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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Weary   ARCHIVE: Weary EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 1:07 pm

By Azaz'el May 26 2009 -

I'm not usually one for doing this, I prefer to wait and see what the Universe if trying to tell me......... but I've reached a point where I need to know.

Is anyone else really drained, weary and just soooooo tired right now? I am finding it hard to concentrate a lot of the time, my headaches are increasing, I can't seem to stop wanting to eat and I could sleep on a bed of nails I am so tired.

I know that it would all be linked with the process I am currently going through, but I am also curious if it's just something that is affecting me, or is it all Shadow or even all Kin?


By Ouza May 27 2009 -

When you're awake ... you're asleep !!!
When you're asleep ... you're awake !!!

Now reflect ... for a moment !!!

When you're awake physically ... you're actually resting but still spiritually awake with that feeling of always being tired and shitty !!!

When you're asleep physically ... you're actually both being spiritually active and consciously awake expending more and more additional energy for that final awakening of spirit that is yours!

The eating in itself ... is a physical/biological response in order for the body to replenish the necessary expended energy that is being burned and used up both night and day ... thus the headaches and feeling of unbalance during your day's activities, sometimes having a complete disassociation with this so called world of ours and just plain being unable to concentrate or even maintaining an even keel, always having that crappy burned out feeling !!!

You are in a transition phase of physical consciousness/spiritual awareness thus being prepared and attuned for the next needed level of evolution. This is in fact, your new beginning folks of a spiritual journey to an all new level [While, actually when it comes down to it, you're just plain ole growing up! It's uncomfortable and awkward at times but, I guess you can say it is ... An A-OK experience!]. Although, it does most certainly hurt like Hell <--- literally and or otherwise !!!

Hope ... that makes sense?

Ouza huh.gif

p.s. Yes Toto ... we are all not in Kansas anymore !!!

By Ishtahar May 28 2009 -

Strangely that is something that we have been chatting about lately. I am feeling tired too and just don't talk about the headaches. If it IS a new beginning a new turn of the spiral then I will accept it graciously... yeah right. smile.gif


By Dreamsend May 28 2009 -

I was feeling that way several weeks ago. Ridiculously drained and tired all the time. Sleeping for hours on end, then waking and feeling like I needed to go back to sleep. It's been getting better for me recently, I feel more energetic when I'm awake but not too much. =\

By Azaz'el May 28 2009 -

It's good to hear that is has slightly improved for you. I know I am going through a changing process, that physically I am reacting to the inner, spiritual process. But I've faced them before and it didn't feel like this.


By Razi'el May 29 2009 -

well, to be honest, i seem to put out a lot of energy, so i don't really feel fatigued... though it is difficult to drag myself out of bed, no matter how much sleep i get, and i AM yawning all the time.... plus my back, where my wings would be, are aching witha vengeance whenever i feel them out. does that help at all?


By Scratch May 29 2009 -

Again, good to hear this is a common thing.

Over the past two weeks I managed to find the root causes of life-long unnamable fears, which were really messing with my head and life. The downside was missing most of a week of work, and feeling like I was struggling to come back from the dead and live normally.

I had the opposite of your hunger problem though, Azaz. Most the week before last, I couldn't eat anything more solid than cheese, and I've only just really gotten my appetite back. I assumed the massive fatigue and thin-spread feeling I had was because I wasn't eating properly. From what I can tell, my body was ridding itself of all foreign solids, to change; my abdomen feels very different, and I'm using muscles there differently. I have a natural want to sit up straight now, and my shoulder blades have been doing all sorts of twingy, itchy, weird stuff. I was seriously considering seeing a doctor, even though I don't have health insurance (lucky Brits), but had a deep-seated feeling I'd wind up paying way too much to hear, "um... well, it'll probably go away on its own."

By Laeus May 30 2009 -

you know me Az, im sure we have talked about this tiredness. if not then yes...i feel like crap lol. sometimes though i do wonder if its just puberty. the unstable emotions, the lethargy which leads to procrastination which leads to more lethargy and bad moods, as well as the annyoing headaches after anything siritual, meditation, spell casting etc. i must say i have developed my psychic abilities more, which is always helpful. dunno. oh well... is it just me or has the forum sort of died? lol everyone is so quiet, either you have something to say and have reason to keep it secret (not mentioning any names AZAZEL, just tell meeeee, i know you have something to tell me. either that or im just paranoid...which is very possible), or are afraid of judgement, or you really just have nothing to say. come on guys. who knows maybe its just me. I DO feel very disconnected at the moment, the angel thing is soooo distant, the memories boring and unemotional, no further developments... hmmmm...strange indeed

By Ouza May 30 2009 -


You're not alone ... we're here with you !!!


By Azaz'el May 30 2009 -

Ah Laeus, you know you're not alone and that much of what you feel we all feel.

As for the forum, it happens from time to time......... usually because much is going on the in the physical world and we're all too busy, tired and drained to post for a while. But sooner or later everyone returns when they are ready and begin to share their thougts and experiences. I, myself, am going through a process I've mentioned in other posts, where I'm letting go of much, letting go of this human life and putting out the call so that hopefully the rest of the Fallen can hear and be drawn to us.

As for having something to say....... there is nothing I can share right now, as much of what I know is mixed up and confused. Hopefully it will all make sense before we reach the tail end of summer. Just don't forget that most of life is boring and normal, with only snippets of excitement........ so the fact that your memories are boring and normal right now is only how it should be. Soon enough there will be excitement and no doubt pain......... so enjoy the quiet whilst you can and the sunshine.


By Riley May 30 2009 -

Hey Az, I think it could be that your body is changing rapidly. If I try to scan your energy I see tons of change happening all at once. Ish, Your entire body looks tired, have you been doing anything that's stressful to your body? Raz, that's phantom limbs, that really bad burning feeling between your shoulders. It's your wings saying "I'm still here!", because the chakra's for wings are still there. I get that too.

By Azaz'el May 30 2009 -

Thanks Riley, that does make sense..... I have a death approaching me and it is coming fast.


By Razi'el May 30 2009 -

QUOTE (Riley @ May 30 2009, 10:42 PM)
"Raz, that's phantom limbs, that really bad burning feeling between your shoulders. It's your wings saying "I'm still here!", because the chakra's for wings are still there. I get that too."

i thought that's what it was, it's just that normally i can feel them out with no pain whatever, but now every time i do, it's like they just ache, like i've got a knot in the muscle or something, but i know i'm fine in that department, lol.

a couple of friends of mine online have been feeling wings lately too, like they have them. one is already suspecting that he's Shadow as well, the other one i'm not sure of yet.

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