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 ARCHIVE: "troubled", The judical system you know it

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ARCHIVE: "troubled", The judical system you know it Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: "troubled", The judical system you know it   ARCHIVE: "troubled", The judical system you know it EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 11:46 am

By Celestia May 15 2009 -

I can honestly say I typically find myself in a court room once a month. Either for myself or a close friend some of which are otherkin. It's always really petty stuff, however I think this would put me in the category of "troubled" and I probably "run with the wrong crowd."

Dose anyone else on here identify as being "troubled?"

By Ouza May 18 2009 -

I can definitely quote from day to day ... that fact!

My whole life has been that way, in one way shape or form!

So you're definitely ... not alone on this one!


By Azaz'el May 18 2009 -

Sorry to hear things are so difficult at times for you Celestia. I think we could probably all identufy as being troubled from time to time....... I seem to be facing a lot of hassles, and a lot of endings right now. So I don't find myself in court but I do find myself saying goodbye a lot right now.

Perhaps that's only fitting really.....



By Ishtahar May 19 2009 -

Troubled.... that's one word for it..... smile.gif

As for the wrong crowd... only question is 'are they wrong for you?' either way keep running, the only difference is the direction.


By Scratch May 21 2009 -

That statement depends a lot on what kind of petty stuff: parking tickets, or misdemeanors, you know?

I don't consider myself troubled, but then, I didn't at the time of my life I look back on now and realize I was troubled. Sometimes the only way to know better is to learn better.

The fact you're asking could mean you aren't, or at least have the good sense to remove yourself from a crowd before they do become trouble(d). Just watch out for and trust yourself. If people need to do a lot of explaining, they often have something to hide.

By Ouza May 21 2009 -

Here goes a cheesy <--- Food on the brain, remark!

"When all else fails, punt for the Goal!"

Ouza cool.gif
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ARCHIVE: "troubled", The judical system you know it
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