the road. The ascension really expanded my chakra's and energy, and i was on the verge of it. But now I need to learn to "let go" before it actually happens, but i've been far too attached to let go quite yet.

By Ishtahar Sep 24 2008 -

Yep..... I know that one.... soooooooo well


By Azaz'el Sep 25 2008 -

Perhaps you haven't been able to let go and ascend because you haven't completed your work here. Maybe its time to look at all you have yet to achieve or help others achieve.......... once that takes place, perhaps acension can take place.


By Riley Dec 28 2008 -

Well now I've gained far more knowledge in my ascension. It's no block or anything, it's just time and patients that it will happen. I'm not sure if I posted this, but about 2-3 months ago my kundalini hit my third eye and had an incredible experience (high sensing ability, able to sense everything around me for miles; look at things and feel the energy; everything seemed brighter; got to feel the heavens), and it's now very close to my crown, and once that happens, it will be a far more experience than my third eye, and all that requires me to have it hit that is me being ready for it, in which (this used to be hard to admit) I'm not ready for it (rather scared of the unknown, but I'll overcome that).

Edit: Today I had a slight expansion in my crown chakra and I held a short connection with a location in a past life. I now know my prediction that something was going to happen at the end of this month (well, close enough to it) was going to happen. My next prediction is the next month, again at the end.
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ARCHIVE: Ascended Ones, Or "centered" ^_^
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