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 ARCHIVE: Horrid dreams

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Horrid dreams   ARCHIVE: Horrid dreams EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 4:14 pm

By Laviah Jun 1 2008 -

A couple of years back I had this strange dream. I was in my room and it was dark. I awoke. And I had to find my grandmother (that I recently lived with) for some strange reason. As if i had a sudden urge to protect her. So I started my search in the little apartment we currently lived in. And as I searched in the darkened rooms, I felt as if I wasn't alone. And it wasn't my grandmother. Something....bad. And to top it off, I couldn't find her either. So I went to my neighbors to get them to help in my frightful search. As we begun searching again we went behind the small apartments with flashlights. Where the woods were.

And when we started to hear these strange moans, I went back inside for something Im dont remember, and when I was coming back out, I checked the clock that said exactly 3:00am. As I flashed the flash light I had, my neighbor started to go in the woods to see if my grandmother was inside. Then, all of a sundden I saw a strange red firey light aluminating from within the dark woods. And as I stared at the red glow, I knew instantly it was my grandmother! And she was possessed! I dont even know why I knew that, I just did.
I started to try and go to her through the branches, and when I started to look around, I couldn't nolonger find my neighbor! Thats when I started to lose control.

And as everything started to swirl in my dream, and the time 3:00 repeated in my mind I awoke in a yell, with sweat all over my body. I was out of breath and looking all around me in fear. And then I stared at my clock beside me and found it was exactly 3:00am!!!! I didn't exactly thought anything about it until I was watching some movie I found out that 3:00am is the time for the devil. Something about jesus dying at that day and all. But now that I think of it, I remebered a strong negative energy "dripping" from me as if something was letting me go, And it was sworming the room around me. [shiver]

So yeah, has anyone or have you ever heard about such dreams like this? This is really the most creepy thing I proubly have ever dreamed of.


By Ishtahar Jun 1 2008 -

Well, I have often had the kind of dream where something really bad is about to happen and I cant find a member of my family inside their house, or I cant persuade them to hurry up and leave the house.

But I have never heard of 3.00am being anything special, certainly not the time of the devil. i would have thought that to be midnight 'thw witching hour'.

I wonder whether the red light you saw and the time was because you half woke during the dream and looked at your clock.


By Laviah Jun 1 2008 -

I doubt it was my clock, because It was on this stand on the opposite from my bed. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. rolleyes.gif But thankx for the idea ish.

<3 am is the devil's hour. When jesus was crucified it was supposedly at 3 pm. So the devil's hour, otherwise known as the witching hour, is the opposite to jesus' crucifiction.>

That is what I can pretty much sum it up without going on in details. Im kind'of christian...but to a point. So, yeah.

with love,

By Ishtahar Jun 1 2008 -

Thank you, it is true that you learn something new every day.

By Laviah Jun 5 2008 -

Welcome! ^-~
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ARCHIVE: Horrid dreams
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