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 ARCHIVE: My new website.

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ARCHIVE: My new website. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: My new website.   ARCHIVE: My new website. EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 7:09 pm

By Riley 24 Nov 2009 -

Aye, I has website now. Though it has no forums, it's mainly a data base, and it yet has much work to be done.

Here is the link, if people keep looking and commenting, I'll keep expanding it, because there wont be a point in making this if no one is going to look at it / use it.


By Razi'el 24 Nov 2009 -

well, i'll definitely have a look at it, it seems pretty interesting thus far o,o

By Dreamsend 24 Nov 2009 -

I'll keep an eye on the "Faerie" section =)

Where do these fae that you've encountered tend to dwell? Astral or physical?


By Riley 24 Nov 2009 -

QUOTE (Dreamsend @ Nov 24 2009, 06:20 PM)
"Where do these fae that you've encountered tend to dwell? Astral or physical?"

Mainly the astral, though two fae I've befriended will form an energy body here on the physical

Also, if you people have questions about things, post them here and I'll probably add it to my website.

By Azaz'el 25 Nov 2009 -

I have no problem with you adding it to your website Riley... but out of politeness and publication rights, you'll need to ask the person for their permission first to add it to your site.

I know, it all gets kinda complicated!! unsure.gif


By Ishtahar 2 Dec 2009 -

I like your site. I particularly like your description of what a plane is. It's an excellent introduction for someone who has no idea.

I hope you will be continuing you research and regularly updating... keep reminding us too as I know I for one forget easily these days.
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ARCHIVE: My new website.
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