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 ARCHIVE: Happy Alban Elued

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Happy Alban Elued   ARCHIVE: Happy Alban Elued EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 10:11 am

By Azaz'el 21 Sep 2007 -

To those who live in the norther hemisphere, as I do, I want to wish a happy Aban Elued. It is the end of the harvest, the mid point of Autumn, equal day and night. May your harvest have been a successful one.

To those in the southern heisphere, happy Alban Eiler, or spring equinox.


By Ishtahar 21 Sep 2007 -

I second that.

I do not have the chance to do much this year to celebrate because of lots of circumstances.

What do you do to celebrate the festivals, if you do celebrate them

By Dreamsend 22 Sep 2007 -

It's the Equinox tonight? That explains a lot, I think. Like these uncontrollable energies. I tend to feel... "things"... intensely around natural days of energy. *sighs*

-- A

By Ishtahar 22 Sep 2007 -

Make the most of it. It is wonderful to feel alive and full of energy. The winter is coming and it will be a time for reflection and stillness so buzz whilst you can. I think I will join you

Buzz BUzz Buzz biggrin.gif
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ARCHIVE: Happy Alban Elued
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