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 ARCHIVE: Sephirot?, much spitballing

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ARCHIVE: Sephirot?, much spitballing Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Sephirot?, much spitballing   ARCHIVE: Sephirot?, much spitballing EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 2:12 am

From Razi'el 7 June 2009

hello again, and welcome to another of my rambling sessions of spitballing and questioning!

i was just randomly browsing around one night on the internet, and one of my friends mentioned that he had googled me (for the record i have talked with some friends outside of the forums and told them what's up with me). anywho, he pointed me to a wikipedia page concerning the human lore on angels, me specifically, and it mentioned this thing called the Sephirot, or sephiroth, or Sefirot, bah, numerous spellings. anywho, here it be:


anywho, me being the partially insane person that i am, read up and started linking fancy unto fancy and whatnot, and noticed that there are many paralells between Hebrew lore and the collective information found and shared here by those remembering, moreso than any other belief system. i was wondering if this was relevant, because i also noticed that this Sephirot is also referred to as The Great Tree. it may only be symbolic, but meh, figured i'd share.

aaaaaaand ladies and gentlemen, fire those spitballs!!


From Ouza 7 July 2009

Sorry, no spit left ... in this old fart!

Jewish Mysticism, ah now there is the rub! So called very complicated to the eye and naked mind, however, well worth looking into! So continue on and share what you feel and express with that Third eye of yours and the great intuition that I know that you have and really have had for a very very long time!

user posted image

I know for a fact that you have a listening ear here and that's from someone who's been there and done that!<--- not bragging, just a simple fact! Welcome to the tree and the light that shines from within and above!

"The 'thinker' has a Free Will to choose his thoughts for good or the bad, but...does the thought have a free will to choose the thinker? I think there must be some attraction from the thinker towards the thought? The thinker has a subconsciousness that is either in harmony with its consciousness or not, but does the thought also have a subconsciousness? I don't think so, so what is a Thought? One is positive one is negative and that's why they attract each other to create harmony with a Free will. Still...where does the thought originate from?"

"Thoughts occur within the domain of consciousness. Thoughts originate not only from internal stimulations, but they form in the consciousness also by exterior perception and the external world of circumstance which had their origin from the internal world of thoughts. The direction of thought is determined by the consciousness, animated by emotions, intuitions, inspirations and ideas. So the consciousness forms the most internal thoughts which develops by its strength and are mutually sustaining. Every thought which is stamped in the consciousness or enters in and settles there, develops itself in power. And once a thought continues and reproduces itself, it creates a corresponding action or quality from it sooner or later. Every thought generates its own results of opportunities, wishes, autosuggestions and chances etc., namely according to their kind; whether the thoughts bring consequently good and healthy results or whether they bring consequently nasty and bad results. The results are simply valued as negative or positive.

Thus it can be said that everything arises from the power of thoughts which unfold from an idea or from a perception or from otherwise any form of exterior stimulus, quite like a plant which finds origin in the seminal grain. Symbolically, the ideas, perceptions and other forms are looked at as the seeds of the human thoughts that could never become reality without the insemination. If they are first stimulated, however, and are nurtured, then they develop independent life, exactly like the plants; and exactly like this they create in themselves autonomous strength and power by which all internal and external will is formed. And this is true of each and everything, so therefore equally to all deeds and actions and otherwise all the conditions and circumstances of life.

And this law is nothing else than the fact of the power of thoughts by which all energy with intelligence is escorted and which the thoughts themselves form so that they generate fertile results. Thoughts are formed by energy and intelligence and are assisted by the strength and power of the individual person’s will. If everything is used according to the creative laws in neutral-positive-well-balanced fashion, the person develops into a deliberate ruler of them: orderly and beneficiary. The person can become the deliberate master of their thoughts and their power or they can be the source of their ruin.

There is an old creative law that power and strength are co-ordinated with thoughts, so that they are creative and do not lose themselves in the emptiness of futility. Thoughts are always paired with power and strength, because only then is progress guaranteed. Thoughts without strength and power, are like a body without vitality, how a fire without warmth or how a word without sense.

The law of universal creation is a law of cause and effect and as such applies to all creative law areas. And this law says that everybody must bring animated thought as a cause and its certain effect, with power and strength. The consciousness is the armory of the thoughts which are realized powerfully.

The human being is an independent universal-creative force together with the actual universal-inventive strength within, in the form of the power of thoughts and the resultant effect it manifests"

Yours ... obediently and unconditionally,


p.s. rely on the Daat

From Ouza 7 July 2009

"["...does the thought have a free will to choose the thinker?" ] This, again, is answered when you keep in mind The Thinker and the Thought are one and the same.

Thoughts, in the action of Thinking, are internal symbols to allow our interaction with the material world, symbols which represent the perceptions of conscious awareness, symbols which arise from deeper levels of non-symbolic levels of our total being, including the Unconscious, the Subconscious, the Emotional states, the Intuition, and those "whisperings" from our Spiritual connection with Creation. The specific forms of thoughts, their symbols, and how they are understood in the conscious mind will not be the same form/symbol-set from one person to the next.

Most thinking takes the form of an internal dialogue. The "voice" being "heard" is the conscious mind interpreting an underlying processing of symbols relating to the current level or objective of the awareness. The "language" of the dialogue will vary according to the thinkers native language.

There is also a Graphical form of thinking, wherein whole pictures will form like an internal movie. The Graphical process lends itself more to those with some enhanced psychic/telepathic abilities. The graphical form is very useful in the creative processes. As is said: the picture is worth a thousand words, the "visual" thought process contains more concise data than the "Verbal" process.

Dreams are in the Visual realm of the thought process, thus this mode is available to everyone, but few use it in their conscious state of awareness. To Focus the thought process towards any particular objective, is to engage more levels of the mind (subconscious, intuition, even feelings/emotions) with the conscious Intent. The Feelings and Emotions give more power to the Intent of thoughts .

Here are some interesting ideas in this Quote:

"The self, the I, is recognized in every act of intelligence as the subject to which that act belongs. It is I that perceive, I that imagine, I that remember, I that attend, I that compare, I that feel, I that will, I that am conscious." --- Sir W. Hamilton."



Let's place thought, at the top of the tree!
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ARCHIVE: Sephirot?, much spitballing
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