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 ARCHIVE: Jeweled dagger

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By Saeriel Feb 13 2009 -

I was 17 I think for this one..

I was in a house I didn't know looking after two kids that were not mine and did not know. Suddenly, we were running, being chased by someone I could not see but I could feel his anger and hatred as he chased us. We were in a long hallway, lined with closed wooden doors. We, scared out of our minds, ran trying to open each. Some opened to places we had never seen before, and still have not, others would not open but we realized these were not the correct door.

I realized as I ran that I had a small jeweled dagger in my hand but knew not where it came from. I was going to throw it away but the girl yelled at me not to. We continued on. The last door, at the very end of the hall opened for us and the man chasing us came into the hallway at the other end. He screamed at me to give him the dagger. We ran through the door without looking.

It opened into a sort of desert. Sort of because it looked like my grandmothers front yard, except a lot bigger and all sand. There was a sphinx in the distance and it was hot. so hot. I could see trees a little ways away and ran for it, pulling the children with me. I hid them in the trees and ordered them to run if I lost.

I walked back into the sand as the man appeared out of a door that had not been there. I reached into my pocket as he neared me and pulled out a necklace. It was my charm, an ankh. (I had not known what the symbol was until later) I held it to my forehead and it burned into my skin and the chain vanished.

The man laughed and said that no mere symbol would protect me from him and I should just give him the dagger. He said the eye saw all and I would lose. He pointed to the paramid that I had not seen when I had entered and to the eye in the very center.

I told him that I needed no such symbol but the ankh was mine anyway. He made to grab the dagger from my hand but I laughed, knowing he could not just take it. I had to give it to him willingly. The dagger burned his hand and he shrieked. He threatened, in great bloody detail, to kill the kids I had hidden in the woods if I didn't give it to him.

Knowing I had no true choice, I held out the dagger. He reached for it and as he did, I grabbed the back of his head, pressing my forehead to his. He screamed as he burned. I woke as he died and the dagger vanished from my hand. I don't know what happened to the children.
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ARCHIVE: Jeweled dagger
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