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 ARCHIVE: Omg yessss -streches-

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ARCHIVE: Omg yessss -streches- Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Omg yessss -streches-   ARCHIVE: Omg yessss -streches- EmptySun Feb 21, 2010 3:27 am

From Riley 4 February 2009

Today my body is opening up and blooming much like a flower, that signals me that the seasons changing *(in my term)*. The sun feels SOOOOOOOO good, I frikken love the summer, when it comes around, so does my psi abilities (which jump up suddenly and I start learning very quickly, not sure why). That energy from the changing tide feels so damn good it's like I'm just now waking up from a very long sleep. I feel totally hyped about summer (-football HOORAH-), and I'm loving the energies.

Anyone get like this from season change and not just the sun?

From Sari'el 4 February 2009

I completely know what you mean, spring makes me start to feel alive again, the sun feels amazing, I connect to people more easily, socially and on a spiritual/aural level. Do you think it's linked to (mainly) plants growing leaves and the energy release of it?

From Riley 4 February 2009

It may very well be. My soul mother was a huge fan of nature and took a large part of it. But that doesn't explain my hyperactivity psionically during the summer.

From Ishtahar 5 February 2009

I feel the seasons strongly. It is wonderful to feel the new life outside and inside.

I love the spring becuase of the smells, the sounds, the new green buds, the life abounding all around.

I love the summer (although not the sun), I love the autumn and I love the winter... I even love the snow

From Sari'el 5 February 2009

Then I'm still betting on the trees and the sunlight, since they both come from the same source. Then there's the influence of the moon at night during the summer. More moonlight reaches the earth due to an often lower cloud density, even though the nights are shorter. Either way, your energy level gets higher. Then there could be an affiliation with either of the two (probably the sun, since you mentioned the sensation), which could activate or stimulate underlying abilities.

A theory that could explain it is that when a being connected to the sun emits energy, that energy eventually reaches the sun, which emits that same energy back to earth, possibly carrying fragments of the specific energy signature sent, though only minimal in the amount of light present. This could mean that when it died in any past life, that being would get it's own energy signature, containing the abilities it developed, sent back to it. That energy could activate the abilities already present in the soul, making them usable through practice, and increasing the abilities already under your control.

I deserve a cookie for this.

From Sari'el 5 February 2009

"Then I'm still betting on the trees and the sunlight, since they both come from the same source."

I was referring to photosynthesis by the way. Since I mentioned the stuff about plants growing.

I need coffee. Or Irish coffee.


From Riley 5 February 2009

xD Thanks for your input, and you do deserve a cookie XD I'm not sure what's up, but it may be more understood with some exploration.

From Ishtahar 5 February 2009

wink.gif Here, have a box... but don't show Az. wink.gif Don't forget to sweep up the crumbs or he will follow the trail. ph34r.gif

From Riley 6 February 2009

XD What happens if he gets a hold of cookies? XD

From Dreamsend 6 February 2009

LOL, that's great happy.gif sounds fun. I don't react like that to the seasons, I just perpetually feel like that all year long... I think I tend to react more to the planets' and stars' movements (i.e. astrologically... I seem to be very "in sync" with astrological movements and changes... days of high energy, days of passion, days of confusion, days of low energy and hibernation....)

-- Angela

From Ishtahar 6 February 2009

He eats them all Kraniel biggrin.gif

And we mght get crushed in the stampede

From Azaz'el 6 February 2009

I do not like the summer........ I have a slight allergy to sunlight that can affect me a lot. So I prefer the late autumn, winter and early spring.

Yet there are times, such as now, that I yearn for some warmth in my bones.

Who mentioned biscuits? Are they chocolate ones?


From Shemyaza 9 February 2009

I must confess, but no apology for it, when I was younger (in this life) I prefered the winter, it was such a great time to be alive, but as I am getting older it is changing as my body starts to crave the heat, although, I still do not notice the cold as much as those around me, so it has not totally left.

And Az, no sorry I have the ginger nut biscuits lol all mine fight anyone for them.

From Sari'el 9 February 2009

And I'm really getting hungry for cookies by now. But a beer will do:)
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ARCHIVE: Omg yessss -streches-
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