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 ARCHIVE: Concerns!, What, it's really all about!

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ARCHIVE: Concerns!, What, it's really all about! Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Concerns!, What, it's really all about!   ARCHIVE: Concerns!, What, it's really all about! EmptyFri Feb 18, 2011 6:52 am

By Ouza Jul 10 2009 -

I realize your asking for more data to help you find a conclusive resolution in your concerns, but its going to be your path to follow .

Maybe, if you research enough with all your skills, you can discover what this all really means. Search the sources, check their credentials, check the validity of the credentials, study what you have, add it all up, sleep on the results, then when the sun comes up the next morning, go outside and enjoy all the things you find beautiful.

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Your obedient Servant Unconditionally


By Azaz'el Jul 10 2009 -

So who or what is this post linked to, Ouza?


By Ouza Jul 11 2009 -

Some of us, if not all of us are going through a lot of times of trial, tribulation and uncertainty right now!

My message here, is simple to confirm that when, one is in doubt of self worth or even reason for being here at all, we should take the time to reflect and understand that not just through faith and hope alone but through learned experience and knowledge can we all get successfully through this so called time of crises.

That includes constant study with equal reflection and meditative time, so that we have at least a somewhat small grasp on what is really going on here and to us and our mother earth right now (I call it ~~~ Sophia's ... fever! ~~~)

Some of us need proof and it's not always readily available, that's why we all need our own personal and meditative time with that which is born in nature and that we can ultimately get a good and final grasp on with that saving grounding effect means to us so that it is to be finally established with a true purpose and reason for being here!!

Somewhat like ... go hug a tree if you like so that, you can be closer to Gaia and the total truth of it all!

We care, we share and we honor the mother in and of us all, in love with nature and with each other, we must always be grounded in our true nature desires and goals together!

We, are both light and darkness ... let us choose the middle way and walk the straight and narrow path to final self realization and to evolve as a whole!



By Azaz'el Jul 11 2009 -

Thanks for your explanation Ouza, it makes sense to me now.

I have to admit that I have always been the sort of person who has needed time out alone so that I can recharge, knit together my frayed nerves and generally heal the inner turmoil caused by being human in the world today. However, I'm now finding that as time goes by I have less opportunity to be alone and more need to have time out for me. I seem to be constantly surrounded by Humanity and their needs and it really does irritate me on occasion!!!

So taking time out, if you can, to help organise your head, it s very good thing.


By Ouza Jul 12 2009 -

"Change, as we know it!"

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Your Obedient Servant,


By Azaz'el Jul 12 2009 -

I'm guessing you're a fan of Jim Davis?


By Ouza Jul 12 2009 -

I don't know about you but, I need all the help that I can get sometimes just in order to stay sane sometimes, if not all of the time!

This site and my love for you all, is the only purpose in life that is keeping me going and is giving me that necessary strength in order to so called take the next successful step forward together!

Without all of you, I am nothing!

Your Obedient Servant,


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p.s. And besides cats are rad !!! And Garfield rings, my bell!

By Ouza Jul 15 2009 -

""True Spiritual Growth comes from making the decisions to correct our errors, to become aware of Creation in ourselves and in all other Humans and life.""

It's all too easy to get bogged down in shoulda-coulda-woulda as well as, 'But I could never do that.' Don't put limits on what you can achieve before you even get started. What's even more discouraging, however, is when you demand too much of yourself at once. So you want to sing like Kelly Clarkson but can't read a note of music? Start small. Look up a voice teacher. Next, maybe sign up for lessons, and so on and so on. After that, the possibilities are endless.

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Your Obedient Servant


p.s. "Don't be pessimistic be realistic, in your day to day goals and you will do just fine"

By Scratch Jul 16 2009 -

QUOTE (Ouza @ Jul 12 2009, 11:48 PM)
"Without all of you, I am nothing!"

That's not true.

I'm glad your finding the strength you need, but you are still something on your own. How long did you live before knowing about us? How about yourself?

Your most recent post was the exact kinds of reminders I needed today, by the way.

By Ouza Jul 16 2009 -

Dearest Scratch and all,

Mirrors of one's self should and always often do reflect the truth but one always needs to hear it or have it expressed in some form or other, in order to justify one's total need for existence and awareness!

When you fall, I pick you up, when I fall, I want or desire for someone to be there to help and pick me up! Love, is and can always be such a strange, beautiful and exciting thing yet, not always that so predictable!

Truly being In Love, is not just being physically, mentally and spiritually together but also being in continued touch and in tune with each other's hopes, needs, dreams, sorrows and with that happiness which is to be ultimately shared together, forever!

Here's too us ... and to always being realistic, in our day to day thoughts words and deeds !!!

My Unconditional Love


p.s. "Odin does in fact ... smile, a lot" smile.gif

By Ouza Jul 16 2009 -


user posted image

OuZa blink.gif

By Ishtahar Jul 16 2009 -

*hands Ouza a big bar of fruit and nut*

Thanks for the perspective. smile.gif

By Ouza Jul 18 2009 -


user posted image

user posted image

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


By Azaz'el Jul 18 2009 -

Please, at the risk of sounding like the big bad Grigori, don't post too many cartoons, I don't want to have to pay royalites for publishing them on this forum!!!


By Ouza Jul 19 2009 -

I've read books by Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar, Merilyn Tunneshende, and Lujan Matus. Beautiful, funny, direct writing I found full of feeling. I see many key similarities between spiritual teachings and paths of knowledge described in the works of the above authors such as:

"1. Take responsibility for one's acts
2. Accept one's fate as a human in humbleness
3. Practice developing keen attention
4. Live one's life with balance and harmony
5. Base knowledge on energetic facts
6. Pursue freedom

Themes that seem in accord with creation, no? Overall, I found broad themes similar perhaps, that is what the authors I mentioned intended since great emphasis in those works is placed on the ideas of abstraction and the infinitude of perception.


By Ouza Jul 24 2009 -

"Attitude Check!" blink.gif

"And remember: life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes."

Your, Obedient Servant ...

Ouza wink.gif

p.s. "Keep the Faith!"

By Ouza Jul 25 2009 -

smile.gif "Words of Wisdom" smile.gif

"Always respect your fellowmen as fellow human beings, although they may have dispositions that differ from yours; indeed, even the worst among them is a creation of Creation, hence, everyone is just like you - a human being.

State your truths freely, clearly, calmly and candidly, for only in this manner is an authentic picture created which defines the true nature of everything.

Allow other people to freely express their opinions, for they are allotted the same rights as you.

Listen to others, to the bright and intellectual individuals, and also to the obtuse, the foolish and those who lack learning, for they, too, have opinions and statements to offer.

But distance yourself from aggressive, boisterous and obstinate individuals so as not to become embroiled in their pointless disputes, for such people insult one's consciousness, humaneness and refinement; and yet, at the same time, forget not that they too are beings of Creation, whom you, as a fellow human being, must show appropriate respect, even though you may find their thoughts, feelings, deeds and actions unacceptable."

"Responsibility and control must truly start from within each one of us in order to send the correct vibrational energy to affect our entire humanity, or elseā€¦

As a wise man once said;

If the first brick or building block is set on a perfectly level ground, then the wall built upon it will be leveled and straightened forever. Even if some of the bricks in the interim try to derail, the integrity of the wall forces the mischievous bricks in the right direction or be fallen from the well-brought-up wall.

At this point in time, Humanity is at the opposite side of this scale. There are a handful of straight bricks wanting to be leveled but the majority being crooked rule the deformity of the wall and truly forcing the righteous bricks in the wrong direction or off the wall completely."

Your, Obedient Servant ...

Ouza wink.gif

p.s. Always be there for, each other! Hold one and all, always together as a whole !!!
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ARCHIVE: Concerns!, What, it's really all about!
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