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 ARCHIVE: She sings. Get over it., Enter at your own risk. :P

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ARCHIVE: She sings. Get over it., Enter at your own risk. :P Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: She sings. Get over it., Enter at your own risk. :P   ARCHIVE: She sings. Get over it., Enter at your own risk. :P EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 12:03 pm

By Lael 22 Feb 2009 -

So I'm not usually one to show off, but, well. Why not, if it's public anyway? smile.gif

Every now and then, I happen to sing. Okay, I do that all the time I can get away with it, and every now and then I record it. So if you're curious, I actually have a youtube channel with some atrocities I have committed. It's here:


Hope you'll enjoy and it won't break your ears. smile.gif

Peace. smile.gif

By Ishtahar 22 Feb 2009 -

You KNOW it is not going to make anyone's ear's break. You are fab. I loved 'I walk alone'. WOW.

This is a talent you HAVE GOT to do something with.... get out there, get famous.... you could do so much smile.gif


By Lael 22 Feb 2009 -

XD I would be rather uncomfortable about being famous. I prefer to stay on the sidelines and watch, the spotlight is not my favorite place to be. smile.gif I do enjoy all kinds of creative and artistic ventures, though. I used to play guitar and sing in gothic-esque bands when I was a teenager. Now I just probably wouldn't have time for anything serious. ;-)

Happy you liked it, thank you. smile.gif <3

By Azaz'el 22 Feb 2009 -

I think I have to follow that with yet another..........


You certainly have got some talent and just hope that you keep it going.

Is anyone else noticing a trend here......... how many others have hidden talents I wonder.

Thank you so much for sharing them with us Lael.......... we want more!!!


By Laeus 28 Feb 2009 -


By Laeus 28 Feb 2009 -

one of my most favourite songs ever are Angel by sarah Mclachlan.... ironically lol, it was amazing and gave me goosebumps

By Lael 28 Feb 2009 -

Thank you. biggrin.gif I"m glad I haven't broken your ears. ;-)

By Azaz'el 28 Feb 2009 -

I have to agreew ith Dylan here and say I love the song Angel, and not just because of the obvious reasons.

Have you heard it sung by John Barrowman? Apart from the fact he's gorgeous, he has a pretty good voice. And he plays Captain Jack in Torchwood so he's an all round talented ..........er.............. person.

Oh, and he's all mine, Ish !!!! tongue.gif


By Ishtahar 1 Mar 2009 -

In your dreams mate I am getting unashamedly greedy in my old age.

By Lael 1 Mar 2009 -

Now now, play nice. One week for Az, one for Ish. tongue.gif
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ARCHIVE: She sings. Get over it., Enter at your own risk. :P
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