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 Attack in the hanging gardens (repost)

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Attack in the hanging gardens (repost) Empty
PostSubject: Attack in the hanging gardens (repost)   Attack in the hanging gardens (repost) EmptyMon Aug 15, 2011 9:40 pm

In the castle-fortress-headquarters of the Shadow "I remember hanging gardens with green leaves and dripping purple flowers underneath a hot glaring sun. There were flowers of every hue but, I suppose those were my favorite. I also remember pink and white and yellow things creeping up poles, alongside paths, growing in large bushes... but the purple stand out very strongly to me, the purple flowers dripping from pots above my head. I want to say that there were grapes there, too... that there was fruit growing everywhere among the flowers and ferns of the hanging gardens of that place. So that sometimes you would walk down a path, stop to look at a flower, and next to it would be a fruit that you could pick and eat as you continued to walk through the gardens. It was here that was the first time that a Shadow attacked me. I was walking under the hanging gardens, something crunching under my sandals like gravel or ... small river stones. He was walking by me and reached out and hit me hard in the chest, and kept walking. I sort of spun around and fell on the ground. It shook me up, to be sure."

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Attack in the hanging gardens (repost)
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