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 ARCHIVE: White Tower

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: White Tower   ARCHIVE: White Tower EmptyFri Feb 05, 2010 7:37 pm

From Dreamsend 3 Jan 08

One of the last things I can remember, after the one strong memory I have of a battle with spears, was trying to get back to my home after the battle was over. I remember - or rather, because I don't remember it, I assume - that I didn't make it back there. Something happened en route, and I didn't make it. I remember not flying but not walking, sort of gliding in that direction. The barrenness of the battlefield was behind me, and I may have been injured or something because something feels desperate or "failing" in my going back home. I saw a city of white, on a cliff, it stood out because it was so white.

But, I should note that it wasn't nearly as white as the "true place" that I remember but don't. This particular city was in the physical realm, where things felt more "dull" or "dense", colors were less bright, and feelings - as in emotions - less intense and the white of the towers in the city was duller than how I remember other cities being. But, it was where I was staying, and where I had to get back to. There was an also barren - with just a bit more life and activity in it than the battlefield - plain that I had to cross to get back to the city. It wasn't really that far away, but it was pretty far.

I thought about this since there had been some memories posted that noted things like "white city" and I wondered if they were the same cities. They may be?

From Ishtahar 3 Jan 08

It could be. The city I remember was certainly on a cliff overlooking a valley which was extremely fertile. As I remember it the village where I lived was on a plateau which also overlooked the valley but was not as high as the city as we had to climb quite a steep path to get to it(the city).

The temple where I served was in quite a lush area surrounded by trees but I feel that most of the plateau was kind of dry and scrubby. The houses in the village were white and flat and the streets were just dry dust, although I think there was a pool or a fountain at the centre. People would hand colourful rugs and hangings out of the window to air and the whole thing was not drab at all...but the general feel of the plateau could be as you describe.

From Azaz'el 5 Jan 08

I agree with Ish here, it could very well be the same city that we remember from our time then.

The 'city' of the Shadow, the main barracks for the Grigori at that time, was very white on it's exterior, but this was dusty and tempered by the weather. The Shadow did manage to cultivate the surrounding landscape through terracing, irrigation, and other methods of land care and horticulture. The temple conplex was built there due to the Gateway that existed in that place ..... of course there were Gateways dotted all over the planet and each main one had a Shadow complex/city built upon or beside it.

I remember the lushness of the gardens, the pale buildings, and the dusty villages. The place where I lived, in a small complex just outside the central part of the city was very dusty and pale. I longed for a cooler, more verdent place to live - I just yearned for my physical home that was in another land far away.

Surrounding the city the land was rocky, mountainous and barren - dusty plains and arid areas of land. It was hot during the day, and cold at night. Yet the view of the stars and the sky Gateways was magnificent. There was also a large lake not far from the main villages and the city.

Does anyone else have memories of this city? Especially those who are Grigori, Fallen, Shadow or even human at the time of the Fall?

I'm curious, as from what you will see in the recent update of the website, this city was not what I and my fellow Fallen grigori really considered ot be home. Yet it was the place of our death and so important in our memories.

From Ishtahar 4 March 08

I remember that some of the streets towards the centre, towards the temple, were very steep and paved with pale stone, possibly a pale gold sandstone. I also remember there were green places, not quite gardens, maybe plaza of some kind with exotic flowers but all the colours were very pale and subdued.

From Dreamsend 5 March 08

Well..... the City of Hope I may be familiar with. I don't recall the name of the place I remember, but it was white at times and futuristic at other times.

More details: The "true place" that I briefly mentioned was extremely white at times. I remember a few years back I was trying to remember where I had originally lived, and all I got was a city in a land with orangish skies and orange-pink water or something more viscous. The water surrounded the city like a calm ocean, and there were people of a strange appearance (i.e. not recognizable as human or anything related to humans, but they stood on two legs and had two arms and one head ) riding on vehicles that were just above the water. There were animals jumping in and out of the water, like dolphins, and the water itself seemed sort of oily. It was futuristic-looking with metal lean towers above the water.... it's a memory that hurts to remember for whatever reason...


The thing is, the memory I have of a city that was mostly white, that seems to be the same city (same layout and vehicles in use) - it has the futuristic look still (is very high tech, lots of tall round metal towers cramped together) and is not surrounded by orange but also white. There is the image, because there is so much white and light light blue that it could be nestled in the sky, but I have the feeling it was on ground, and maybe that same viscous water gave the illusion of that being the sky. Hope that helps, somewhat, I could just be talking about something completely unrelated. In any case, there it is =).
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PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: White Tower   ARCHIVE: White Tower EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 7:34 am

I almost laughed out loud when I clicked on this post just now, surprised that I wrote this down about two years ago. I knew I wrote it down somewhere.... I recognize what was going on now, in the first memory. The other things are more confusing, and I don't recognize what was going on in them yet. I feel like I will eventually, but not yet.

That white city on the cliff wasn't my home, but I felt urgency to get there after the war was over, like I had to do something there as soon as the fighting ceased. So, instead of returning to my comrades, and then to my home to recover, I headed in that direction as soon as the fighting stopped. The adrenaline was still making me move, but it wore off eventually. I collapsed there and woke up when some people came to get me. I remember someone with skin that was bright blue, who called me "Merrin" when I woke up.
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ARCHIVE: White Tower
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