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 Revealing truths or not?

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Revealing truths or not? Empty
PostSubject: Revealing truths or not?   Revealing truths or not? EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 7:05 pm

There's nothing like election time to reveal the average intelligence
and free thinking capabilities of the people than these types of
activities. It doesn't take a person long to assess our world's status
in the regard to spiritual and reality cognition and appreciation for
the truth.

At this time we are bogged down by many untruths and the lifestyles
that are required to keep these untruths, or down right made up stuff,
acceptable and status quo. The path from here is uphill and will
require all of us to take responsibility for this within our own lives
and those that we have a healthy influence over.

People have to be brought along slowly unless they are really truly
searching for the bottom line, nitty gritty, I don't care how much it
hurts, tell me anyway...TRUTH. Otherwise it just rolls off and just
like the proverb it gets trampled under feet of swine.

We must be willing to turn every stone in our thinking and actions and
analyze it all, weigh and measure self, every day. Make the truth
prove itself, take nothing for granted, making sure that you are
understanding and really getting it. Especially with regard to this
material, as it has the potential of embarrassing you in front of
others and possibly slowing your own progress.

I'm not saying be afraid to make mistakes, as these are great
teachers, but to walk in search of reality, with all the wisdom you
can muster, and don't let your ego fool you into thinking that you're
this person or that, when truly we don't deserve the title or the
status that we thought.

Great rulers and great people usually don't want to lead as they know
how deceptive and difficult it is to be put on some pedestal and still
keep a grip on reality.

Ouza Like a Star @ heaven

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Revealing truths or not?
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