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 ARCHIVE: In your own words

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: In your own words   ARCHIVE: In your own words EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 11:23 am

By Riley 4 Jan 2009 -

I wanted to make this where people would post their guidance, teachings, words of wisdom, and so forth. I'm interested to hear what people think, and better yet, how you came to this realization. I'll start this off.

"Somewhere along the line, the only way to tell how strong we are, is the time where the only thing we can be is strong." (I got that from helping someone that was very negative with him/herself)

"Yin yang is perfect for example of chaos an order. Things in chaos will be so, but order will keep it together. Things in order will be so, but chaos will keep it together. If either have not one of the other, corruption takes place and it destroys itself. Nothing is in perfect balance, but to stay one you need some of the other" (got that from speaking to someone about corruption)

I have many more, but I want to hear everyone else's quotes.

And if you give a quote from someone, don't do it from someone in history, you gotta know them yourself smile.gif Don't forget credit!

By Seraphyna 4 Jan 2009 -

My advice on figuring out if you're otherkin and/or what type:

No one can tell you what you are. There is no quiz that will tell you. The only one who can tell you is you.

Oh, and of course: there's no rush. The only person putting some kind of time restraint on self discovery is you.

By Azaz'el 4 Jan 2009 -

"If you don't leave, you cannot come back."

A really silly piece of advice I give, usually to those who do not want to return to the mundane world or every day life after a festival or ritual or get-together. It can be very difficult to be Kin one moment and have to pretent to be a normal human the next. But the truth is, no matter where you go and what you do, you are always who and what you are, always Kin.

So the answer is also "You never leave."

Silly, I know.....

Az biggrin.gif

By Lael 4 Jan 2009 -

Self discovery is like birth. There's blood and you cry out but in the end, it's a miracle. And once it begins, it cannot be stopped unless you die. And in truth, not even then; it always catches up.

I don't really claim credit for that one, though. It's something I've been saying, but it was said to me first by the one to whom I answer.

That, and... everything happens for a reason and there's always something good in everything that happens, however small the part. If you can't see it, it probably means you're not yet ready to.

...plus, the thing in my signature. smile.gif

By Azaz'el 5 Jan 2009 -

I have to admit Lael that I do love your signature. It is so true it makes me smile everytime.


[ARCHIVE: Lael's signature: We are made stronger by those things which do not kill us, and sometimes, by those that do. ]
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ARCHIVE: In your own words
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