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 ARCHIVE: My dreamworld

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: My dreamworld   ARCHIVE: My dreamworld EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 8:58 am

By EaruAralay Jul 13 2008 -

Before I begin, I am a lucid dreamer so when I start feeling uneasy in a dream or a little free I start lucidly dreaming.

My first dream is one from many months ago:

I don't remember much up until the main sequence of events...
I took this small elevator, it was like a glass pod and everything around me was black, or should I say at least surrounded in darkness.
The elevator stops and the pod opens, and I step out onto a glass causeway that forms an intersection with another glass causeway.
I could see through the causeway, as it was very thin but could support me.
Under me was pitch blackness, an abyss and a void too dark to even look into, but in front of me, perpendicular to my position on the causeway and around the intersection there stood Thoth/Tahuti, he was covered in silver scaled armor, across from him is Isis, she wore a thin robe. Isis did not speak, she only looked at Thoth but appeared to be aware of me. Thoth turns to me and tells me to jump, as there is a big gap in the causeway, so i jump but I do not make it to the other side and I fall into the abyss.
As I am falling I feel this tearing feeling and I leave my body, I see myself sleeping in my room but I am on the ceiling looking back at me dream of this. Then I get pulled up into the sky, the stars and lights around me are whizzing by at light speed. 2 golden strands begin to spiral around me and I have no body, I see in all directions and can only feel my heart resonating.
Then I come to a stop on this astral plane, before me there stands a person.
He looks like he is made of golden-white light and I look into him, he is me.
Then He looks at me sharply, and starts running across the space around us and I fuse into his head becoming one again. I run and reach for a golden light that looked like a star and end up at the bottom of the Abyss from where I parted from myself in my dream.
I get up from where I landed, and see that my friends are being held hostage by people not unlike agents. I simply point at them and they burst into flames and run, I set my friends free and then proceed to wake up.

One of my more intense dreams, it carries a lot of meaning to me.
Thanks =)

By Ishtahar Jul 13 2008 -

The dream sounds very intense and it reminds me of one that my husband (I suppose I should get used to calling him my ex now) had not that long ago.

The causeway and the abyss sound very much the same but he burst out onto the walkway and he was confronted by a being of light whom he felt was Gabriel. He was in some kind of dark twisted body with clawed hands and he tore the being apart and threw the body into the abyss.


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ARCHIVE: My dreamworld
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