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 ARCHIVE: Another View

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Another View   ARCHIVE: Another View EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 1:39 pm

By Azaz'el 14 Aug 2009 -

Has anyone noticed how the view Humanity has on Angels is beginning to change slightly? It almost started in the movie Dogma, then Prophecy, down to the TV series Supernatural and now the new movie to be released in January 2010.

Here's the link........ just click on the Trailer button and watch.

Legion Movie [user posted link at http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/legion/ - ARCHIVE]



By Ishtahar 14 Aug 2009 -

Indeed... hmmmm

By Razi'el 14 Aug 2009 -

anyone else think the roles should have been reversed in that one part? where the guys playing michael and gabriel are facing off? tongue.gif

By Seraphyna 15 Aug 2009 -

That movie looks like it's gonna be spiffy. The thing that really struck me is that the angels all seem to have black wings and since it seems to be based on Christian mythos I find that kind of odd.

By Scratch 15 Aug 2009 -

I'll take the hmmmms, and add an Ummmm....!

And don't forget "Constantine," Az! I have watched that movie so many times, and still think it's funny as hell. ::chuckles:: I agree Raz. Poor Gabriel's getting a bad rap, as far as I remember. The idea of God's general going rogue probably wouldn't go down well with test audiences, even though this made God sound like King Kong in the sky.

I'm noticing an overall shift in consciousness, which movies, tv shows, video and roleplay games, etc. reflect. One of those questions I have is how much of an influence each of them have, on each other, and people. Probably one of those chicken/egg kind of queries. One thing I've always loved about good Anime is they always seems to have some spiritual bend I find illuminating.

I was just talking to one of the guys I work with tonight, about how most people with some indefinable something seem to have at least a little gaming in their background, especially live-action or table-top. He didn't know what an empath was, until he described how he can read people to me. We were alone for the last few hours of my shift, and had an extremely interesting conversation about this recurring dream he has, which he wants to use as the basis of a comic book. He said several things that sounded very familiar, although it was outside my experience. Mainly about a sort of hub to access different dimensions or aspects with.

Am I the only one things are moving faster and closer to even the wildest notions for? Doubt it.

By Ishtahar 15 Aug 2009 -

I see your Ummmmm and raise you a Huuuummmmm smile.gif

I am finding people in the most unlikely situations have things to say that are... too close to the mark to be comfortable.

It's strange how you don't even notice until someone mentions something like this and suddenly you look back and think.....oooooohhh shiiiiiitt.

Interesting times.

By Eshtar 28 Aug 2009 -

Why would humans make a movie with Angels and God now seekign to destroy humans? Of course what is being done to the world I can understand but... I want to see this movie bad but I also wonder why. It does in ways remind me of the Old testement. Yet Christians are already bickering over the movie.

By Scratch 29 Aug 2009 -

Oh, some Christians like to bicker about everything remotely pertaining to religion.

I stopped wondering why I want to do anything, and it made everything so much easier. Whether I do is a much better question. The why tends to reveal itself as I do it, or don't. Some movies actually have been kinda formative, or informative, for me.

By Azaz'el 29 Aug 2009 -

There are times when wondering why only leads to a very large and hard wall against which you can hit your head until you see sense in not wondering why!!!

As for why they have chosen that storyline, perhaps it just seemed a good idea, some way to show the way Angels fight. Perhaps someone had a vague memory of the last time Angels brought war to Humanity. I think the fact that it has been made is the key.


By Eshtar 29 Aug 2009 -

Well its all in the old testement acualy. When entire cities were destroyed ect.. and its acualy supposed to happen again in the Seccond comming end times ect.. Thats what makes me wonder....
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ARCHIVE: Another View
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