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 ARCHIVE: Welcome Elf-kin..., discussions of the elves.

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ARCHIVE: Welcome Elf-kin..., discussions of the elves. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Welcome Elf-kin..., discussions of the elves.   ARCHIVE: Welcome Elf-kin..., discussions of the elves. EmptyMon Oct 11, 2010 1:22 pm

By Eryndor Oct 17 2007 -

Azazel and Ishtahar requested a section for elf-kin and I am glad and proud to start it :]
First off, I wish to welcome all kin to this thread. This is for elves and those interested in our lore. I am a newly awakening elf myself, so my statements may be off, but I'll try to back them up with references and such to prove validity.

I'll start off this thread with the similarity between tolkeins elves and real elves, or as I know them, the Elenari.
The elves from tolkein think that life and the world was built from song.
Real elves believe that their is a great rhythm, a dance called the Flow. it is the path of least resistance and when you choose to follow the dance, stay in the rythm, you are Des'tai, meaning you are walking the path of least resistance. I found this very interesting :]

By Ishtahar Oct 17 2007 -

That sounds wonderful. My belief of God or Godform is as an energy force which I call the life force. I see it as the space between atoms and I could just as easily refer to it as a flow.

Could you please tell us more about this as I find it indescribably fascinating

By Eryndor Oct 21 2007 -

Well you see, the flow can be changed.
the flow can be used to work magick.
bending the flow is to work with probability and changing events.
weaving the flow is the same as bending but more subtle and in a longer time frame
In another thread on this forum... Ishtahar and Azazel were talking to Hope about weather manipulation... that would be considered working and using Flow magick.

Link : http://elenari.net/Elenari/Elenarifaq4.html#Flows

By Eryndor Oct 22 2007 -

Something else the Elenari have stated is that their ancient language is very similar to that of Tolkiens' elvish... there a a few minor diffrences but for the most part, similar.

By Ishtahar Oct 22 2007 -

Please let me know if I ask anything which is considered rude or offensive but...do you think that Tolkien knew an elf and was writing from knowlede of truth rather than just making it up....or do you think he was just incredibly insightful

By Lael Oct 22 2007 -

Tolkien was a Christian and not one very likely to consciously choose to acknowledge the existence of things not generally accepted in the Christian circles.

But he was a writer, and the minds of writers transcend the limitations of social conditioning.

Humans, in my experience, know that they are not alone. And upon meeting someone who is 'other', in whatever sense of the term, they become instinctively aware of that. Whether they acknowledge it or not is another matter entirely, however, and that would be the point I'm trying to make. There are a thousand and one coping strategies, one of them is ascribing the more controversial revelations to imagination, a product of the creative mind. Others include denial, but we are talking about writers here, people who open their minds to the unusual because that's where the best stories lie.

It is entirely possible that Tolkien happened upon something that was more than a sum of his study of folklore and the great variety of cultures he blended together into Middle Earth. Who knows? He certainly made good use of it, whatever it was he used as his source.

Disclaimer: Not an elf.

By Ishtahar Oct 22 2007 -

Very good points

By Eryndor Oct 23 2007 -

from a dvd, i know that tolkien wrote most of his work, inspired my older mythology in hopes to create a new mythology, so in using the old mythology, similarities may stand in elves, as for the language...
Tolkiens elvish language was based on old english languages like Gaelic.

By Ishtahar Oct 23 2007 -

Yes, I think I heard that once, about Tolien basing Elvish on Old English and Gaelic languages.

Some people believe that the Celts came to Britain from Asia, and many of the Celtic peoples today share genes with the Basque region of Spain.

Do you think that this might indicate that way way back in the past there was a single race to whom elves and humans belonged but at some point they split off when they migrated to different places, even different planes of existence.

By Eryndor Oct 23 2007 -

I think Elves existed on Earth thousands of years ago.
I think they co existed with humans.
Any interaction between the two races was minimal, but very well possible that the races interbred...
Eventually elfkin became extinct, and now elf is a spiritual condition rather than a physical one.
That's my belief.

By Ishtahar Oct 24 2007 -

Sounds logical. It will be interesting as your understanding of Elfkind develops whether you get any memories back or insights to support that.

Also whether you develop any memories about associations between Elfkind and Shadow

By Azaz'el Oct 24 2007 -

I can't help but wonder what the Elf view of Humanity was. If there was the possibility that Elf Kin and Humanity interbred, then I wonder how this was viewed? Was seen as something normal and allowed within that society or something that was forbidden and hated?

I ask this as within the Shadow society, Humanity was something looked down upon, a race that was beneath us and certainly not one that should ever be considered for relationships. It didn't matter how many times we challeneged that view, those in power refused to change their minds.


By Eryndor Oct 25 2007 -

I have distant foggy memories of Scottish castles... I never entered them but looked from afar... possibly a human establishment that our kin watched from our woodland realm, from afar.

As for Human/Elf relations...
From my gut feeling, I feel that Elves tried to stay hidden from humans but enjoyed playing in their midst to almost lure them and make them seem foolish.
Any mating that occurred between the races was sacred... the elves knew of the actions, but humans that mated with elves kept such relations sacred, because we'd poison them, only so they'd forget all interaction with us.
One elf maiden bore 2 children from a human. They were raised as mystics among men.

By Ysolde Mar 21 2008 -

The Dance you say. The rythm?

I guess I'd better just post my link to my stories here :





The three first are short stories. But they link up to the fourth one, which is the long cycle... in which it all is. About the Dance and all. (and which isn't finished yet).
It's how I communicate best, through my stories. They are on a fanfiction site. Long and windy explanation.
He was always within me, and we have always been one, but I did not know his name until around 3 years ago, when I recognized him dancing across the screen of an otherwise incredibly goofy movie rendition of Arthurian legend.
He has a warped sense of humor.

Will look forward to people's response.

By Ishtahar Mar 22 2008 -

I have read your stories Ysolde and you are a talented writer. But more than that.....you have introduced us to the dance. I believe that to dance the dance with all your heart and soul, to accept willingly the exhaustion with the elation, the pain with the joy, the scorn with the praise, is what it is to truly live.

Thank you


By Ysolde Mar 22 2008 -

Thank you.
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ARCHIVE: Welcome Elf-kin..., discussions of the elves.
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