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 5 different types/levels of empaths!

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PostSubject: 5 different types/levels of empaths!   Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:56 am

Emotional Empaths

This is the foundation of all empaths. Everyone is at a different level of emotional responsibility. Literally: the ability to respond.

Everyone is inherently empathic, it’s how we choose to act in response to feelings that make us more or less sensitive. Empathy is the ability to feel others, something we are all able to do when we

Animal Empaths

With this level, your purpose is to support the Animal kingdom on the planet. You will have the ability to feel the emotions and understand the needs of animals around you. Visiting zoo’s is can be extremely difficult as well as farms or anything of the like. Some animal empaths are vegan. Animals feel safe with you and therefore, attracted to you.

Earth Empaths

Your purpose is to support Mother Nature and therefore your abilities will be to sense the energy of the planet. Earth Empaths can sense when the energies of the Earth are shifting.

You may feel anxiety, headaches and physical pain before or during events like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

The feelings usually pass after the event has occurred. Global Empaths are similar in the way that they feel the emotions of the people involved in the catastrophes.

Medium Empaths

Your purpose is to provide communication for those who are on the other side of the veil. You will have the ability to feel and sense the presence of spirits and the departed.

These empaths can help to heal grief and share information from spirit guides. Sometimes advanced psychics see visions, symbols or feel sensations from the spirit of the passed over person.

Healing Empaths

Your purpose is to feel other people’s physical symptoms and sense their physical ailments. With training you will be able to assist other to pinpoint diseases which, with the assistance of a health-care practitioner, heal.

Healing is the act of being a conduit for energy to pass through you. When you can line up with that energetic flow, you are a healer. We all have the ability to heal; the first step is understanding it’s possible.

Your purpose is to mirror back to the humans what they wish to remain unseen, and if they are willing, it can heal them. They will progress spiritually and enhance the light on the planet.

You will have the strongest of healing abilities. You will have the strongest challenges, for it is in those challenges that you will gain the wisdom to help others on their journey. You will have the ability to disrupt stagnant energy and energy stuck in a loop. Your presence will cause the energy around you to move in a different direction.

Although most Empaths will feel very lonely and unsupported, know that you are lovingly supported by the Universe and that by seeking out others of your kind where you will find even more support. Do whatever it takes to remember your skills and who you really are. The Planet and its people, more than ever, need you.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 different types/levels of empaths!   Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:43 pm

Very interesting, thanks for sharing, ousa Smile

As it seems, i'm a mix of healing empath and medium empath.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 different types/levels of empaths!   Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:55 pm

Oh, the Earth empathy explains a lot of what I've been feeling lately! I can actually feel Earth shift from season to season. I didn't feel that before. I have to admit that it's a bit unnerving, because the Earth is is this great core of Source Energy, when I do feel it it throws me off. It still feels new to me.

To soothe Mother Earth, huh? I have speaking with Earth spirits lately.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 different types/levels of empaths!   Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:29 pm

And now we are becoming aware that towards the inner core of the planet there is an ocean much larger than that which we have on the surface.

I think that we as a species are all becoming aware of all this in order to fully understand and comprehend that there is more to heaven and earth that meets the eye Horatio.

And also with our final video contact with Pluto and it's moons we have a clearer picture of just exactly what there is out there in this solar system of ours and where our true boundaries as a species really lie.

So much good going on and yet so much bull shit in the world at the same time!

I feel with all these UFO sightings going on now that they for some reason or other are all rushing to get front row seats in order to see just what exactly what the hell we as a planet are going to do next before blowing ourselves up!

Volcanoes, Tsunami's, Earthquakes, Civil Unrest, Radiation Poisoning of both the Air and the Sea, Droughts, Famine, corruption and a deep financial depression that is staring us all in the eye is on its way. It's pretty well much a hard pill to swallow or fathom all of it at one time.  No wonder everyone is goo goo gaga!

However, it seems that we as spirit forms as such have picked a pretty damn good time to experience all this so called great change that could basically go wrong... or has it?

If we just banded together in a common way by walking the walk and talking the talk and being as one together it might just work!  But this ultimate decision has to come from inside each and every common individual without force or price tag attached.

A Great Leap of Faith and works must be made by us all someday somewhere, in time wither or not it be today or a thousand years from now.  It is what both Az and Ish were both hoping for from the beginning.  At the beginning we all felt it was the time to gather as a whole though now I feel that we were all way too early for it to take root and flourish.

I just hope and pray that we all can survive this all even in spite of ourselves!

This Forum is and always has been a safe house for the gathering.

Ousa Like a Star @ heaven
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PostSubject: Re: 5 different types/levels of empaths!   

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5 different types/levels of empaths!
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