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 The Gods and Lesser Gods aka Dragon Lords

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The Gods and Lesser Gods aka Dragon Lords Empty
PostSubject: The Gods and Lesser Gods aka Dragon Lords   The Gods and Lesser Gods aka Dragon Lords EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 1:21 pm

As I promised in my other topic here is the Hierarchy of the current gods or Dragon Lords.

In all forms of magick, the cosmos and everything in it are deemed to be made up of four elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Most do not know of the Fifth element, that of spirit or the Deities, which rules as a balance. In Dragon Magick, specific dragons rule these elements and help us through their powers when called.
Fire and Air are male (positive) energies while Water and Earth are female (negative) energies. Male and female dragons may appear to represent any element, however. In the world of Dragon Magick, each element has assigned traditional rulers and boundaries to their realms. Do remember that these Dragons possess form and force, and can influence our personalities as well as magickal procedures. Each element and its dragon has certain qualities, natures, moods, and magickal purposes; each has positive and negative traits which much be dealt with.

The traditional Pagan colors of the elements are: east=yellow, south=red, west=blue, north=darkgreen. However, there are other colors given to the elements. To the Celts this list was: east, white; south, red; west, gray; north, black. The Hindus use east, blue; south, red; west, silver; north, yellow. In China and Japan these colors are: east, blue; south, red; west, white; north, black. To the Zunis of North America, ease was white; south, red; west, blue; north, yellow. The definitions of the element I'm about to give you lists the traditional Pagan colors, but if you feel that one of the other color lists better suits you, then by all means.....adopt it!
The names of the dragons of the elements and the spelling and pronunciation of those names have proven compatible with Dragon Magick; however, knowing Dragons, they probably are not the actual names of the Elemental Dragons. They do work. That is all that is necessary.

Air governs the eastern quarter of the circle and of the universe. Its Dragon ruler is Sairys (sayr'-iss). Its color is pure yellow and is thought to be warm and moist. Positive aspects are: sunrise, spring, incense, wand, bell, clouds, breezes, breath, optimism, joy, intelligence, mental quickness, renewing. Negative associations are: frivolity, gossip fickleness, inattention, bragging, forgetfulnes, windstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and the like.

Rules the south quarter of the circle. Its Dragon ruler is Fafnir (faf'-neer) who oversees the Dragons of Fire and the sunbeams. Its color is pure red and is warm and dry. Fire is: noon, summer, the dagger and sword, candles, incense burner, the sun, blood, laser surgery, enthusiasm, activity, change, passion, courage, daring, will power & leadership. Negative associations are: hate, jealousy, fear, anger, war, ego, conflicts, lightning, volcanoes.

Water governs the western quarter of the circle. Its Dragon ruler is Naelyan (Nail'-yon), who oversees the Dragons of the sea, springs, lakes, ponds and rivers. Its color is pure blue; and it is cold and moist. Positive aspects are: sunset, autumn, the water chalice, compassion, peacefulness, forgiveness, love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind. Negative aspects include: floods, rainstorms, whirlpools, laziness, indifference, instability, lack of emotional control, insecurity.

Earth rules the northern quarter of the circle. Its Dragon ruler is Grael (grail), who oversees the Dragons of mountains, land, minerals, gems, and moonbeams. Its colors are clear and dark green and is cold and dry. Positive aspects are: midnight, winter, the wine chalice, ritual salt, dragon bowl, gem bowl, dragon mirror, gemstones, mountains, caves, soil, respect, endurance, responsibility, stability, prosperity, thoroughness, purpose in life. Negative aspects are: rigidity, unwilingness to change or see another side of a problem, stubbornness, lack of conscience, vacillation, earthquakes and slides.

The white, black and "special" dragons rule the center of the circle and balance all the other elements into a cool, even grey tone of Magick. Through invocation of these dragons of light and darkness, the Magick User is able to mix a blend of elements that will bring forth the desired manifestation. Some would scoff at the idea of a Dragon of Light, mixing energies with a Chaos Dragon or any other "darkly aligned" Dragon. Unfortunately, those sceptics are usually Role Players; Gamers if you will. The concept of darkness blending with light makes perfect sense to the experienced magick user, just as the concept of "tough love" makes perfect sense to a psychologist. It is the same concept.

other dragon deities
The Dragon names listed here were departed unto me by DragonKind, one of my dearest attendant dragons, my friend...my soul mate.
Gneicht...(nyte, long I) Dragon God of the Night, of doorways (both opening and closing them) and opportunities.
Veaug...(vog) Dragon god of obscurity and that which is hidden; does not like assisting in hiding actions or objects.
Morthan...(moor'-z'dan) Dragon Goddess of bountiful harvests of all kinds; mother aspect of Dragonkind.
Luqueas...(luk-wee-ass, long U, long E) Dragon trickster God; take great care when inviting His presence.
Tysteal...(tiss'-dell) Dragon shephard Goddess; guardian of the meek; a dragon person's first line of defense.
Mordak...(moo-ór-dak) Dragon God of war, vengeance and retributions of all kinds; make dead certain that you are within your magickal rights before calling Him down, as he is not amused by a fallacious summons.
Davliteau...(dav-lí-too) Dragon God of conjured entities; very helpful in ridding one's self of "sent" conjurations and the like; benevolent to the core; very helpful and willing attendant being, though He has little power in other areas.
Ryusan...(rí-u-san, long I, long U) Translates literally to "my dragon." The sex of this Dragon deity is unknown to me; although I feel a definite feminine presence when it is near me, there are many male attributes present as well. Ryusan, of the three-headed Japanese variety, is best at consoling and nurturing a hurt spirit, whether it be in a host body or not. Ryusan has escorted several spirits on to their next journey for me. I am not sure what else this deity can/will do, but I do know that Ryusan can not contact those who have passed on, as I have attempted to acquire Ryusan's assistance in that area to no avail, though I have received great comfort from Ryusan over the years.
Ouida...(o-weed'-a, long O, soft a) She often assists me when I am in need of direction. I do not know what She governs, or what aspects She controls, but She has proven Herself invaluable in the area of guidance.
Solange...(so-londg') Dragon deity of healing. Though Dragons rarely become involved in human affairs, Solange cares about those who care for others. He will lend a healing touch to any beneficial healing spell, but there is a price for His assistance. He requires the planting of fruit trees (three at the least and 9 at the most) for his services. He will also attend to your herb garden and bless it with His dragon power.
Presently, I have around Me a baby red, a silver (the mate to My bronze), a black dragon and geryn™'s green and his blue, a very young gryphon and a chimera who is keeping her distance from the "RT" DragonFyre Weyr™ for the time being, but who mates occasionally with the gryphon (can't WAIT to see what the babies will look like!).. The names of the silver and bronze are secret and cannot be shared here.
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The Gods and Lesser Gods aka Dragon Lords
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