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 ARCHIVE: Spotted!

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Spotted!   ARCHIVE: Spotted! EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 1:58 pm

By Scratch Oct 29 2009 -

I'm not quite sure what I think yet about the conversation I had tonight. It was extremely one-sided on his part, because he was half insane. More driven mad, at least by what he said, by how humans completely shit on people like us, "of the family."

There were lots of angry tangents about stuff people did to him, but the lucid things he said were clear and profound in a way I can't find words to describe. It scared me, because he was kind of frothing at the mouth, and had initially walked past me talking to himself. But he came past again, talking to someone else, who made a quick getaway when he started talking to me. The things he had been saying, ranting and raving, even intrigued me.

He said he was an angel, in such a way that made me say, "me too." I hadn't said anything remotely about anything like that - he did almost all the talking. Every time he went off on a tangent until I tried to excuse myself, he'd snap back and say something that made me think, "I'd never thought of it like that before, but it sounds completely right." He told me I'm deceased and alive, that the world's aura is everyone who's died, and our family is love to such depths most people can't handle it, even though everyone has an embryo, potential, of being angelic.

It deeply shook me. I gently got him to go away after about a half hour. The way he yammered was disturbing, especially since there was wisdom in his points, and it felt like one of those conversations that was important that I have. Everything he said hit home, even though he was prone to mental loops.

I needed to write about this, so I can sleep now.

By Azaz'el Oct 29 2009 -

There is an old saying..... in fact I think it may actually be from the christian bible ... along the lines of always making those who call at our door welcome, as you never know when you entertain Angels.

There are many in this world who are Fallen, some have the memories and not the mental or emotional construct upon which to rest the memories and knowledge..... and even less who have memories and have been able to retain their sanity.

Perhaps he was just suffering mental aberation, perhaps he was linking in the the Shadow energies that are beginning to flood this world. Perhaps he was Shadow. What is most important is that all he said struck a chord and made sense to you.... that is what is important. I hope you have written it down, as it could have meaning for us all.


By Dreamsend Oct 31 2009 -

"He told me I'm deceased and alive, that the world's aura is everyone who's died"

Interesting......... I've been having thoughts along these same lines recently. Well, wondering how I can be "already dead" while I'm living, as well as wondering if it's the whole world that's this way, and maybe this is hell, or some other place and our bodies are far away. LOL I go off on trips sometimes but I too am interested in the rest of what he told you if you remember.

By Scratch Oct 31 2009 -

Yeah, that was one of the part that really captured me too, Dreamsend. Actually, my first reaction when he said it was, "that's how it works." I've been trying, for about 5 years now, to reconcile the fact I'm in a human body, with something that's been telling me from the start I will not die. That did it, or at least helped.

I didn't write it all down, because I couldn't. Aside from the tangental, fragmentary, rapid-fire way he talked, the information was like a solid block inside my head, and I couldn't pick apart the details for a while. Here's the best parts.

"We are family, living in infinite love. Most of these people, they can't handle my love. I know you're hip to me, and you felt that love for me when you saw me, because I feel that love for you, and I know you know I know what's going on. Most of these people, they tell me I need to get a grip, but it's because they don't see it. I tell them, 'I've got a grip. The gravity of the Earth is the biggest grip you can get, and I have that. You need to get a grip.' But they don't see it. I live with such deep love, and instinct, that I can barely handle it. Now, you see me. I'm not a bum. I'm not on drugs. Someone asks me for a cigarette, and I say, 'What the hell are you smoking for? I wouldn't do that to my body, so why would I have a cigarette?' But they tell me I need to get a grip, because I can barely handle all this.

I see it all, man. The deceased are everywhere, and I see them all. All this empty space: this air between us, inside the buildings, in everything, is all the deceased. The Earth's aura is all the people who have died, from the beginning, and I can see them. The deceased are on the other side of things, but they're still here.

You are alive and deceased at the same time. I have lived so many times, I'm not alive, and I'm not deceased. Not everyone is like this, but I see angels every day. Every single day, walking down the street, I see angels. We've all got an embryo, everyone has that potential to be angelic. But most of them are just going around asleep. They treat people like us like shit, because they want to stay asleep. I'm an angel, because I woke up. I woke up, and can barely handle all of this... I live with love for everyone, but so many of them treat me like shit.

I'm an angel of God. We're all God's gifts. Every single human being is a gift from God. We're all infinite combinations of possibilities, which is what makes it infinite, and so beautiful. But most of them don't treat it like that. People don't see it. The church is all fucked up. They keep talking about people's souls, and if we have a soul. I tell them, 'Brother, I've got soul. I've got so much soul, I don't need you to tell me I've got it.' They don't have love, telling people what to do and acting like they'll go to hell if they don't. God has never sent anyone to hell. They say his son was so, what's a good word... perfect, that God made him go to hell for three days. He could let all the people down there go. But God loves us all too much to condemn anyone to an eternity of anything.

People don't believe in souls anymore. They don't believe in soul mates, either. They don't care if they have a soul mate, or they think, 'I'm supposed to love this person.' That Toolman, he doesn't know what he's talking about. (he wouldn't acknowledge questions about this, but it seemed to refer to a very specific struggle of mine) He's acting like it's not. But you can't deny your soulmate.

Names are very important. People don't understand that, and just tell their baby's names to anyone. They don't understand how bad that is. (I'd asked his name) Most of these people, they can't handle it, so they don't need to be knowing your name, or mine. They don't need to be seeing you yet. They're not ready, and you're not there yet. You're there, like I'm there. I'm so there I can taste it, and I know you can see it, but you don't need to be telling them who you are yet. They don't need to know that. They shouldn't know, because they can't handle it yet."

I couldn't handle much more either. I listened for well over a half an hour, then excused myself as politely as possible. He also asked me pointedly, just before I walked away, what kind of music I'd been "conducting" lately. I never said anything about being a musician. He also took serious issue with my fringed motorcycle jacket, saying I didn't need to be wearing something like that. Interesting, because that was echoed by the person I saw after - one of my friends who is something very different. She said, out of the blue, she loves my jacket, and it really suits me, but it looks so overwhelmingly hippie that it kind of pisses her off. Kind of did me, too, after she asked me what kind of band I'd like to be in, and I wound up describing Jefferson Doors Floyd.

By Razi'el Nov 1 2009 -

well, that definitely IS strange. he seemed to know quite a bit and have a pretty good handle on what's going on. i wonder how or why?

By Scratch Nov 2 2009 -

He didn't say anything about the how or why, just that it is and he's doing his best to cope. That's the creepy thing about certain crazies I've talked to. Sometimes, they see things much too clearly, and don't know what to do with it. I was left with a palatable, "there but for Grace go I," feeling after our conversation, considering how much I've been embracing it all lately. I don't think suspension of disbelief, or maintaining doubt, is the answer; prudence, honesty, and not taking things personally (especially that) seems more effective.

There's got to be some way to reconcile the fantastic and the mundane again - there's such a huge rift between the two right now.

By Razi'el Nov 7 2009 -

well, i'm reminded of a line from the movie Dogma, spoken by the Metatron, though paraphrased of course. just apply it in reference to the world instead of the character of Bethany: "you're still you, and there's nothing i or anyone else or even god can do to change that. you just have to incorporate this new data into your identity. you're still everything you were.... just be this as well."

something oddly profound in that, eh? but still, it's a lot easier said than done ^^;;
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ARCHIVE: Spotted!
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