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 ARCHIVE: a bit of a quandry, something that's been bugging me...

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ARCHIVE: a bit of a quandry, something that's been bugging me... Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: a bit of a quandry, something that's been bugging me...   ARCHIVE: a bit of a quandry, something that's been bugging me... EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 5:02 pm

By Razi'el Apr 8 2009 -

i've read about a few of your experiences, and i have to say something. i don't hear any voices or singing, though i can sense presences vaguely, i can't travel to the Astral plane or anything or see these other creatures. is it simply because i don't know how? or is there some other reason, like somehow i've become "aware" of what i am, without actually awakening?

any help that can be offered would be appreciated!

By Dreamsend Apr 8 2009 -

There are many levels of "psychic" awareness, which is what the "hearing things and seeing things" are often categorized as, among other ways of perceiving the world beyond. Of the different sorts of psychic awareness, there is hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, knowing without being told and a multitude of other ways of perception. These methods actually usually take practice and being aware (of what may be going on around you and within you. In other words, using techniques as simple as meditation or concentration to listen to the soul, if messages are what you seek, "soften" the sight, open the ears, etc). Some people are "fortunate" enough (they don't always see it that way, myself included) to be able to sense in some ways without practice, but most of us have had to practice and hone the skills we do have, and learn how to use new skills we hadn't previously had, whatever level we were at previously. That being said, there is nothing wrong with not "experiencing" other levels of perception when first awakening.

It is entirely possible to have a "knowledge" without having extra-sensory perceptions... The becoming aware of this knowledge is actually, often a first step and you may find that with pursuit of your self, and the fleshing out of the knowledge you do have, that other things - being able to see, hear, and feel beyond and around the veil - will start to emerge in you as well.

I would say that above all things, it is most useful to "be still and listen," which basically means to "hear" the things that you are already hearing everyday.

I do not travel (consciously) to the Astral or observe creatures while I am awake, either. I can but I choose not to pursue these, quite frankly because it scares me to do these sorts of things alone, which it would be for me at this time in my life... But I focus on knowing without being told (called "clairsentience") and hearing what cannot normally be heard ("clairaudience") so I feel that I'm pretty well off regardless =)

By Lael Apr 8 2009 -

There was that theory-esque thing that said at any given time, you're only experiencing as much as you can handle, so perhaps your perception levels aren't higher because it would possibly be harmful to you to experience more.

I'm not completely sure I agree with that, but it's a theory, at least.

Personally, I believe part of the reason I have never been able to see anything was because my soul had, for a long time, been blind (not in the human eye-damage sense, it's a longer story I'm not comfortable sharing) and it carried over to some extent, either as an actual disability or as a subconscious block I've put on myself because "that's how it should be", per se. A friend of mine says these could also be the bindings that keep the soul within the body, but again, I take that with a grain (or three) of salt.

For what it's worth, I know that after so long I'm scared to See, so I could very well be thwarting all my attempts simply because of that fear. Quite possibly, this might be part of your problem. Thing is, wanting it badly has little to do with the actual outcome; sometimes the more you want something, the more your fear and anticipation get in the way. The best advice I can give is... let go. Go with the flow. Relax into yourself and your surroundings (the physical and the not) and just keep yourself open. Eventually, you might start perceiving more. Like Angela said, meditation helps, too.

Peace. smile.gif

By Ishtahar Apr 8 2009 -

Fear is certainly a limiter. In the beginning I would stop myself from travelling astrally every single time because I would panic and pull back at the point I was preparing to leavy my body... in that case it was very much practice practice practice frustration more practice.

With regard to seeing other beings etc... that was just something I have always just done and with regard to empathy... that is feeling other people's emotions it is just a part of me like my eyesight and my hearing and, if anything it is something I have always struggled to limit.

Not much help, perhaps but maybe it will give you some insight.

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ARCHIVE: a bit of a quandry, something that's been bugging me...
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