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 ARCHIVE: What if ???, Go for it !!!

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ARCHIVE: What if ???, Go for it !!! Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: What if ???, Go for it !!!   ARCHIVE: What if ???, Go for it !!! EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 10:03 am

By Ouza 15 Jan 2010 -

This was my Horrible Scope this Morning, ring any bells ???

If you can dream it, you can do it -- that's what you've always been told, what you've always believed and now what you're about to prove. As if your already substantial intellectual prowess weren't enough to get you started, the stars are on your side. They'll be waking you up this morning with the vivid memory of a dream -- the kind that will stay with you all day, constantly making you wonder 'what if?'

Ouza <3

By Scratch 16 Jan 2010 -

Horrible? HA!

What sign are you? Aside from the dream bit: I don't remember mine, but I woke up at the perfect time without my alarm, to find a beautiful new house I'm moving to at the end of the month.

Aside from that, events aligned to fill my day with music and art; my own and other peoples'. I've been telling myself for a long time I'm going to become a successful artist. You were right about the feelings and desires being well-founded. May I add that belief I can is what makes it happen. And love. Everything with love, and joy.

By Ouza 16 Jan 2010 -

As kids we either called it Horror, Horrible or even Horrific it's seemed that it didn't always have so many nice things to say but now, it's somehow changed and different! Does that mean I'm getting any smarter or wiser?<--- (Gemini)~Go Figure wink.gif

Ouza <3

By Scratch 17 Jan 2010 -

Durp dur dur... I get the joke now.

A friend once told me "sarcasm" came from a Latin term, which means "to tear and rend flesh." Don't know if that's true, but he had a point in a way.

By Ouza 17 Jan 2010 -

If, I were to describe to you the horrors of war where one second a friend is there and the next second his head and brains are all over you or to see napalm dropped on a whole village of innocent men women and children, which continues to burn through skin and both bone and marrow with a slow and agonizing chemical burning death, while hearing the screams or to hear the rattle of death as your best friend dies or pick up the remains of your buddies who have rigamortise set in and smell of rotting flesh and have to pick up the pieces or kick a dogtag between his teeth for identification purposes and put in body bags, is that experience, perspective or just plain sarcasm as your friend so aptly put it!


from ARCHIVE (in the guise of Ash): have a hard time remembering to finish things. These are the last of the posts! XD...
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ARCHIVE: What if ???, Go for it !!!
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