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 ARCHIVE: The tiny monkey brain and you!

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ARCHIVE: The tiny monkey brain and you! Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The tiny monkey brain and you!   ARCHIVE: The tiny monkey brain and you! EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 2:05 pm

By Celestia Feb 22 2008 -

I just though I would share this with everyone, because it's helped me and others understand things a little better.
Sometimes memories don't add up not because there overly fractured, but becouse some concepts surrounding the memory are to complex for our tiny monkey brains to grasp. Once I accepted everything isint going to make since and transfer over into monkey perfectly things became simpler. I think trying to get everything to translate into monkey is really a huge cause of false memories.

By Hope Feb 22 2008 -

i think there are also some compatibility issues... i a dream i once had i saw a new color, i cant describe in the least way just different from all the ones i see on the world, if the memories contain such content, how do process it?

By Azaz'el Feb 22 2008 -

This is very true. It can be very difficult to exist within this form and this physical shell. There are tiems I feel as if I am crounched and wearing a very tight suit that stops me from being able to move or breath or do anything I should be doing. And there are times when I move or go to look at something and then realise that i can no longer do that... and then i can't remember what it is that I can no longer do. We aren't meant to inhabit such physically limiting shells, but it is all we have right now. So I guess we just need to grit our teeth and try to use the language and skills available to us.


By Lael Feb 22 2008 -

Absolutely, Az. I often say, "this shell isn't big enough to contain me", because that's what it feels like. Everything you said, I could also say about myself.

The inadequacy of the language frustrates me so much. I speak two fluently and still, I can never get my point across well enough when the conversation gets onto the trickier grounds of spirituality and such.

Celestia; I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes talk to those who are still on the 'other side'. Much gets lost in translation. It's like trying to verbalize the otherwise non-verbal communication that should be happening at thought-level or even below; like trying to catch something that moves too quickly and put it into words while not really knowing the language. I used to write it down to wrap my head around it, otherwise everything I 'heard' was a garbled mess. It got easier over time, but it will never be perfect while I'm... like this.

That aside, I've found that trying too hard to remember or understand something actually gets in the way. Focusing on 'must remember now!' instead of letting it come naturally and flow through me tends to obscure the message.

By Ishtahar Mar 8 2008 -

I agree. Even I who was never, in physical form at least, anything other than human, feel constricted and restrained in this body. To once experience that connection with the Source, the soaring and expanding of the soul, even when the soul was being twisted and tortured, was so BIG that to try and cramp it down in this little body, this little life sometimes feels cruel.

I am going through a time of great restriction in my life. I have a position of great responsibility at work and things are going wrong because I really am not a born manager when it comes to detail like cash flows and budgets, even though i am on a personal day to day level. I am no longer free.

I had aleady begun to think that I can no longer bear mundane existence. I have been feeling for a long time a strong desire to just run away and leave it all behind. Right now that feeling is almost overpowering. I am in a state of complete confusion and panic. This life that I am living is not mine, this person I am being is not me. My soul is a free spirit, I have soared in the void, I have touched the heart of the cosmos, I have loved more deeply and more profoundly than any human has ever loved then or since. I have lost more than I can bear and I have lived for longer that I would ever have wanted. How can I get up in the morning and go to work, clean the house, look after my mother and my children. How can I be just a monkey in a dress when my soul is SCREAMING for release.

I want to be Ishtahar. I NEED to be Ishtahar. Where can I find her.

By Azaz'el Mar 9 2008 -

QUOTE (Ishtahar @ Mar 8 2008, 01:40 PM)
"I want to be Ishtahar. I NEED to be Ishtahar. Where can I find her."

You don't really need to find her, you already have her with you 24 hours a day. But what you need is the patience and acceptance that what you're waiting for is her to find you.

We can all see her shining out through your eyes, we can all remember the light if her soul and the innocence of her laugh. And that is there within you, and it has been for some time. But in the same way that I have a hard job at times accepting it when people look at me and know me to be Azaz'el without even telling them, so too will you doubt yourself or your abilities. in some ways this can be a matter for faith..... faith in oneself until such time as you have absolute acceptance. And I don't actually think that the time for absolute acceptance is here yet.

We all doubt, and that is good, as it keeps our feet on the ground and stops the ego from taking control. However, we all have to make sure that our doubt doesn't prevent us from taking action either.

You are facing such a lot right now.......... many of us are as there is a stirring in the energies around the world and many of those hiding in the darkness are reaching out and manipulating the world once more. But remain true to who and what you are and what you know of yourself and your love. When all else fails, remember the love you once had and it will be a beacon to you.


By Ishtahar Mar 9 2008 -

Thank you. You know me better than I know myself.

I think one of the reasons that i am finding my everyday life so hard is because I am feeling the flowering of the true Ishtahar inside me. Homehow I am getting too BIG for my body, for my mundane life and it is very uncomfortable

Patience never really was my strong point. Neither was sitting back and waiting, nor letting others do my fighting for me.



By Ysolde Mar 22 2008 -

Ahem. About the title for this thread....

I am a being made of both dirt and fire, and I do believe we all are.
No picking on the dirt. Dirt is important. Things grow from it.
Besides, the 'tiny monkey brain' attitude will hardly help anyone feel more comfortable in their current situation, be they shadow, otherkin or human.

We are what we are.

By Azaz'el Mar 22 2008 -

QUOTE (Ysolde @ Mar 22 2008, 10:28 AM)
"Ahem. About the title for this thread....

I am a being made of both dirt and fire, and I do believe we all are.
No picking on the dirt. Dirt is important. Things grow from it.
Besides, the 'tiny monkey brain' attitude will hardly help anyone feel more comfortable in their current situation, be they shadow, otherkin or human.

We are what we are."

Thank you for reminding us Ysolde. The important fact here is that this forum provides a place where all members can be open and honest about how they feel, what they remember and the implications they feel this has upon their lives. So whilst the language used or the concepts raised may not be the most comfortable for all members, everyone has the right to say what they feel as they struggle for understanding. And everyone has the right to question their possible use of such language.

I think it is important to remember that we are all here as friends and are all here to share the process of awakening as we face the horros of what happned in the past and face an uncertain future together.


By Ysolde Mar 22 2008 -

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ Mar 22 2008, 12:17 PM)

"I think it is important to remember that we are all here as friends and are all here to share the process of awakening as we face the horros of what happned in the past and face an uncertain future together."

smile.gif I am with you Azaz'el. We are all different beings (a lot of us even unsure of wha tand who we are), and all in the same boat.
I think difference exists so that we may celebrate our unity - celebrate graal, if you will - in all its colours and forms.

I am hopeful and confident that whatever tempest might lie ahead, that everything will be allright, and I deeply need to share this immense 'everything will be OK' feeling with everyone here, as much as they will allow me. Because I think hope and trust is of the essence here.
Love IS. and that will never change!

By Ishtahar Mar 22 2008 -

I am glad that you have an overwhelming feeling that everything will be Ok and I sincerely hope you are right.

However, there are many of us who are not so sure of that. We look at things maybe differently and we do not have your confidence.

Who is to say who is right and who is wrong. I believe that we are both right and both wrong...in that we can only experience our own realities and not those of anyone else.

I, personally feel that I am trapped within my monkey brain and monkey body...possibly, even probably a poor choice of words but one that most can understand. I am not blaming the monkey I am merely explaining how I feel....trapped. I know I am more than I am, I know that I go beyond what I can be....but not within the confines which have been defined for me by the physiology of the being into which I have come.

Dirt is good and gives birth to grow and roots are necessary for that growth, the carrot and the potatoe are happy within the dirt, they seek no further and who are we to say that the myst, but when the flower turns its face to the sun it aspires beyond and who are we to say that it cannot.


By Ysolde Mar 23 2008 -

Hmmmm. Ponder ponder. Yes. How do I put this.

Words really frustrate me sometimes. Not monkey brains or bodies, but words.

I know the feeling of being trapped and I have felt like that, in fact I felt like that for a long long time until just a couple of years ago.
I will here try to explain some of the eurekas that I felt that I had, which made me change my mind. Maybe some might find it useful.

What I realised was, that the only reason I felt trapped was that I perceived myself as only my spirit, and distinct from the body I was in.
Anyone here read about the Pauline split? Google it, and a very interesting concept comes up. I am probably abysmal at explaining, but the basics are that of christian dualism, which sees refinement and division of spirit from its body as a goal.
However, to my own humble experience, there are in fact some heavy psychological consequences of looking at it this way, one of which is the very uncomfortable feeling of estrangement to, or imprisonment within, one's body, withdrawal from life and feelings of isolation and loneliness.
Soul needs body, and body needs soul. Both are wretched without the other.

Now I am not saying that all is always now fine and dandy between my soul and body since I started working with the integration of them. And I am not saying that the use of two concepts - body and soul as distinct units - is completely useless.

But I have found that truth is often hidden in paradox. My truth is that they are both two, yet one inseperable thing. It is ridiculously complex, and just the thought of trying to put into words how I perceive and experience all the details of it, makes my (monkey) brain blow up.
I don't blame it though. I think that the reason some things are not possible to put into words, is because each of us need to discover them for ourselves, all on our own.
It's like homework with built-in security against copying your sideman.

But. Continuing Ishtahar's picture, I see no reason why each of us can't be one wonderful big tree, roots snug and sensuously curling through the deep, juicy earth, and the crown reaching joyously towards heaven.
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ARCHIVE: The tiny monkey brain and you!
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