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 ARCHIVE: Manticore

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Manticore   ARCHIVE: Manticore EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 9:26 am

By Scratch Sep 8 2009 -

Does anyone know anything about manticores? Last night, right after I closed my eyes, one paid me a visit. I wasn't journeying, or even meditating, but somehow snapped into a state like that, without any intention on my part but to fall asleep.

He was hideous, a monster through and through, and probably would have smelled terrible if I wasn't still very much aware I was awake, lying in bed, but seeing this. He had a weird, bulbous face (a little like a Chinese demon mask, or troll) a lion's body with a segmented, barbed tail, and smallish bat-like wings. I asked, "what are you?" and he didn't bother answering. I thought sphinx, and immediately dismissed that, then guessed basilisk, and he told me to stop wasting time with stupid questions. We had a conversation, while he ate a child. ::shudder:: He was testing my resolve, and grit in the face of horror. A few important things had come clear to me yesterday morning, which I'm planning on sharing once I get the thoughts more organized, so I think it had something to do with that. He tried to dissuade me, in increasingly gruesome arguments, until satisfied I wasn't budging, then vanished. That same instant, the word manticore hit me like a clap of thunder, and my eyes flew open. It was a while before I could shut them again.

It seems like I've had dealings with an inordinate number of mythical beasties. Although, I suppose a fluffy bunny wouldn't have packed the same punch. ::smirk::

By Azaz'el Sep 8 2009 -

You're determined to work through the entire beastiary, aren't you!!! LOL

That musthave been a hideous vision to have, and I'm surprised you managed to stay as calm as you did.

So what does this creature mean to you? Does it have a personal meaning, something that would be linked to the understanding you have come to? It has been said that Manticore represents tyranny and envy........ so would that fit? Would that make sense for why the archetype would appear to you? I suppose it would also depend on the content of the conversation you had.

You are right about the fluffy bunnies, they wouldn't instill the same fear or concern. But, if you ever meet the Chicken of Despair, you'll certainly never forget it!!!

Az wink.gif

By Ouza Sep 8 2009 -

Just a thought among many....



By Scratch Sep 9 2009 -

Uck, I hope not Ouza. I already went through the "impending doom" thing last year.

::laughs:: Actually, Az, I think it's more accurate to say the entire bestiary is determined to work me through. I never asked to speak to them, and at least two wound up yelling at me.

I'd barely even heard of the manticore before. I kept guessing because I had no idea what that creature could be, until the end. It was a bit of a jolt (putting it mildly) to hop on Wikipedia and find out my vision was dead-on, down to what it was eating. The fact it originated in Persia was interesting, but this is all brand-new to my knowledge.

Tyranny and envy put an interesting angle on the conversation, actually. It was about my dealings with someone I've mentioned several times now. If I'm right about our soul histories, there was a fair bit of both involved, on both sides. That monster was forcing me to face, and seemed to embody in some ways, all the darkest, most terrible aspects of our relationship, past, present, and future. Basically, he kept showing me reasons to back out, which forced me to completely admit that I cannot. It didn't connect until I wrote this, but that internal struggle's over now, which was likely the reason that happened.

As for remaining calm in the face of it, thanks. I've been working through a feeling of weary resignation all day (yes I am, no two ways about it now, dammit), and that helped a lot. But if I ever do meet the Chicken of Despair, that will be the time to say with a sigh, "I'm getting too old for this shit!"

By Eidolon Sep 9 2009 -

Stop freaking me out please please please scratch.

I had a dream last night. I was walking in a bog/marsh near a fort last night. Suddenly a group of armed men appear ahead of me and tell me I can't go any further. I look at them and ask why. They say the fields ahead belong to manticore.

I look past them and see in the water bodies upon bodies floating. That was about 6 30 am my time.

I have been thinking of beasts all day.

By Scratch Sep 9 2009 -

I will if you can, Eidolon. I didn't go to bed last night until almost 3:30 am, my time. I even checked a time zone map, and, yeah...

I'd say this is insane, but if anything, it shows we're more likely not!
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ARCHIVE: Manticore
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