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 Dreamsend, Reintroduction

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PostSubject: Dreamsend, Reintroduction   Dreamsend, Reintroduction EmptyMon Mar 15, 2010 1:43 am

I'm Angela. I used to be "Dreamsend" but in this new forum, I altered it to "Dream'sEnd." It was supposed to be that originally Razz. I'm 27 years old (this time around =) and I live in East Hawaii. I used to live in D.C., in the east USA. I'm slowly coming to grasp that I may not be completely "human"... in soul, and perhaps also in body. (bloodlines... which I touch on below) I'm human enough to get what's going on around the planet most of the time though Very Happy.

Like many (most) humans, (even if they don't know it), I'm an intuitive. I study shamanism right now, which is part of the reason why I'm in Hawai'i (the gods are still strong here...). I hope to use my spiritual gifts to help the Earth and the people of the Earth (and the sprites, elementals, otherkin, etc.)

I've felt I am otherkin for about ten years now. It started with me doing a novice guided meditation (I had worked, "raw" with energy magic and influence since I was very small... I didn't realize that most of the things I did and experienced had names until I was older) in my bedroom and having "the wings on my back" pointed out to me. And then, feeling them after that, everyday for the next several years. I don't feel them now unless I think about them - and I've realized that they're not literally "wings", but energy that comes from my back, giving the illusion of bird like wings. I didn't know exactly what I "was" at first. I used to think "angelkin" but my guides would repeatedly almost yell at me "NO YOU'RE NOT." They would say I was a star born... not a starseed, either, but literally a star child.

I had no idea what that was supposed to mean until about two days ago.

I've had many images and memories of things that may or may not have happened... the strongest include a memory of coming down to earth from a far up place, with 10 or 20 of my kind. We were all made of light, and people on the Earth below watched us as we floated down. I've had memories of doing great evil, or at least destruction... evil is relative, right? I've felt connections to Lemuria, to Hawaii, my home now, to Egypt, China, Japan, Ireland.... I don't know what the common thread is or if there is one.

I identify as starchild now, and as Sidhe (who are originally from the stars...). I feel that I've lived on earth in this capacity more or less for a very long time... it's only been recently that I've incarnated as human. So, I'm wise in some ways, and very young in others.

I feel that my family knows more about our spiritual heritage than I do.... that they've discovered themselves to be magicworkers or otherkin, but do not share openly. And that the older people feel that we're connected to other beings from long ago. I have a lot of crazy stories, and I don't really know what any of them mean. I know my father probably believes he is kin, though he doesn't put it that way. He's felt wings, too... and other things....

I feel that I'm here on Earth to lead? To create spiritual openness, to help people rediscover the Earth as a living entity, that all things have consciousness... And to help create order in the chaos.
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamsend, Reintroduction   Dreamsend, Reintroduction EmptyMon Mar 15, 2010 9:54 pm

Thank you so much for the introduction again Angela, there is so much I want to say in response, yet I also know that now isn't quite the right time to say it. I don't mean to be mysterious, just that the Universe has a few revelations to make to you before I can talk openly about what I believe and feel.

I should also point out to all members, old and new, that Angela the first member of the forum after Ish and I created it many years ago and she has suported us at every step along the road so far. She is a light that shines brightly in the world to guide, as she now realises, and she has been a strong ally and a good friend during the journey taken so far to reunite the Shadow with their lost and fractured brothers and family Kin. She is wise in her counsel and strong in her view and understanding.

Thanks for all of your help and support Angela,


Hope fades into the world of night
Through Shadows falling out of memory and time...
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamsend, Reintroduction   Dreamsend, Reintroduction EmptyFri Mar 19, 2010 11:10 pm

Huge gynormous hugs and snugs.

The place just wouldn't be the same without you. Love the new avatar too.
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamsend, Reintroduction   Dreamsend, Reintroduction Empty

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Dreamsend, Reintroduction
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