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 ARCHIVE: Animals, What is the role in the upcoming world?

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ARCHIVE: Animals, What is the role in the upcoming world? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Animals, What is the role in the upcoming world?   ARCHIVE: Animals, What is the role in the upcoming world? EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 1:38 pm

By Dreamsend Dec 6 2007 -

Is the role of animals a big or a noexistent (or something in the middle) one in the days to come? I hear lots of talk of "certain animals" as sorts of magical helpers. In stories of totems, shaman helpers, fairies (connected to nature and animals) and the past mythical abilites of animals (sentience in some form or another, talking, decision-making) there is certainly the foundation in this this belief, but what of now? We have pets, some of us, the magic-working among us count some of these pets, or friends as familiars, beings able to assist in our magical working.

What, in the overarching view, are animals exactly? Do they have souls? Or do they only have spirit? And why?

Also, are some types of animals more "spiritually inclined" than others, more equipped to help with the work we do? There is much on light-and-love boards (yes, I frequent them, but I am dismayed sometimes at the focus on only those things) on whales and dolphins. Whales "hold the dream," and are powerful energy workers. I personally don't see them as any more magical or spiritually inclined than any other animal on the planet... though the subject did make me think and wonder whether there were animals with more "power." The few that I can think of, that intrigue me, as if there is something hidden about their natures are wolves, ravens (and/or crows), deer, foxes and perhaps spiders. In my personal view, when I see one of these things something within me tends to "stir," (like seeing the stars and moon at night does, only to a lesser degree). I feel that there's something I should be "remembering" about some of these things (sorry to call them things ^^;;; ), but I can't. I think it is interesting that these happen to be some of the most mythicized animals across time (as far as I can recall).

What about you? Have you got "special" animals or even resonate with those... or think that animals are in general nothing mysterious, in this way...?

-- Angela, "Dream's End"

By Ishtahar Dec 6 2007 -

I think that animals, trees, plants and all living things all partake of the life force, the Source in the same way as we do. With animals in particular animals are 'cast off clothes' when they are dead just like human bodies. Look into the eyes of a cat and I can guarantee you will see a soul.

As for what their part is going to be I dont know. They are as psychic as we are, in fact I believe they are more open minded and spiritual that we are, they often recognise a ghost or energy form for example far more easily and naturally than humans do.

It may well be that some animlas are more spiritual than others in the same way that some humans are more spiritual than others, i dont know I am not an expert on that.

I particularly love cats although they do not tend to come to me in visions etc, that is usually a spider or a squirrel or an owl ( I have no idea why)

By Azaz'el Dec 6 2007 -

It's an intersting question. I have to say that whilst I found seeing whales some ayears ago off the coast of Scotland was impressive and quite moving, I don't find them to be any more spiritual as your average dog or hamster. I think all animals can have a role, do have a spiritual link to life, to the Source. However, I agree that some seem to have a greater link or connection than others.

I have no answer as to why, but I feel that it's not species dependent but more indivually dependent. I, like Ishtahar, love cats, I have 4 of them. Yet 3 of them are just cats.... loving, chaotic, mad and loveable, but only cats. However, one is different. he is more than just a cat, he knows me, I recognise him. He is a healer, he is a listener, he is wise and behaves in a very different way to any other cat I have owned or known. Some may think I am just anthropomophising (or however it is spelled) his behaviour. Some will believe that he could only ever be a simple animal. But to me, he is my familiar, he is more than the sum of his animal exterior.

As to why they are here, I have no answer, I'm just honoured that they are. From what I remember there have been animal species in existence in all my lives, in all locations. So they are either just another species in the universes who perhaps ask the same question about us, or their purpose is just to support us all.


By Ishtahar Dec 7 2007 -

Funny you should say that but I am having the same experience at the moment. I have two cats who are just over a year old. Until now they have both been just cats, although one of them is just plain stupid and the other has always been the tricky one.

Recently the grey cat (the other one is pure black with green eyes and by all the stories SHOULD have been the witchy one) has started acting very strangely.

Now this is going to sound really strange, although if you think about it not as strange as it might seem and the bathroom in our house is the only place where you can (more or less) guarantee some peace and quiet however fleeting. Whenever I go to the loo the grey cat flings herself from wherever she has been in the house and sits at my feet mewing and looking at me really knowingly.

She then jumps into my lap and rubs her head into my chest and makes strange chittering noises. If I talk to her she sits with her head to one side looking for all the world as though she is listening and thinking about what I am saying and then she snuggles in and purrs.

Since she started doing this she is constantly wanting to sit on my lap, even when it has a laptop of a plate of food on it, and seems to need to be near me whenever I am in the house.

By Dreamsend Dec 8 2007 -

I have a cat. I am quite sure that she can understand me on some level, and I her.

True, with humans (and apparently her) I have the unfortunate bad habit of reaching into minds to know what words don't convey. I don't know if I would feel the connection with her if I didn't do that, (and I wonder if it hurts her... poor kitty). But it's her eyes, they don't seem to randomly respond to stimuli but to thoughtfully consider. There is another cat here and there he seems just a cat. He can understand me, but on the level most animals understand me, "You're friendly, I'll cuddle with you." With my cat it's as if there's something around her. There have been cats that haven't belonged to me in the past that I've noticed this sort of aura. It's as if they're guardians (or consider themselves to be) or guides. I really feel that she has to help me. happy.gif It's really special... I feel fortunate to have her.
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ARCHIVE: Animals, What is the role in the upcoming world?
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