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PostSubject: Site Index   Site Index EmptyTue Apr 05, 2011 1:02 pm

Well, I need a new task to work on now that the archiving is done.

You know, we have created such a wealth of information here that so many including ourselves would benefit from being able to look up and reference.

An idea that the rest of staff has given the "go ahead" on is to slowly start to create a site index.

This would be a couple of posts in the FAQ section where a topic is given (like "The Shadow") and then a link to an especially prevalent post(s) made about this topic (like ... information that was given about wing color and why).

There would be two posts because one would be for info about members, about all of you and all of us, and one would be for info about general subjects of interest, people, places, events, etc.

To get started, help me find topics and subjects of interest, and look for some really prevalent posts about yourself, whether made by you or someone else, and link them here. Just one or two posts about yourself will suffice, and it can be changed if new info comes up and you'd prefer that linked instead.

Tell me what, in general - people, places, events, etc - you want to have access to in a site index. If you have posts in mind, link them too.


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