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 ARCHIVE: Anyone willing to play lab rat?, ...errm, I mean, a beta reader :D

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ARCHIVE: Anyone willing to play lab rat?, ...errm, I mean, a beta reader :D Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Anyone willing to play lab rat?, ...errm, I mean, a beta reader :D   ARCHIVE: Anyone willing to play lab rat?, ...errm, I mean, a beta reader :D EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 1:13 pm

By Lael 13 Apr 2009 -

Disclaimer: nobody got hurt in the process of creating this eeeeevil.

Okay, I apologize, I'm in a weird mood. biggrin.gif Here's what I need: a beta reader, or more than one, willing to read a story and give me some reader response.

The story is 6,000 words (the longer end of the spectrum for short story) and deals with the subject of otherkin, but it's written as fantasy and is meant for submission to magazines operating within the fantasy market. I'll not say here how much of it is based on my experiences and what was made up to hold the plot together, as that would spoil it. biggrin.gif Unless someone who is interested really wants to know, but I'm only willing to discuss that after reading. ;-)

I would expect a response telling me what the beta reader liked and what they disliked (if anything), if it made sense, lost them somewhere along the way, dragged, et cetera - as well as some general thoughts on it, if willing to share those. smile.gif It's meant to go out on submission by the end of the week, so I'd also expect the response to get back to me within 2-3 days so I can think of and make any changes.

It's totally okay if no one is up for it, though, so please volunteer only if you really feel like giving it a go. smile.gif I'm a writer and often play beta for others, but I know I make a lousy one when my heart isn't in it. That said, I'm hoping to get at least one pair of eyes from here on the story, because we read such material from a different perspective than the non-kin readers.

Now I've exposed my rambling side. ;-) Peace. smile.gif

By Riley 13 Apr 2009 -

I'll be willing, I enjoy giving criticism.

By Lael 13 Apr 2009 -

Thank you. biggrin.gif I'm going to need your email address. You can PM it to me if that's okay. smile.gif

[u]By Seraphyna 13 Apr 2009 -

I'd be willing too. I'm a total english nazi if that helps any tongue.gif I think my email is in my profile...at least my AIM is which is also my AOL.

By Lael 14 Apr 2009 -

It's okay if you just give me some general feedback on the plot/characters/etc, line editing isn't necessary - but if you feel like it, I would also be grateful. biggrin.gif

The board was down this morning before I went to work, so I couldn't get your email addresses in time - but I'll send the story in the afternoon when I get home. smile.gif

Thanks for volunteering!

Peace. smile.gif

By Ishtahar 14 Apr 2009 -

Erm..... 6000 words longer end of the spectrum.... mine are averaging 20,000 plus.

I would love to read your story. You can email me at ishtahar@shadowofthefallen.co.uk

I LOVE reading stories


By Lael 14 Apr 2009 -

*g* My novel in progress is 150k. xD Anything over 10k by industry standards is a novella, not a short story anymore. ;-)

I'll email you as well, Ish. Thank you. smile.gif

By Azaz'el 14 Apr 2009 -

Hey, if there's still time I'd be interested too. I am also trying to become a writer and have just today started another session of 'nano'.... its based on the national novel writing competition, which is where everyone taking part tries to write 50,000 words in one month.

My last novel was around 180,000 words!!! Can't seem to write anything short!!


By Lael 15 Apr 2009 -

Yes, there is. smile.gif I'm waiting until friday anyway to get it back from someone whose opinion I value a lot, so I'm not in such a hurry. And in any case, I don't have a deadline for this, except a self-imposed one. ;-)

180k xD That's two novels, dear.

I wrote 50k in a month once (not for nano, though, in which I never participated - november tends to be too busy a month for that ;-) but it seems to come in spurts in my case. Thousands upon thousands of words, and then nothing. =P

Will email you. =)

By Seraphyna 15 Apr 2009 -

I envy you guys, I can't seem to write anything long. Everything I try to write story wise seems to wrap itself up in about 10 pages or fewer >.<

By Ishtahar 15 Apr 2009 -

I did the nano thing in January... wrote a novel 80,000 words and it turned out to be one of my favourites.

I am just like you Lael... I write when the writing fit seizes and then when it dries up I do something else.

So far this year have written about 280,000 words

It is very carthartic for me.... I never plan anything I just get a very strong image for part of a story and then I start to write and it tells iteself

By Lael 15 Apr 2009 -

You're an organic writer, then, like myself. =) There's a special thrill in not knowing where the story will take you, and in knowing you might write yourself into a corner that way. xD I've done that with novels, but somehow if I listened closely, the characters told me when I went wrong and what the right way was.

Come to think of it, writers sometimes sound more crazy than otherkin. tongue.gif

By Azaz'el 15 Apr 2009 -

QUOTE (Lael @ Apr 15 2009, 07:43 PM)
"Come to think of it, writers sometimes sound more crazy than otherkin. tongue.gif"

It's when you mix the two together that suns melt, mountains crumble and new worlds are born.


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ARCHIVE: Anyone willing to play lab rat?, ...errm, I mean, a beta reader :D
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