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 ARCHIVE: Musical Memories

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Musical Memories   ARCHIVE: Musical Memories EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 9:08 am

By Azaz'el Jul 24 2008 -

I know this could sound very twee and pathetic to some people, but have you ever found that there is a certain phrase or saying, piece of music or paragraph that reminds you of our shared past, hints at what once was? Have you ever found something that makes you think that perhaps, in some small and slight way, perhaps the writer was tuning in to something that linked to you and your beginnings?

I finally managed to get to see the movie Prince Caspian last night. And as the movie finished I was captured by the song that was played. Not only the singers voice caught my attention but also the words and the 'feel' of the song. So, looking for it, I discovered it was called 'The Call' by Regina Spektor. Have any of you heard it? To me it really does sum up much of what we are about, what is happening and just seems to pull an emotional response from deep inside. And it makes me feel old.

You can listen to the song on YouTube here:


Does anyone else have any pieces of music or poetry or prose etc etc that does this for them? Or am I alone in being strange?


By Faddewr Jul 24 2008 -

I can't say that they bring out memories, whatever they are.

But triggering emotional responses, there's plenty of them, the most profound of which are:

L'Aventurier - Indochine
Castles in the Sky - Ian...something or other
The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring
The Ocean on His Shoulders - Bioshock sound track
Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts
Imitation of Life - REM
Losing my Religion - REM
Slovakian Lullaby
Stardust Crazy
Melodies of Life - Final Fantasy 9
Life is Beautiful - Sixx AM
Theme of Laura - Silent Hill

There's more, but the Theme of Laura from Silent Hill takes the cake. It's the exchange of dialouge that occurs that really hits me where it hurts:

"James, honey? Did something happen to you? After we got separated in that long hallway? Are you confusing me with someone else? *giggle* You always were so forgetful; remember that time in the hotel?"
"You said you took everything, but you forgot that video tape we made....I wonder if it's still there...."
"How do you know about that? A-aren't you Maria?"


"I don't know why, but I love it here. It's so peaceful. Y'know what I heard...this used to be a sacred place. I can see why, but it's to bad we have to leave. Please promise you'll take me here again, James."


"Do I look like a ghost?"
"Anyway, I'm glad you're alive."
"Anyway? Anyway!? I was almost killed back there! Why didn't you try to save me!? All you care about is that dead wife of yours! I've never been so scared in my whole life!"




"Just like that stupid dog...he had it comin' too!"
"Andy, you just can't kill someone because of the way they look at you!"


"Oh...it's you."


"You just put the gun to your head and...POW."


"...aren't you Maria?"

"I am, if you want me to be."


"Well? Did you find her?"
"I did, but...she ran away."
"We've got to find her!"


"It doesn't matter who I am; I'm here for you James. See? I'm real."


And the song ends.

That dialouge is only some of the words forever etched into the bones of my etnernal being.

The song and the dialouge always gives me a vision of me/four eyes walking down some foggy dirt path. Exhausted, and dishelved. No beginning or end in sight. No other souls.

By Dreamsend Jul 30 2008 -

I have many. I am very strongly drawn to media in all it's forms. I feel there are few things that can be imagined without them having taken place in some dimension, somewhere.

There have been so many but recently: I had a crisis of awakening of sorts by overhearing a "block" of Evanescence songs one night. The voice triggered something, unexpectedly. There are many chords in music that do this same thing to me when played once or twice, the thing is a lot of their songs feature the same chords played in the same patterns over and over again.

The music of Hyde made me feel "at home":
"Faith" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1lsbZ6NHGY&feature=related - ARCHIVE]
"Cape of Storms (live)" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30MtwmWJKgg - ARCHIVE]
Roentgen - Stories [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnpkw8d3D8k - ARCHIVE]

This ending song from "Inuyasha" makes me start to feel "awake": "Come" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks0M3d3g2gI - ARCHIVE]

Also makes me feel "awake" or "myself": "Weak and Powerless" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBEEueqGhrE - ARCHIVE]

The anime "Blood +" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNRgB2fjHwk - ARCHIVE] in its entirety had a *ton* of triggers. Hallways, flowers, violence, vampires, struggles, romance, sexual innuendos. And the singing.

The anime "Rah Xephon" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNRgB2fjHwk - ARCHIVE] did... something I'm not sure about with me. It wasn't quite a trigger but an event that sort of overwhelmed me. The first ep, mostly. There is also "significant" song in this series and references the the Maya and the lost continent of "Mu."

"Virtual Star Embrology" from the Utena ending theme [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZSgCvmkZCc - ARCHIVE]
(and, speaking of Utena, this "prelude to battle" animation) [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3e2GwpZ7ug - ARCHIVE]

"The Perfect Drug" has made me yearn for something or somewhere that I "once knew" since the 90's [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0s5UOVsMDg - ARCHIVE]

Same with "Bedtime Story" by Madonna [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k3G62fri90 - ARCHIVE]

And this takes the cake for songs/media that I have watched and listened to obsessively, trying to get the memories out me : "Kiseki no Umi" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vohuprtllA - ARCHIVE] Agh, this song drives me crazy!! In a good way ^^

edited to add: "Sora" from "Escaflowne the Movie" [user posted link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HoyAZqXPCQ - ARCHIVE]

By Riley Jul 30 2008 -

There's certain music that doesn't just make me feel connected to, but also induces memories. It's mainly classical music, or choruses that does that, I often see flashes of large bands playing the music I'm listening to. And for some strange reason techno also does the same thing.

By Laviah Aug 1 2008 -

oh god Dreamsend!
I am sooooooooooo with you on some of the songs you were talking about. To tell the honest truth, when I listen to soothing music like "Come" and "Sora", I feel like Im at home....like there is something within me that just..."awakens".

Like, for instance, I'll be listening to metal or any kind of rock with even cyber punk...I get so excited and fumed like Im ready for "another" battle or fight. I start wanting to find a reason to go do something dangerous. I persume its one of my past memories I still am not sure would be true...yet too many alikes from this certain Queen! And too many feelings....

But when I listen to soothing music, I become in a trance like state where I'll get these beautiful scenes of places Ive never seen! Like from a diffrent planet or something! Where I have wings and have these strange people around me....including my dream lover Dayshin. Ahhh....it is soooo peaceful to me! rolleyes.gif

By Razi'el Jun 4 2009 -

ummm... wow, i feel late to this thread, but i do have something to add... Enya tends to make me feel awake, or at least liek i'm able to almost touch the hidden parts of me, particularly her songs Lothlorien, and Book of Days.

also, another band whose songs have some meaning is Elvenking, in particular, the songs, Seasonspeech, Pagan Purity, and The Scythe.

there's not much more other than countless Country love songs and show tunes i know...


By Scratch Jun 4 2009 -

Thanks for bringing this up. It's the main reason I've seen Nine Inch Nails twice. Trent Reznor taught me so much about energy work and music. I could see him drawing off of the crowd, and then blowing it back at us, raising the energy level of the buildings step by step. Many songs and other media harken to things for me, but he's the one I've seen in person who made me feel like I wasn't completely unusual.

Tool did that for me too, but not A Perfect Circle. It sounded to me like Maynard was looking for something, and got scared. Disturbed's "The Sickness" seemed to describe a change very much like the big one I went through, and was the first concrete reason I found to think my boyfriend at the time and I weren't the only ones like us (not sure what he is, but it woke a lot in me). I wholeheartedly agree with the Enya, and think at least someone in Massive Attack, and probably more than one in Dead Can Dance. Even Devo seems to tap into something, and I swear Danny Elfman is some kind of weird puck or saytre, at least.

I was at a house full of musicians tonight, and one said, "Musicians are alchemists of air." That rang so true. I know when I'm really flowing, I myself can feel like a bystander to what I'm doing, and nothing gets me higher than playing/singing in front of people. I think that has something to do with it too. A lot of traditional world music can bring up memories and bits of knowledge for me: it's all kinds of tapping into the source.

By Saeriel Jun 7 2009 -

I might be a little late posting here but here it is anyway. Music has always been a huge trigger for me. Lyrics remind me of people, places, and occurances.. some remind me of things I have no experienced in this life.. The first one I noticed was in the fourth grade. I was eight years old... first night terror when i was six.. so I knew something was different.. had seen many battles and lots of blood in these dreams. We had an assembly.. a woman came to sing for us. I dont even remember what she looked like.. all I remember was the song.. it sounds like a silly song to most.. people laugh at me when they see it in my itunes.. but that song burned me that day.. it brought me to my knees with a flooding of images and faces.. the song was One tin soldier.. all I could see as she sang was people dying, blood, swords clashing, screaming... it was horrible.. I had blocked that for years.. until I heard the song one day when I was in high school.. same thing over again.. but darker still..

sorry for babbling.. never told anyone that before.. thank you for listening.

By Ishtahar Jun 7 2009 -

Any time. I know exactly what you mean there are songs which have me in tears and breaking down no matter where I am, and some of them are embarassing. For example I can't listen to Celine Dion 'The Heart Will Go On" Wild...I am tearing up just writing about it. For me the part where it says... Love can touch you one time and last for a lifetime.... many many lifetimes. Gods I am in tears. Here I go again. Sorry guys.


By Scratch Jun 7 2009 -

Don't worry about it Ish. That poor song wouldn't have been played until no one could stand it, if it wasn't really good.

I'm the same way with Garth Brooks' "Standing Outside the Fire." Usually I don't like country, but we watched the video during some assembly in high school, and I felt like such a yutz. Everyone was laughing when the "re-re faw down go boom!" as almost broke down sobbing. Still do.

By Ellysium Jun 7 2009 -

I respond to music too - maybe it's just a human thing.

But yeah, some music will get me energized and ready for battle. Other music calms me. Some music stirs my imagination and I see various scenes that I could easily see in stories. And sometimes memories arise, or I am pulled into meditation. I also really like dancing to music, especially if it's techno-like and there's a big crowd - so much energy! Dancing like this can even be meditative for me.

By Scratch Jun 7 2009 -

QUOTE (Saeriel @ Jun 7 2009, 08:00 PM)
"it sounds like a silly song to most.. people laugh at me when they see it in my itunes.. but that song burned me that day.. it brought me to my knees with a flooding of images and faces.. the song was One tin soldier.."

Ooh ooh ooh!!! Thank you for sharing Saeriel!

I'd sort of heard that song before, but mostly remembered it being mention in Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis, listed in "the real soundtrack of Vietnam." Your post got me curious. What a gem, and what a message. No wonder you feel that way; it tells a story as old as war.

I like to sing on the street (busking, as we call it), and need to work that one into my rotation.

By Laeus Jun 11 2009 -

hmmm lemme see here, i love the call by regina spektor. but some other songs are: imaginary by evanescence, listen to the rain by evanescence, until tomorrow by paramore, carmina burana by carl orff. oh and anything with violin in it, I LOVE VIOLIN!!!

By Ouza Jun 12 2009 -

It's called Harmonics!

Being in Harmony or the use of a tonal!

But it can also have the opposite effect if the Muse<---Music is out of tune with the psyche, that's why music is such a big seller, it controls !!!

But so long as you are familiar with the key (Key board-Piano example) anything is possible even astral projection, etc., etc.

It's was also called by my Generation by the Beach Boys, Good- Good - Good Vibrations!

The whole universe it based on vibratory cycles, physical manifestations can be colors
Kind of like a Rainbow Bridge. Same applies to the levels of the Summerlands and Entrance/Exits to and through Portals!


By Azaz'el Jun 17 2009 -

I find that I an looking back as well as forward right now.

There is a wonderful song from my youth called This House by Alison Moyet. The lyrics speak volumes to me, they always did. The video made for this song by the bloke who uploaded it is quite good:


The one that calls to or from my soul is called Spaceman, by The Beloved. The video is very poor, so ignore it and just listen to the lyrics. This is one of those that I feel speaks of my journey......... oh, the full song is 10 minutes long, so this is just a snippet:


Music is playing a big part in the path I walk right now


By Scratch Jun 18 2009 -

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ Jun 17 2009, 11:14 PM)
"Music is playing a big part in the path I walk right now"

Mine as well, although even more from playing it myself. I've just picked up the violin, and it feels like part of my soul has finally found its voice.

I already sing, and jamming with musical friends and busking has taught me a lot about a lot, especially energy.
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ARCHIVE: Musical Memories
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