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 ARCHIVE: 2012-2014..., Planet destruction?

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ARCHIVE: 2012-2014..., Planet destruction? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: 2012-2014..., Planet destruction?   ARCHIVE: 2012-2014..., Planet destruction? EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 4:00 pm

By Laviah Aug 1 2008 -

Ok, yesturday I was searching on youtube about angels being reincarnated, and I came upon something pretty scary...Well, to tell the honest truth, I think this has got something to do with "The Battle" in the future we speak of here. Now I cant say for sure if this might even happan. But its something to think of even if it might not. So, haha I know now I proubly got you all puzzled at my little discovery, so please visit these links to better understand the situation. And tell what you think or even might know at the end, k?


(And follow this link to better understand things ^^)


So now I'm pretty sure you know what Im talking about. Scary shiz-nit, huh? unsure.gif I tohught so too. So, what you guys think?

By Riley Aug 1 2008 -

It's interesting, though nothing new to me, I've pretty much heard lots of theories, some more crazier than others. There does need to be a change to re-balance Gaia, but we keep trying to predict what may happen, and lots of this may/may not be possible, but I keep an open mind for all of them.

By Faddewr Aug 1 2008 -

It already fits in with ideas and dreams I've had.

As for the future.

When I grew up and fell in love, I asked my sweet heart 'What lies ahead?'
'Will we have rainbows, day after day?'

Here's what my sweetheart said:

'Que sera, sera.
Whatever will be, will be.
Th future's not ours to see.
Que sera, sera.'

By Laviah Aug 1 2008 -

Thats very intresting Faddewr. (What kind of dreams are they, if you dont mind me asking?) And you got a point on that Kraniel.

By Riley Aug 1 2008 -

Omg, i thought of a great argument! You know how everyone says there's suppose to be a great change in 2012? And how skeptics say it's not going to happen? By them claiming it's not going to happen, they're saying that they're able to predict the future! Because if their able to say nothing will happen, they're predicting the future! HA! XDD

By Faddewr Aug 1 2008 -

Dreams of the past. Dreams of angels gathered in laboratories, looking at various instruments.

Even memories of myself withintheir ranks; sometimes watching Adam. And eventually, forcing him out of Eden.

By Laviah Aug 1 2008 -

Haha indeed, that is a good argument Kraniel! laugh.gif So true...

Thank you Faddewr for sharing that also. To me, memories such as that can really take a toll for some ppl. Or even perhaps not want to even think about it alot. I can relate. I have some visions about the "maybe future" I remember that troubles me alot to the point I try and foreget. (sigh) To tell the truth, I wish I could just snap my fingers, then everything will be at peace. Even having that new cell phone just to make me happy for once would get me at peace. smile.gif Haha, yeah, if only....

By EaruAralay Aug 2 2008 -

A great change in 2012.. perhaps not.
I have read much on the 2012 "phenomenon" and there is even a movie coming out (It was being filmed near my house)
Many of these videos out there are meant to instill fear because the person creating them is fearing for their life for some odd reason.
Just remember that we are co-creating our reality, along with the rest of the life on this planet. If we keep saying the world's going to end, and enough people think it then we may destroy ourselves.. as you can see we already are. Doomsday prophecies come and pass and nothing happens only to be rescheduled under a different date and with a different name, I'm sure all of you know that.
The significance of 2012 is that there truly is a consciousness-shift developing amongst the life on this planet, and people are starting to wake up to reality again, it's part of a cycle. We're lucky to be in this time of transition, and fear is expected although it waits to be transcended, so that we may reach a greater understanding of ourselves.
Whether or not the consciousness shift is related to 2012 or has been created by humans pioneering into new realms of the psyche is debatable.
Just my two cents..

By Ishtahar Aug 2 2008 -

I have never thought that the world will end in 2012, nor have I ever believed that the battle we are to fight will take place in the physical realm. But a battle there will be whether we believe it or not and I don't have to look into the future for that. I just have to look into the past and to recognise the signs - the gates failing.

Our old enemy will come, that is for sure, and either we will be ready to fight them or we won't.

By Laviah Aug 4 2008 -

Ah yes, that makes sense EaruAralay, I am going to agree with u there. ^^
And Ish, I understand. I didn't exactly think if this was something to worry about, but I'm still gonna keep a close eyes out for things. I just still got that big feeling in my gut that something great gonna happen in the near future...(sigh) I just wish I knew wat is was! sad.gif

By Laviah Jan 11 2010 -

My My, this sure is an old Topic.....

It was somewhat three years ago I created this topic...now its 2010.....Hmmm

ALOT has changed.....

Does anyone have any diffrent point of views since were now closer to 2012? Just wondering.

By Ouza Jan 12 2010 -

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
~ Winston Churchill

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
~ John F. Kennedy

Things do not change; we change.
~Henry David Thoreau

Our best stance is to ... just wait and see and to live each day to it's fullest with both wisdom and discernment and the ability to successfully change if need be. And if we truly learn from those mistakes, then the future will surely follow suit and take care of itself !!!

No ands, ifs or buts about it! What ifs are only for those who wish to make money and havoc at the cost of our sanity!

Ouza >3

By Razi'el Jan 12 2010 -

well... i visited the parent site just now, and i have to say that it seems like a conspiracy theorist's homepage... that doesn't necessarily mean that all of it's bunk, it just means that it'll be really hard figuring out if it's legit or not. while the phone call sounds real, there's no way of knowing for sure, i think.

By Ouza Jan 12 2010 -

Let's talk... this lifetime for a moment:

Many of you were still just a thought or in the womb when I was around. Back then we had scares too, especially after Pearl Harbor (HiroHito and Hitlers and Mussolini's little romp through Europe and even before that the Kaiser in Germany even the Cuban Crises and prominent deaths of both the Kennedy's to name just, a few but this could go on and on forever. They had things popping for lack of a better word for that matter alone!

After everything occurred we promised ourselves that we would never ever put our children through a war or a depression or anything else for that matter and allow that to ever happen again but guess what we we went and did it! Sad but true but Wars bring Money and Greed for the powers that be of wealth and land and position!

Now we had 2000 come and pass all saying definitely yes, however, neglecting the Calenders little but big inaccuracies. Now we have 2012-14 and yes something is going to happen but change inevitably, always will. We have one good/bad nemesis and one neutral nemesis to deal with. Our own Star the Sun and the Earth our home and her response to our neglect and the changes brought on by the sun. I know there are those of you out there that feel that we are the only consciousness available on this planet to have the capability in order to change things. But let's put things into perspective. Long before us and long after us there will be climactic changes going on some docile and yet some cataclysmic in nature! And believe it or not there have been civilizations that have come and gone long long before us!

To give you an idea go outside and observe watch and I mean watch closely nature the weather, everything that has to do with us including the animals, vegetables and minerals. Also check out the BooBoos that man has made against them through the centuries. And also the fatal results of overpopulation Pollution and the dilemma's that they bring upon us!

What are our choices you say as a species on the verge of change? First and foremost we much never lose perspective and the grasp for that wisdom of the past has given us. Secondly discernment (true discernment) that now is based upon building a community of leaders at all levels of society. And lastly Self Discipline with unselfish purpose and the means to do that effectively for the whole as a whole.

We seek and go to others so that we can be lazy and foolish and allow the so called others to make mistakes while we sit comfortably in our houses playing Sherlock Holmes to a tee pointing fingers and saying that I told you so! We need Focus!

Everything my dear ones begins and ends with you! What will you do next with your choice or choices? Do you become the light?

Just a hint: You can't take away "Free Will or Choice"


p.s. Sorry for the length but it is somewhat warranted in order for you to think and react in a positive nature of things to come!

By Scratch Jan 13 2010 -

In general life, I've been feeling as if time is running out. If I want to live out my deepest desires, it's now or never to set myself on that course. I've been doing my best to focus on what that is, do what I can to help it along when and wherever possible, and believe wholeheartedly that I will accomplish what I set out to do.

It's becoming increasingly apparent to me that the main deal-maker, or breaker, in life is belief. I'm curious to see what the results of belief in 2012 will be. Of course the world won't end, but even before I believed in, or even heard of, that idea, I felt as if I were gearing up for something big. Even if it ultimately is nothing more than one person's drama, I'm continually working on myself to be strong, cheerful, confident, and independent. Basically, I'm making sure I can survive anything, regardless of what might actually happen.

By Ouza Jan 13 2010 -

Right Now, I'm very proud of what you said and agree wholeheartedly but I neglected to say one thing that there is going to be a change and a move and yes we are involved. I have the where and how pretty well much down but not the when, seems that things happen when you least expect it! That's why we must stay alert and read the signs, whether today, tomorrow, one year or Five years on down the road, so don't think these feelings and desires are just for not because they are well founded!

The size and Logistics of this move is and are unfathomable to even to begin to comprehend so always stay focused and alert for you never know what tomorrow might bring!

Ouza <3
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ARCHIVE: 2012-2014..., Planet destruction?
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